What is Asian makeup, and how to do it?

    What is Asian makeup, and how to do it?

    What is Asian makeup, and how to do it?

    Beauty is actually in the eyes of a perceiver. Asian makeup is a kind of makeup in which a touch of pink or orange eyeshadows is done on the upper lash line. An eyeliner of peach color is applied on the lower waterline. The eyes look bare in the Asian makeup. In this type of makeup, eyebrows are not too intense and are most natural-looking. Everyone has different features like nose, eyes, face cut, lips, etc. Among Asian women taking into account Asian makeup, we will see bright and big eyes, a prominent nose, a V-shaped face, a whiter complexion, smooth and spots free skin. Asian makeup is aims for a fresh look and glowing skin. Also, the beauty of males of Asia includes softer features and fair complexion.

    What is Asian makeup, and how to do it?

    Tutorial of Asian makeup 

    First of all, we should be confident in using the right makeup products and tools for the right skin tone. Different makeup is done on the other face shapes. And makeup is done differently according to day or night. 

    Eye makeup

    In applying eye makeup, apply orange or pink eyeshadow on the upper lash line and blend it gently from the outer edge of the eye to its inner edge. Some women also use dark brown at the border and blend it with orange to have different unique shades. After this, apply eyeliner to the lower waterline. To eyes look big Asian women apply white pencil under the lower waterline. Some use light color shadows applied under the lower waterline for a decent look. Asian women’s eyebrows are not so intense, but its natural-looking. 

    Base application

    In an Asian makeup tutorial, they apply base according to skin tone and complexion. However, women with whiter skin complexions apply a light shade of the base. In contrast, those women with dark complexions use the dark base shade. Those having oily skin can use a stick base. Normal and dry skin ladies can use a liquid base for a better look. Your makeup cannot stay for long if you do not use the base according to the skin tone. When you have selected the base according to your skin, apply it on your face with puff and blend it gently. 


    Contouring is a very important part of makeup. We can change the face into an intelligent look or V-shaped by proper contouring. Asian women contour their noses and cheeks to make their jawline prominent.

    For contouring, use a dark brown color shadow on both sides of the nose and the center of the cheeks. Start from the ear to the lip side, then lower sides of both cheeks and the upper side of the forehead to the eyebrows’ end to get a perfect look. Then blend it gently with the contour brush. 

    Blush on 

    After contouring, apply blush on the upper side of the cheeks with the blush on the brush.  


    The last step is to apply a highlighter to highlight facial features. You can apply it on your cheeks, under the edges of the eye, a tip of the nose, and chin. After all, apply a makeup fixer to set the makeup. 

    History of Asian makeup

    Across Asia, women have decorated their faces throughout their ages to seek beauty ideals. They have been using natural ingredients rather than artificial ones. 

    Asian makeup trends in 26th BCE

    In Asia 26th century BCE, they used plant henna for their hair dye. When they apply it to hair and skin, it gives an orange to a brown color keratin treatment. People used herbal Ubtan face masks to glow and fresh skin made of natural ingredients such as sandalwood, turmeric, saffron, and beneficial mustard seeds. Asians used bathing cosmetics like turmeric cream for their neck, made up of chickpea flour and wheat husk, and mixed it with milk. Both men and women use Kohl in their ayes which protect their eyes. Over time, these trends also change giving rise to new Asian makeup trends.

    What is Asian makeup, and how to do it?

    Korean makeup

    In the 1st century BCE, Korean was using lotion for beauty which was the juices of natural plants such as gourd stems. At the same time, the oils of apricot and peach are used to moisturize the skin. They used ink made from plant, charcoal, or gold powder to reshape the eyebrows for beauty. They used dried clove buds to make perfume, and they took a bath in the water. And for their beauty of lips, they have been using a mixture of saffron and cinnabar. 

    Asian makeup Vs. Western makeup

    Makeup is an essential part of our daily life. Makeup boosts our confidence. And also, the makeup styles vary according to the areas where we live and grown-up. Culture has a significant impact on beauty standards. That’s why these two Asian makeup and western makeup have become trendy. There are differences apart, and here are some characteristics based on difference. 

    • Western makeup aims to look confident and fierce. On the other hand, Asians are more customized to the light and natural look. 
    • Western women are more concerned about wrinkles in 30 to 40 years of age groups. In contrast, Asian women are more concerned about uneven skin. 
    • Since 2015 by a survey, Korean beauty products have been increased by 300% in the United States of America. 


    Asian makeup is better and gives a natural look to us. Asian makeup is friendly to our skin and not allergic. I would suggest Asian makeup, and also its products have been increasing by percentage all over the world.