MAKE-UP: How to make makeup look natural? Tutorial for a natural makeup for beginners


Many girls are more inclined to a natural makeup, rather than an extravagant and striking. Whatever the reason, learning to put on natural makeup is ideal to highlight natural features and look splendid.

We do not need to overload the face too much to look beautiful. So if you are looking for a light makeup that helps highlight all the features of your face, learn with us the best way to make a simple and natural makeup.

Tricks to make makeup look natural

Like the different types of makeup for girls, there are many tricks to create a natural and simple makeup. Which will help you highlight the natural features of your face and cover imperfections without overloading your face with too much product.

  • Choose a foundation that does not have too much coverage: When you apply a very thick foundation, your face is completely covered in a single tone. Making the natural shadows of your face fade. On the other hand, if you use a lighter foundation, your face will look more relaxed. Make sure the tone is the same as your skin.
  • Do not use very intense blushes: The face has a natural underlined tonality. So choose a blush that is not too intense so that your cheeks stand out but not look too heavy.
  • Maintain the natural tone of your eyebrows: For a natural makeup, it will be ideal that the eyebrows remain as simple as possible. So use a fine eyebrow pencil to draw little hairs and fill in any gaps.
  • Keep your lips a soft color: For natural makeup, a light lip shade is recommended. Preferably with a colorless gloss lipstick, or with matte nude lipsticks.

How to put on natural makeup? Steps to make up simple and natural

One of the simplest makeups is natural. Since it will only be enough to highlight the features of the face to make them look more striking and attractive. However, you will not need to use too much product or too many things that can develop skin irritations. Therefore, here we will teach you how to make a natural makeup step by step. 

  • Natural does not mean badly done. So the first thing you should do is apply a primer to cover the open pores and seal any blemishes on the skin. Of course, you must prepare your skin with the best moisturizers.
  • Once the skin is prepped, with a damp brush or sponge, apply a thin coat of foundation around the entire face. It is important that you blend the foundation up to the neck and behind the ears.
  • The concealer should be a shade lighter than your skin tone. But not too much, apply a little under the dark circles and blend with the damp sponge.
  • Then, when contouring, make sure not to mark the color too much. And blend with a thick brush. Apply only to your cheeks to enhance the face.
  • If you want, you can apply a little highlighter to the cheeks to give them shine and prominence. As for the eyebrows, keep them natural. Draw the missing hairs with a pencil of the same color.
  • Apply a nude lipstick, or a not very intense color. So that your lips remain natural but with color.
  • To finish the eyes, you just have to apply the mascara, and if you want you can draw a small wing.

And you will already be enjoying your natural makeup, unique and without imperfections. Remember that simple or natural does not mean badly done. So make sure to blend all the colors you apply very well.

How to make makeup look natural day or night

For a makeup to continue to look natural both day and night, you just have to focus the need on your eyes. For example, if you have plain eyes without too much shadow, your makeup will look natural.

So if you want to have a natural makeup at night, it will only be enough that the shadows that you apply on the eyes are not too dark. In addition to applying the concealer wisely, and contouring. In order for the facial features to remain the same.