How to get bigger buttocks without surgery? Learn to lift and increase your gluts easily


The buttocks are one of the most striking parts of the female body. And therefore we will always be interested in making it grow to see ourselves much better than before. This time we will help you increase your buttocks in a short time without surgery!

How to get bigger buttocks in a week

If you are looking to enlarge your buttocks quickly, you can get the tricks to increase buttocks quickly, which we bring for you. Remember that everything is a matter of perseverance, so do not miss the opportunity to see yourself better.

Toning exercises are very effective, since with just one week doing them the muscle tightens and therefore the buttocks look much larger and swollen. Do not stop doing the exercises because they return to normal! Persevere to truly mold and grow your gluts.

Squats with weight

You can help yourself with any heavy instrument you have at home. Spread your legs at shoulder height, making sure you hold the weight very well between your hands. Lower yourself by bending your knees and keeping your back straight. When you come up, squeeze your gluts inward. Do 40 reps, increasing 5 each day.

Back kick upside down

One of the most effective exercises to increase the gluts, you just have to get into all fours. With your leg bent, lift it up until you feel your gluten tense. Repeat the exercise 20 times on each side, in two sessions.


Lying on your back, position the palm of your hand at your sides and lift your hips by pressing on the buttocks. You won’t feel anything at first, but then the exercise will start to take effect. Go up and down 20 times, in 2 sessions in a row.

Increase your protein intake

In addition to the exercises, it is important that you maintain a constant protein intake so that the muscle can recover quickly and grow. Chicken breast is one of the most recommended foods in these cases, making healthy meals you can see big changes in a short time.

Tricks to lift and increase the buttocks with ease

Many times we try different exercises to increase the buttocks, and we do not see such satisfactory results. However, you can help yourself with certain tricks that will make your buttocks look bigger instantly.

Good posture

There is nothing that stylizes the figure more than good posture. When we are hunched over, shoulders forward and face down, our body suffers.

Therefore, the best way to make your gluts look bigger immediately is by maintaining proper posture. Keep your back straight, your shoulders aligned, your stomach flat and always lifting your butt. This will make the hips flare a bit more, and consequently, the buttocks will appear prominent.

Quick exercise

When you exercise, the muscle swells for a few hours. So if you want to increase your buttocks to go to that appointment you have, it is most recommended that an hour before preparing you do an intense exercise session. The more you force the muscle, the more it will swell and therefore look much bigger that afternoon. It is also a good idea to hide cellulite.

With what clothes can I lift my buttocks?

Clothes are used for many things, to make us look taller, skinnier, or clothes to hide cellulite. And believe it or not, there are also clothes to lift buttocks. Especially if you buy specialized push-up clothing, which makes the buttocks stand out more.

  • Heels

When we are on tiptoes, the buttocks automatically look bigger and lifted. So if you have a special date and want to make your gluts look bigger, don’t forget your heels.

  • Underwear

The underwear to increase buttocks or padding for homemade bubbles that you can make yourself with a discreet padding is ideal for an emergency situation. Wear not too tight clothing, and it is recommended to wear lengths that reach the hips.

  • Push-up pants

Just as there are push-up bras, there are also push-up pants. These lift the buttocks and shape the hips, giving the impression of an hourglass body.