MAKE-UP: How to do makeup for social networks what makeup is best for each social network?


Makeup is undoubtedly one of the most impressive factors in recent times. Since for many it has become a form of expression, art and professionalism.

It has evolved greatly creating new trends, techniques, shapes, textures and colors to combine or make. Thanks to this, many people have been encouraged to make truly daring looks that are totally different from the traditional. Which in turn is perfectly adapted to these times.

The best way to express these different makeup looks is through social media. However, each one of them has a different touch, so a makeup on Instagram is very different from how it is carried on YouTube.

And it is that yes, each one has created their own style even for how to look. Because if we are very aware of something, it is that some networks are more relaxed than others. This is due to the traffic of people who post, mostly to the same address or focus on a certain social network. In the same way, this depends on each person.

Makeup techniques that are sweeping YouTube

Having a good makeup on the internet is not only beautiful, as it is a way to present ourselves to other people. Just as we produce ourselves in a great way to obtain a good outfit that represents us, we must also take care with our makeup. Since the better the proposal, in terms of our profile and personal presentation, the more followers we will obtain.

To attract attention on YouTube and get more viewers to stay to see your content, personal appearance and what you want to convey is very important. Well, people are very interested or attracted to this. To get more subscribers with good makeup, keep reading.

In this channel the important thing will be to immerse yourself in the face. It should have a smooth, clean, neat and natural finish. So try to prepare your skin very well for the makeup that you will use.

You can make a not so pronounced outline. Add a suitable blush for your skin tone, a bit of highlighter and eyes enhanced with the lashes and brown, dark, or colored leftovers.

On the lips you can apply roses, nuts, reds or wines. In the same way, makeup will always go with the type of personality you have and how you feel comfortable. However, if you do not know what the wave is all about, you already have a clearer idea.

How to make up for your Instagram posts or stories

Instagram is undoubtedly the social network of glamor, here makeup and dress fashion reign basically. So creating different styles and techniques will be ideal to carry out the innovative and new.

Without further ado, if you want to know how to have a perfect makeup for Instagram and get many likes, keep reading step by step.

Having perfect skin will be the ideal in this social network. What will stand out will be a well-pronounced, illuminating contour to create the illusion of a raised cheekbone and a bit of blush.

In the eyes you can stand out with different shades, as long as they go in the same harmony. Smoked and shiny are perfect, but you can also opt for futuristic outlines with intense or traditional colors like black. Of course, you must wear very voluminous eyelashes to have the most successful look.

The lips should be in nut or strong tones depending on the style you wear in your eyes. And finally, well defined and clean eyebrows.

How to put on makeup to make a virtual or direct live on social networks

If you have an account marked on Facebook or Instagram,   a good makeup will undoubtedly be essential to do a live.

Here it is convenient to see you simple and cute. You want to have a fairly smooth and clean skin. Apply highlighter to enhance your face. Go with very calm eyes, with nut colors, a simple outline and slightly pronounced lashes (false ones are not necessary, although it is optional). And lips in shades of pink, red or nut.

The ideal will always be to look quite natural, healthy and pronounced. You can take these ideas to put your own touch on them and it will also be perfect.