FACIAL CARE: What are makeup remover wipes for and what are the best reusable makeup remover wipes?


The world of makeup is extremely complex and extensive. We not only get products to beautify ourselves, but to take care of our face. In this case, reusable makeup remover wipes are ideal to reduce the hours of cleaning and facial routine after a long day. Get to know them here with us!

What are the benefits of reusable makeup remover wipes?

The most striking main feature of these makeup remover wipes is that they are reusable. Gone are those days where you used a lot of towels. The fabric make-up remover wipes, with a simple rinse, are completely ready to be reused.

On the other hand, most of the brands that produce these wipes use nourishing substances for the skin. Which means that if you choose the ideal brand, you will not need to apply facial cleansers because all the work will be done by the wipe.

You will notice that they are highly reusable, you can wash them by hand or in the washing machine. And although they are not eternal, they do endure many washes. Therefore, you will reduce costs in terms of facial cleansing routines, with cheap makeup remover wipes.

You can take them wherever you want. You will only need to moisten them a little so that your face is completely clean of makeup without much effort. It is ideal to take them to the gym or for a trip to the pool. You will have your face clean and prepared at all times.

They remove makeup quickly, although the material is soft and does not mistreat the skin, it removes makeup without too much effort. It is like using a conventional makeup remover towel, but with the advantage that you should not throw it away after its first use, they are ecological makeup remover wipes.

People who tend to apply makeup very often, love these towels thanks to the hours it reduces when removing makeup. In no time your beauty routine will be finished and your face will be like new.

How to make reusable or eco-friendly makeup remover wipes?

The best thing about reusable makeup remover towels is that you generate much less waste. You don’t need to throw them away after the first use, and you can make your own homemade makeup remover wipes. You will need the following:

  • Fabric of your preference.

The fabric you decide to use will be at your complete disposal. Although it is recommended that they be rough and soft materials at the same time. For example, fleece or flannel material.

  • Pair of scissors.
  • Sewing machine / Needle.

To start, choose the way you like the most. It can be round or square, although if you decide to use your imagination you can cut out different shapes. Depending on the fabric you chose, you will need to cut several layers of fabric.

After you cut all the equal layers of the fabric, it will only be enough to sew along the entire edge with the help of the thread and the sewing machine or the needle. This step is used to make the fabric much more resistant to water, and each of the fabric layers always remain in place.

The washing of these wipes must be constant. Don’t leave them dirty because the fabric will rot more quickly. If you decide to machine wash it, do it on the gentle cycle so that the laps do not damage the fabric. You can make as many towels as you want, and thus you will never need them in your routine.

What are the best makeup remover wipes?

However, if you prefer to purchase a more professional makeup remover towel, there are specialized brands that you can choose from to benefit from its use.

  • Nugilla

The nugilla brand assures us a towel free of all kinds of chemicals, and it is made entirely with polyester. It absorbs large amounts of water and works to remove any type of makeup.

  • Vivote

Vivote offers an incredible advantage when it comes to wipes, promoting a six-piece set. The towels are made of microfiber, which leaves an extremely soft texture to the skin, leaving it shiny and smooth.


These are slightly larger towels. However, they fulfill the same function of effectively removing makeup at all times. Made with microfiber material, they will do wonders for your skin.

  • Kinhwa

Larger towels that can be used several times to clean the face and remove make-up easily. They are made of microfiber, so they ensure a deep cleaning.