How to wax and shape the eyebrows and mustache with wax or tweezers without pain


Some women have a terrible panic at the pain of waxing. There are very sensitive skins that do not resist much the strong sensation that remains after the hairs have been pulled from your face. Unfortunately, in addition to laser hair removal, the most effective way to remove hair is hair removal. Learn how to do it here!

What is the best way to pluck my eyebrows quickly?

Hate spending hours and hours pulling hair by hair with a clamp? Well, the best way to pluck the eyebrows is with the help of a special wax that can be hot or cold bands. It is recommended that the wax used is hot. Since when it cools it adheres much better to the hairs and offers a much better finish.

Waxing the eyebrows offers the opportunity to shape them as you wish. Using different sizes of bands, you can create different shapes, get a different angle and revolutionize with a new brow look.

  1. Choose wax and special bands for eyebrow removal. Do not confuse the same materials used for the waxing of the legs, since they are usually much stronger waxes. 
  2. Trim the bands to the size you want to use, and heat the wax to the point where it is soft enough to handle and apply.
  3. You can choose to apply it directly to the skin or apply it on the band. If you apply it on the skin be careful not to get wax in unwanted places like the middle of the eyebrow because it could cause a disaster. So to be surer, apply it on the band.
  4. Keep your skin clean and without any makeup, you don’t want your pores to get infected. Stretch the skin a little, and place the band just over the place you want to epilate.
  5. Make a slight pressure with your finger to secure it very well, wait a few seconds and pull with all you might. Do not be afraid, because if you withdraw it slowly it will hurt much more.
  6. Repeat this process in each area you want to wax and finally, clean the area with an essential oil mixed with olive oil to moisturize and protect the area.  

Tricks to pluck eyebrows and mustache without pain

The scariest thing about hair removal is the pain, which is why many girls are more inclined to laser hair removal. But when it comes to the eyebrows, it is inevitable to have to go through this pain at least once a week. But this time, we bring several tricks for girls with more sensitive skin, so that they do not have to endure too much pain when waxing at home.

  • Ice: Numbing the area is the best way to lower sensitivity. Although you must make sure to be fast, since the effect of the ice wears off after a few seconds. If you wish, you can alternate between the ice and the bands or tweezers so that the pain is less pronounced.
  • Moisturize the skin: Half an hour before waxing, you can relax and loosen the hairs on the eyebrow or face by applying a layer of essential oils or moisturizing cream. The more moist and nourished the area is, the hairs will be much softer and easier to remove, so there will be less pain.
  • Topical anesthetic cream: If you really fear the pain of hair removal, your salvation will be the anesthetic creams that you can buy in pharmacies. Apply a soft layer on the skin of the eyebrows, wait a few minutes and the area will be completely numb.

Prepare skin for before and after waxing or tweezing

The depilatory in essence, mistreats the skin. Otherwise, there would be no pain whatsoever. And when girls have very sensitive skin, it can result in certain repercussions such as infected pores, bleeding pores, inflamed and reddish skin, or in certain cases, irritation. So you must prepare your skin to resist waxing.

  • It cleanses the skin very well so that dirt does not enter the pores. 
  • Stretches the skin to make it less painful.
  • When finished, clean the skin with an antiseptic ointment.
  • Avoid touching the skin with dirty hands and apply a moisturizer.