How to reduce the waist and lift buttocks with a good exercise routine


You can be the best version of yourself if you put your mind to it, and a very good way to do it is through exercises. These not only serve to shape your body, but to be much healthier and gain much more control over your life and body! In this case, the exercises at home will help us to shape the waist and increase the buttocks, in a totally natural way!

How to reduce the waist quickly?

All girls dream of our favorite waist measurements. Have an hourglass body and show off supreme hips. But is it possible to achieve this with the help of exercise? Of course yes! When you put your mind to it, your body can give you everything. Follow these routines to burn fat around your waist.

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A very simple but effective exercise to mobilize the hip muscles and tone them by burning fat. You should stand with your legs slightly apart. Raise your arms up to your chest keeping them flexed close to you, and then begin to turn quickly and strongly from one side to the other without moving your lower body. The legs remain still and you only have to turn the upper part of the body.


If you can help yourself with a few small weights, you will get better results. While standing, hold the weights very well with your hands and drop your arms to the sides of your body. Next, lean your body to the sides lowering as low as possible and flexing at the waist.

Elbows to knees

It is a little more mobilized and it is also done standing up, you do not need weights. On each side and with a continuous lever, lift your legs flexing them to the sides while lowering your torso with your hands on your head until the elbow touches the knee. Perform this movement continuously from one side to the other, putting as much pressure as possible on the waist.

Exercises to increase and tighten the buttocks

The lower body is the one that women love to work the most, since we always want to do exercises to increase the buttocks and have slender and toned legs.

Jump squats

Conventional squats are a great way to increase and strengthen your gluts. However, in this case we focus more on speeding up the process and burning fat at the same time. Separate your legs until they are at shoulder height, lower by flexing on the buttocks and when you go up, jump. Jump as high as you can, and immediately return to the squat position. Do 3 sessions of 15 each. 

Side kick squats

When lowering to squat, shift your body to the left or right to put much more pressure on one leg. As you go up, quickly perform a kick by flexing your abdomen. Intersperse your legs on each descent, repeat 3 sessions of 15 each. It is an exercise that will help you burn fat.

Open and closed squats

These are a bit easier, but they work the gluts in the same way. Every time you go up and down, open and close your legs. This will focus the exercise on the quadriceps femora’s as well. Repeat 3 sessions of 10 each.

Exercise routine to increase the hips

To complete the hourglass body, you should not only lower the waist and tone the buttocks, but also the muscles of the hips. There are many exercises that will help you do it, and here we will tell you the most effective ones.

Lateral leg raise

In this exercise you must lie on the floor and lie on your side. Keeping your whole body aligned, lift your leg and lower it back down, but not completely. Repeat the exercise 20 times in two sessions on each side.

Yoga stretches

In yoga there are many stretches that are designed to open the hips and widen them. It is based on the practice of breathing and control.

Leg twists

In the same position lying on the side, raise your leg. Instead of pulling her back down, start doing sharp, quick turns with your leg. Maintain balance and posture for 25 seconds.