How to Make a Fake Buttock?

How to Make a Fake Buttock?

How to Make a Fake Buttock?

Find outfits that highlight your hips while slimming down your waist, such as high-waisted jeans or a dress with a belt around your waist, to make your hips appear larger.

To draw attention to your hips, wear pastel-colored pants or skirts and contrast them with slimming, dark-colored tops.

How to Make a Fake Buttock?

Buttocks are sometimes surgically augmented by fat, silicone, or artificial materials to improve their appearance. This process is called augmentation mammoplasty or more informatively liposuction-assisted breast enhancement (LAPE). For example, if a close friend has his buttocks augmented by fat from his abdomen or thighs – this would be regarded as “traditional” LAPE and no matter how much weight he may lose in the future, he will never face the problem of shrinkage that plagues regular implants when too much weight is lost following surgery.

However, the practice of (LAPE) has come under criticism lately because a traditional augmentation technique involves placing the implants under the muscle and not in the fatty tissue below this muscle. In some plastic surgeons’ opinion, this is not only unhealthy but potentially fatal.

In this sense, the latest trend in augmentation is “dual-plane” LAPE. A dual-plane buttock implant mammoplasty procedure involves the surgical placement of implants under AND over the muscle (dual-plane). This way, the client keeps immediate softness after surgery and when they lose weight in the future they will maintain their shape.

The only disadvantage is that this method requires dissection of the muscle, which results in weakness and thus greater risk of dislocation during high impact activities such as running, jogging and dancing. It will be essential during these activities to wear a customized sports bra at all times until full recovery is achieved.

Style Tips to Fake a Bigger Butt

A high waist and a flat butt are two of the easiest ways to fake a fuller butt. Choose smaller back pockets if you’re using fitted jeans to fake a more enormous butt. Also, keep the pocket’s placement lower on the cheeks. Otherwise, it will only emphasize the more petite butt. Lastly, wear back pockets with embellishments or contrasting colors.

To hide a bigger butt, choose pants that cover it up. Generally, baggy pants don’t define the butt, so pair them with long tops or dresses. Those self-conscious about their butt choose a thin belt; medium-sized belts will look better on curvy women. Finally, wear high-heeled shoes – a pair higher than the rest will give the illusion of a fuller butt. If you’re uncomfortable wearing high heels, practice walking in them.


Wear flared skirts. Flare skirts can give the appearance of an enormous butt. Flares are the perfect style pieces to fake a more enormous butt. Flare skirts also add bulk to the bottom and draw attention outward. In other words, you can look bigger without surgery. There are many ways to fake a larger buttock without surgery. You just need to know what you’re doing!


If you’re trying to create an authentic-looking costume for Halloween, you may want to consider making a fake butt. A fake butt is an essential part of many costumes, and you’ll find that you can buy plastic or paper ones at costume shops. But if you’re feeling creative, you can even make one yourself! All you need is some newspaper, glue, and paint. Cut the newspaper into four-inch squares, and you’re on your way to a realistic-looking butt.

Once you have created the buttock implant, it’s time for the final suctioning. This will refine the shape of the buttock. Again, ensure the edges are rounded, and the margins are curved to the ideal shape. You’ll want the buttock to be curving into your new low back and waist, but you should make sure to remove any excess fluid from the flanks. Be sure not to overload the drains, though!


Regarding the cost of making fake buttocks, you need to consider safety and aesthetics. While silicone implants are less harmful, they also create an unnatural look. Additionally, they can lead to infection. Water-filled implants are better because they are less likely to rupture. In addition, the subfascial implants are closer to the skin, reducing the risk of infection. But, you need to consider the cost of your anesthesia and the room fees.

If you’re looking for a way to make your butts look more natural, you can opt for butt implants. However, you should consult a medical professional before you opt for these. Before undergoing this procedure, make sure you find a board-certified surgeon. Using illegally injected silicone could lead to life-threatening complications. Therefore, this is not a safe alternative. Healthline Natural is an excellent resource for those looking for innovative ways to stay healthy.