How to Improve Unattractive Facial Features As a Male

How to Improve Unattractive Facial Features As a Male

How to Improve Unattractive Facial Features As a Male

Everyone can appear better with great style. Even when you don’t feel confident, exude confidence. Fake it, even if you don’t feel it, as I’ve said previously. Excellent skin care routines, hygiene, and colognes with amazing scents. They all work together to emphasize someone’s looks. Fashionable, elegant attire. It also helps to surround oneself with attractive people. I’m sorry to say that it makes someone appear better. In all honesty, this works.

One way to improve your facial features is by modifying them. For example, if you are unhappy with your jawline, you can try increasing its size. You can also reshape your nose to make it look better. This is a great way to make yourself look younger and more attractive.

How to Improve Unattractive Facial Features As a Male

Male facial features

Despite the perception, men do not have more attractive facial features than women. Orlando Bloom and Zac Efron are more attractive than Josh Brolin. Studies show that a man’s facial characteristics can influence how women perceive him. A study of twins suggests that half of the variation in facial masculinity is due to additive genetic variation.

This is consistent with the fact that women prefer feminized faces. In addition, men prefer female faces that are more feminine. The reason for this is unclear, but men and women tend to pick mates with more feminine features. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see men with masculine faces attracting women, while women prefer feminine faces that have small chins.

The study’s results highlight the importance of facial attractiveness in mate selection. It is believed that the face plays a crucial role in mating and can signal genetic suitability. For example, one controversial theory suggests that ovulating women prefer men with high testosterone, while nonfertile women prefer men with traits signaling a woman’s desire to bear children. To test this hypothesis, researchers asked 19 young women to rate the attractiveness of 77 young men.

The study found that male half-faces are not as attractive as female half-faces. It also revealed that males with full faces are more attractive than women with half faces. Females with unmasked faces tended to be more attractive than women with half faces.

This finding is consistent with other research indicating that facial features are essential in determining a person’s sex appeal. In addition, the study’s findings suggest that facial features are essential in influencing how women and men trust other people.


Oestrogen, a female hormone, is related to the appearance of facial features. While the hormone affects only women, men cannot predict facial attractiveness. A study by Miriam Law Smith and her colleagues found that estrogen levels were associated with the facial attractiveness of 59 women for six weeks. The women who participated in the study did not wear make-up or take contraceptive pills.

The study found that female faces with high estrogen levels were rated as more feminine, more attractive, and healthier than those with low levels. The researchers also found a correlation between fertility and facial attractiveness. They concluded that estrogen levels are related to the appearance of the face, but future studies should explore the nature of facial cues associated with hormone levels.

In the study, women’s facial attractiveness was correlated with the level of estrogen and luteal progesterone. They also found that a woman’s estrogen levels were related to her facial attractiveness but not to the amount of facial fat and wrinkles she had.

One of the main reasons women with higher levels of estrogen in their bodies have attractive facial features is the desire to have a family. A woman’s desire for children is also directly related to her estrogen levels. Previous studies have shown a relationship between estrogen levels and the desire to bear children.

Research has shown that estrogen levels may affect a woman’s body shape. The researchers found that women with a flattering body shape had higher levels of luteal progesterone and higher levels of estrogen. Additionally, women with low-estrogen faces were considered unattractive by most men.

Sanitary-mask effect

The sanitary-mask effect is a powerful way to conceal unattractive facial features. The study involved digitally superimposing a sanitary mask image onto an image of a face. The image was then filtered using a Gaussian blur effect to eliminate unnatural edges. The same procedure was also used to create a black sanitary mask image.

In experiments 1a and 1b, the wearers of sanitary masks tended to underestimate the physical attractiveness of their faces. The sanitary-mask effect was more substantial for faces perceived to be more attractive. However, the effect was inconsistent across all face types, so a sanitary mask with the same coverage pattern may have a different effect.

The findings of the Cardiff University study were published in the journal Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications. The study investigated whether a women’s perception of a male’s face is influenced by whether he wears a medical mask. Women were presented with pictures of males with their faces covered by sanitary masks.

The study showed that a male doctor wearing a sanitary mask was considered to be less attractive than a female wearing a sanitary mask. However, the study also found that wearing a sanitary mask did not improve a woman’s perceived attractiveness. This effect has been attributed to the association between wearing a mask and the profession of medicine.

Another study investigated the effects of the sanitary mask on unattractive facial features. During the experiment, participants were presented with an image of a face with a horizontal rating scale. They rated the face according to its attractiveness, ranging from one to 100. They then clicked a button to report their scores. The study involved 66 different facial images, half of which were presented with masks and half of them without. Participants were presented with images of faces with moderate, high, and low attractiveness.

How to Improve Unattractive Facial Features As a Male

Retruded jaws

The retruded jaw, a defining facial feature, can be unattractive to both males and females. A recent study found that men and women rated males and females with protruded jaws as less attractive. This finding is in line with other studies. Moreover, the findings showed that retruded jaws are more likely to be associated with lower facial convexity. Hence, it is important to consider this relationship when designing orthodontic treatment plans.

Studies have revealed that the mandible and malar are the two most important aesthetic units of the face. A deficient malar would appear more pronounced in a person with protruded jaws, whereas a prominent malar would not stand out. This suggests that the two components of facial attractiveness are equally essential but may not be directly linked.

Retruded jaws are often the result of trauma to the face. They create a noticeable asymmetry in the face and may affect a person’s ability to chew their food properly. Smaller jaws also cause teeth to be misaligned and crowded. In severe cases, retrognathia can lead to breathing problems and choking. In such cases, treatment may be necessary to prevent the problem from progressing to a more advanced stage.

Asymmetrical face

Most people think that facial symmetry is one of the key elements of a beautiful face, but this is only sometimes the case. Some people have asymmetrical features, such as crooked teeth or different-sized ears. 

Asymmetrical faces are considered less attractive than symmetrical faces, although most people are born with some degree of asymmetry. The causes of facial asymmetry are largely genetic, but some may also be caused by environmental factors or injury.

In one study of identical twins, the face of the twin with a symmetrical face was judged more attractive than the twin with an asymmetrical face. Furthermore, studies on macaque monkeys showed that symmetrical faces appealed more to them. 

This suggests that symmetrical faces may be related to good genes, good health, or good development in the womb. In addition, a study from Brunel University shows that facial symmetry strongly correlates with attractiveness.

If left untreated, facial asymmetry may lead to health issues such as Bell’s palsy or stroke. Treatments are available to treat facial asymmetry, including Botox and soft fillers. In addition to wrinkles, these injections can correct muscle weakness and tissue imbalance. However, they only last for a while and may need to be repeated at different intervals.

Although asymmetrical faces are generally unattractive, some celebrities can have asymmetrical faces. One example is Tyler Posey, a handsome actor with an asymmetric jawbone. The actor was made fun of for his asymmetric jawbone in the Teen Wolf television show. He is also a part of the Emma movie series, where he portrays Mr. Knightley.

How to Change How You

There are many ways to enhance your appearance and make yourself feel fantastic, whether you want to feel better than you already do or you’re feeling horrible. This article can assist you in making the changes you want and gaining the confidence you deserve, from fitness to haircuts!

1. Ask yourself why you want to improve your appearance

Are you doing this for someone else or yourself? What do you want to accomplish by looking better? Be careful to be true to yourself while following procedures if you’re trying to change how you look to attract someone. Only do an action that feels right to you.

2. Identify what you like and what you don’t like about your appearance

Most of us find it easier to list our flaws, but it’s equally important to list our strengths. Then, consider how to play up your best qualities once you’ve identified them.

3. Be realistic about what you can and can’t change.

Making a list of your likes and dislikes may be helpful. After that, think seriously about what you can genuinely alter about yourself. If you’re short, for instance, you can’t change that, but if you want to, you can create the appearance of being taller by donning high heels for women or shoes with more robust heels (men or women).

You can also use your appearance, such as your hair and clothing, to help create the illusion of length. For instance, if you’re short, you should refrain from wearing long jackets that go below your knees or having excessively long hair.

4. Learn to love your quirks

Although you may not particularly like the way you look, your appearance has more to do with than just how pretty you are in general. Therefore, transfer at least one item from your “don’t like” list to your “like” list as you go through the next few steps.

Perhaps you dislike the thickness of your hair, but with the right haircut, styling, and product choices, you could learn to love what your thick hair can do for you.


How can I get a more masculine face?

Focusing a broad, smooth forehead, noticeable bone structure (particularly brow bones, cheekbones, and jaw), a sharply defined jawline, and a prominent square chin are the keys to developing masculine facial features.

How can men look attractive?

1. Acknowledge your errors.

2. Have your hair chopped.

3. Though certain clichés are true, good shoes are one of them.

4. smell fantastic.

5. Be aware of your location and the required arrival time.

6. Tell people they are fascinating or beautiful.

7. Never boast about your wealth.

8. Be upbeat.

What features make a male face attractive?

Others have discovered that the most attractive configuration of male faces combines mature features (such as a large lower jaw, prominent cheekbones, and thick eyebrows) with neotenous features (such as large eyes and a small nose).

What do girls find attractive in guys?

Of course, guys born with symmetrical features, chiseled jawlines, and excellent hair will consistently score higher in the attractiveness criteria. Still, numerous studies have shown that women tend to be more attracted to approachable, ordinary looks when seeking a long-term companion.