How to Wear a Pleated Skirt With a Tummy


How to Wear a Pleated Skirt With a Tummy

If you’re wondering how to wear a pleated skirt with your tummy, there are several tips that will help you look great. These tips include avoiding too saturated colors, adding a belt, and pairing it with sleeveless tops.

Avoiding high saturation colors

While wearing a pleated skirt with a large tummy can be flattering, it’s important to remember not to wear too bright or saturated colors. Dark or pastel colors are better choices because they balance the straight-lining of the pleats. This will make your tummy less apparent.

The same rule applies when choosing a top to wear with your pleated skirt. Wear a bright red pleated skirt with a polka-dot top with the blouse. You can also tuck a blouse into your skirt for added definition. But avoid wearing a bright and gaudy top for work events.

If your body is not perfect, you can still wear a skirt with a big tummy. You can select a tulip-shaped skirt with a high waist and pleated skirts in different lengths. High-waisted skirts are not the right choice if you have a big tummy. For example, a high-waisted pencil skirt might make your tummy look larger than it really is. A skirt made of dense fabric will help hide your tummy and make you look more feminine. Another styling idea is to wear a skirt with lace accents.

Adding a bold necklace

If you’re looking for a simple way to add flair to a plain top, you can pair your pleated skirt with a bold necklace. However, the necklace should not clash with the skirt’s color. You can also wear a belt to give your outfit a slimming effect.

Another way to add volume to your outfit is to add a necklace with a bold pattern. For example, if you’re wearing a skirt with pleats that start just below your tummy, you can add extra volume with a long, slim top half. Opt for a statement necklace or a swingy jacket to make the top look more volume-filled.

While a pleated skirt can look very schoolgirlish, you can easily make it more grown-up by wearing it with a smart-casual top. Try pairing it with a button-down blouse or a knit sweater, a cropped jacket, a bold necklace, and some flats.

Adding a belt

Pleated skirts are an easy way to hide extra weight. You can choose from various lengths and colors, and they will make you look slimmer without revealing too much skin. They are also perfect for women with pear-shaped bodies, as they balance proportions and add brightness. Before choosing a pleated skirt, you should know what kind of top will hide your belly.

You can also add a belt to help balance out your waist. It can also help tighten loose tops. If you’re wearing a pleated skirt to work, you may want to wear a blazer or cardigan over it. Blazers have a more formal look than cardigans, and they can also add extra layers to your outfit.

A belt can also help you conceal your tummy and draw attention away from your tummy. A belt is a great way to make a pleated skirt look flattering.

Pairing with sleeveless tops

If you have a tummy, pleated skirts can be a great way to hide it. They look flattering on all body types and can even hide a few extra kilos. And if you’re worried about showing off your tummy, pleated skirts have the perfect length and shape to hide your bulge.

Pleated skirts can also be paired with bold necklaces to add flair to a plain top. Just ensure that the necklace doesn’t clash with the color of your skirt. In addition, belts are great for adding a slimming effect.

Another way to highlight your waist is to wear a blouse with loose, flowy fabric. A top that’s too tight will only draw attention to your tummy. However, if you’re looking for an elegant outfit, try a pleated skirt with a looser top. A top that’s a little looser can be pulled in a cinch belt to add more drama to your look.

Adding a blazer

Adding a blazer to tummy-baring pleated skirts is a great way to tone down your tummy while still looking stylish. This versatile piece can be worn with various accessories and will help you balance out your entire look.

Blazers look great with any style of skirt, whether a pleated skirt or a t-shirt. You can wear them unbuttoned, buttoned up, or belted to achieve your desired look. A blazer and t-shirt pair are great for work, but they can be dressed up for evening events.

A blazer and a pleated skirt are also great for the office. A blazer will give a more formal look, and the belt will help you tighten the top if you feel it’s too loose. A pleated skirt and blazer are a great office look that’s versatile and easy to wear.

Adding a puffed skirt with a denim jacket

The denim jacket pairs nicely with puffed skirts. Fitted jackets are better than loose ones, especially with wide-left pants. Plus, they also work wonderfully with flowy dresses. In addition, a fitted jacket can help a midi skirt look better.

A denim jacket can add a chic touch to an otherwise-routine outfit. This versatile piece can be worn over a denim skirt and white T-shirt. The jean jacket will keep you warm, too. And it’s perfect for chilly days.

A denim jacket in a deep shade of green is a versatile choice for a spring or summer outfit. The jacket’s military-inspired design, multiple pockets, and brass hardware will look great with a puffed navy skirt and black studded leather booties. The boots’ pointed toes and low heels provide a western feel to the ensemble.

Adding a polka-dot skirt

A polka dot skirt has a classic style that works well with a variety of different prints. It’s a great choice for spring and summer and is a great base for mixing and matching other prints. It can be casual and worn with sneakers or a simple tee. A polka dot skirt in pastel colors is also a nice choice.

A polka dot skirt can be a great choice for office wear. It’s easy to style and transition to the office. This woven skirt is a great option because it has a classic polka dot pattern. In addition, it features a concealed back zipper and ruffled hem and is tailored for a fitted silhouette.

You can pair your polka dot skirt with a black or white shirt to make it more modern. Any shoe will work with this skirt, although flats are better for work, and sneakers are nice for weekend wear. Choose a pair of polished sandals or high heels if you wear them to a formal event.

Adding a blazer with a puffed skirt

The key to adding a blazer with a tummy-hugging puffed skirt is to find the right fit. You can do this by choosing a blazer with a fitted shoulder. This will compliment your hip width and create a flattering hourglass silhouette.