How To Get Rid Of A Baby Face | Do You Dislike Having A Baby Face As A Man


How To Get Rid Of A Baby Face | Do You Dislike Having A Baby Face As A Man

If you are the type of person who doesn’t like your babyface, then don’t worry, we have got you covered, the baby face is something which you can’t completely get rid of, but you can suppress its looks by doing some essential changes to your hair styling and dressing. You will find more about it in this article. 

What is a baby face?

A person with a baby face seems more infant-like, giving the impression that they are younger. Adults with baby faces are possible. Baby-faced individuals have a few characteristics in common. Having a baby face changes the way people perceive and act towards such individuals.

How to get rid of a baby face?

Refine your Grooming:

The first thing you have to do is to get your grooming in order. It’s a simple change that can make a big difference in your mood. Unkempt hair makes you appear sloppy, just like baggy clothes. If you want to be taken seriously, you must step up your grooming game.

First, stay away from popular kid’s haircuts (like spiky cuts, bright colors, and patterns shaved into your scalp). Choose simple, timeless designs.

It is recommended to grow our hair more, especially on top, switch to a classic side part, and be consistent with using hair products.

Avoid Graphics, Logos, Wild Prints:

To appear more mature, you must avoid doing what the average college student does. And that means preventing graphic shirts, logos, crazy designs, and trends regarding your clothing.

Solid colors and clothing with no graphics or logos make you appear more sophisticated and mature.

The best part is that this adjustment is simple to make. Beanies, scarves, socks, and even undergarments fall into this category.

Build the Majority of your Looks Around Men’s Core Colors:

Focus on putting together looks with colors like navy, black, gray, white, olive, and camel.

The nice thing about primary colors is that they don’t clash, so you can mix and combine them endlessly. 

Build your Wardrobe Around Timeless Classics, not Trends:

Trends are a terrific way to spice up your look, but they must be approached with carefulness.

Most men make the mistake of putting up a wardrobe primarily made up of fashionable items. However, this isn’t always bad: most retailers promote trends since people enjoy new and exciting things!

Trends should be utilized with caution. Consider it a sauce: you don’t want to drown an entire meal with it, overpowering the meat and vegetables. You only need a small amount to give it the appropriate taste boost.

Swap your Tee for a Collared Top:

An easy option is to replace your tee with a collared garment, such as a polo shirt or a button-up.

Collared shirts, such as tees and henleys, are often associated with a laid-back style. By reaching for a collared shirt, you’re gently indicating that you’re attempting to “dress up” a little more.

If you work in a casual or business-casual atmosphere, a button-up work shirt in a simple fabric like chambray is a terrific alternative to an oxford dress shirt. It’s a classic look with anything from wool dress pants to chinos to denim.

Swap your Sneakers for Dressier Leather Shoes:

Although a pair of polished dress shoes may quickly alter the feel of your outfit to something more adult, you can easily change the vibe of your style to something more mature with a pair of essential white sneakers.

It does not have to be a formal shoe like oxfords. A primary solid lace-up or desert boots may instantly elevate you to a mature man.

Refine your Accessory Game:

Accessories can help you mature your look. The first thing you have to do is to upgrade your work bag.

The appropriate upgrade from your college bag is a sleek messenger/briefcase hybrid with leather detailing (top).

Consider investing in an all-leather briefcase when you’re ready to take things more seriously.

If you want to wear bracelets on your wrist, leave the lengthy leather ones to H&M-shopping college students and opt for a basic string.

When it comes to wrist watches, choose timeless designs that aren’t too flashy. Todd Snyder’s Timex line is a beautiful place to start if you’re new to watches.

Most people adore their Apple Watch and question if they should upgrade to a more classic watch. The Apple Watch isn’t a big deal, but it is recommended to slap a traditional leather or metal band and save any colorful sports bands for the gym.

Grow Out some Facial Hair (If Possible):

It’s best not to be shaved because it highlights babyfaces. If you can develop even a tiny bit of facial hair, go for it. You can achieve the 5 o’clock shadow look using a beard trimmer. You’ll have to play with the settings to get the perfect number. Shave facial hair on your neck and shape your shadow to underline your jawline.

A mixture of beard oil (to keep your beard and skin nourished), beard balm (to tame strands and shape your beard), and a beard wash and softener is advised for persons with facial hair (which is a type of leave-in conditioner that softens beards).

Get in Better Shape:

Dropping body fat and gaining muscle mass are two physical changes you may make to make yourself seem older, more manly, more mature and get rid of a babyface.

You can do it by some of these easy methods:

Lift heavy weights at least 4x a week:

You can’t get muscle if you don’t lift weights. Power helps you lose body fat faster and makes your body seem more attractive as you lose weight. As a result, be sure to include lifting in your exercise routine.

Eat foods that you already like:

It’s nearly certain that if you eat items you love, you’ll stick to your new diet. If you despise fish, don’t try to include tilapia into your diet because a fitness expert does. The beauty of macro tracking is that you can include foods you like into your diet while still meeting your fitness objectives.