10 Best Chino Colors & Pants Every Man Should Buy in 2022

10 Best Chino Colors & Pants Every Man Should Buy in 2022

10 Best Chino Colors & Pants Every Man Should Buy in 2022

When it comes to men’s fashion, Chinos amongst others have their own unique style statement. Apart from being comfortable, they are best fit for any occasion per se giving a modernistic yet chic touch. 

The limited color range in jeans, and its relatively thick fabric option limits its use in specific seasons only. Resultantly, this makes chino a popular choice which is known for their light fabric (unlike jeans) and the maximum range of color availability. 

Additionally, as opposed to jeans which can only be worn in casual occasions, chinos are quite versatile and are best suited for all kinds of formal or informal events.


Having originated in the 19th century from China (hence the name Chino) where they were manufactured initially to be used as military uniforms. However, their style transformed into slimmer fit and getting rid of extra frills. After almost a decade, they still top the men’s fashion industry retaining some of their originality back from the 19th century.

The appearance

Other than normal pants, Chino pants are more cut to size and give a composed overall look. The best part is they can easily be worn at the office and at a late-night dinner making them both smart and casual. 

When paired with a dress shirt and shoes with probably a darker shade of chino pants gives a complete look for office or business meetings. In a similar vein, pairing them with a round neck or polo shirts completes a casual yet elegant look.

10 Best Chino Colors Trends in 2022

Owing to their extreme comfort and the flexibility that they offer in terms of styling they are a must-have for your wardrobe. Following lists top 10 chino colors trends in 2022 which need to hit your shelves sooner or later. 


The color is a signature in the world of men’s fashion. These are the pants that no man should be without, and they’re so versatile. Amongst all other colors, this one is always an easy choice as it can work in many different ways and looks great with everything else.

These are for when you want to dress up a little bit more but still keep your rugged chic style intact. The skirt gives off an elegant vibe that has been known to garner many compliments from those around you, which makes them perfect for dates or days where you know that you’ll be reaching some new heights with your look.

The solid color is always a good idea. There’s nothing quite as boring as a pair of pants with no color. That doesn’t mean that there’s no way to make the chinos look a little more stylish, though. The folded crease gives the pants worn out and ragged (see what we did there?) appearance while still maintaining the clean cut look that everyone loves so much. These chino pants are perfect for more formal occasions. They work great as part of a business casual wardrobe because they give off that swanky vibe without being too flashy or too much (since it’s an all gray outfit).

Grey is one of the idyllic colors that can be worn in chino. Whether worn during the day at work or meeting or at night for out of office events, it makes a strong case for a business casual look. Apart from being best fit for all skin tones, these can be paired with almost any color, preferably, black or white to complete a more masculine attire.


As they say one can never go wrong with black, let alone black chinos. One of the classiest colored chinos which is bound to stay on top fashion trends all the time. An enabler for all age groups and any occasion when matched with the bold colored formal shirt (dark blue or purple) for work day or light toned t-shirt (ice blue or cream) for a casual look. When coupled with a blazer in tones of blue completes a sharp and presentable appearance.


Perfect for a beachy or summer day, it adds to a funky overall look. Depending on whether it is a light or dark purple chino, it can be worn with contrasting shirts to amplify up your style.  Purple Chino pants are the new style of trouser that is a must-have in 2022. So, if you want to be ahead of the curve this year and don’t want to wait till next year, then you need to invest in these pants.

Navy Blue

Often referred to as one of the most important colors in the menswear category, a navy chino makes for a versatile outfit. It is the easiest color for a man, making it easy to carry. A round neck t-shirt with sneakers is perfect for a casual occasion. Similarly, a checked shirt with a dark colored blazer makes you all set for office.


Any light-colored shades of beige or gray will go hand in hand with green chino. It is a rarely used color and is bound to be suitable for both office or casual occasions. You can wear green pants with khakis in the summer, but during winter, this combination can often make you look like a tramp. It’s best to wear green pants with black or brownish shoes instead.

One of the most important aspects of wearing green is that you want to be sure that your pants fit. If you’re only 5′ 8″ tall and have a lean and slender build, then a pair of green skinny jeans would be ideal for you. For those who are stocky or shorter, go for chinos instead.

It’s also important to know that wearing green pants is more than just about color—it’s about what sort of message you want to send about yourself. For example, if your workplace stresses a casual dress code and you’re looking for a way to get in on the fun, then try wearing chinos and a matching polo shirt with sneakers.

If your workplace has a more formal dress code, such as one that requires ties, then opt for khakis and shoes instead. And if you’re planning to wear green pants during the wintertime with some heavy boots or brownish shoes, then make sure that they don’t clash with the particular hue of your pants. 

You have the added bonus of being able to wear green with almost any type of shirt or shoe—not just those that are green themselves! You can wear them year round, but it’s best to wear them with brownish or soil-toned shoes in the summertime. 


More of a neutral tone and can go along with a wide variety of colors. A cream chino can be combined with a light blue, dark blue or gray shirt as per the occasion suitability. Cream chino pants are more formal compared to other brands, so it’s best to avoid wearing them in white because you’re going to be seen by everyone. 

Wear a nice gray, light brown or dark navy color to stay hidden from eyes. But who knows? Maybe the menswear designers will release a special cream chino pants that can be worn in white in the future.


Beige chino is perfect for a casual setting. A unique combination of shirts includes navy blue, burgundy or dark gray, helping create a balanced look. A lot is changing this year for fashion with the fall season approaching and many brands are introducing their Fall 2020 collections. One major trend we have seen from many of these brands is cream chinos as an essential part of them. Beige Chino pants have been a staple in the menswear scene for years. 

Although they were originally made to be a casual thing, they are slowly becoming more and more of a formal style so now it’s only right we start seeing them in 2019 collections.


Already a soothing color to wear in the summers, this can go perfect with lighter shades t-shirts for a casual walk in the park or a friends’ meetup. It’s not only to be worn in the spring or summer months but it can be worn all year round, from official school uniforms and work attire to casual Fridays at the office.

Going up against other famous brands like Diesel and Levi’s, these pants come with their own set of style rules that you need to stick by when wearing them.


Extremely stylish and more of a fashion statement color. Looks perfect when worn with almost all colors. The best colors to wear in 2022 are maroon chino. These dark, rich colors really help you to stand out. Even with the combination of dark colors, maroon chino is a favorite. A dark green will look great on you in 2022.

If you google maroon chino colors, then you’ll get all kinds of color suggestions from different fashion bloggers and style magazines. But each of those suggestions are different and you may get confused.

It is very hard for you to know which suggestion is the best for you in this fast-changing world.

But, if there’s one color that has a good support from fashion bloggers, then that color must be the best choice for you.


Khaki Chino pants have been a versatile and trendy staple for men for more than hundred years now. But the kind of shoes which we were wearing and wearing in has changed drastically over the years.

Rather than it being a black classic leather shoe, now you can find yourself in blue, beige or brown suede khakis. Furthermore, they usually come with a variety of colors to choose from such as olive, navy and even periwinkle! And if this isn’t enough to convince you that these pants are worth getting yet, then consider how comfortable they look with most outfits: sneakers or loafers, chunky cardigans or tailored blazers.

A subtle version of brown color, but one of the most exclusive of the colors. The best part about a Khaki chino is that the color option for t-shirts can be played out quite well making you stand out from the crowd. The best colors to go with it are dark blue, black or red which will rock your day out with friends.