Best running shoe Brand Comparison: Fila vs Nike vs Puma

    Best running shoe Brand Comparison: Fila vs Nike vs Puma

    Best running shoe Brand Comparison: Fila vs Nike vs Puma

    Finding the right shoe out of the many offers at your local running shop is not always easy. To ensure that you are a happy customer, you need to make sure that your shoes fit properly from heel to toe. You should feel comfortable during your normal stride length. 

    The best running shoe brand is the one that is smartly set for you. All the best brands use exclusive materials to create comfortable and high-quality shoes. However, choosing the perfect running shoe depends on a lot of factors. 

    The size, shape, and weight of your feet can all make one brand work better than another. The same applies to your training, previous experience, and goals. Don’t forget your style. 

    It is impossible to determine the best brand of running shoes with so many variables. However, many top brands make running shoes for different preferences and activities. You need to choose the most suitable one.

    Best running shoe Brand Comparison: Fila vs Nike vs Puma

    How to choose the perfect pairs for yourself?

    Before selecting the best-fitting shoe for yourself, one should consider the following things:

    Cushioning: The first rule to finding the best running shoes is to be comfortable. Check the length and width to make sure your feet have comfortable cushioning. 

    Weight: Shoes should be lighter in weight. As lighter shoes normally have less cushioning, they feel faster.

    Flexibility: The shoe’s flexibility indicates that how smoothly it will move with the feet. Before buying a new pair of shoes, you must check their flexibility. 

    Shoe Drop: A shoe drop is a difference between the heel and forefoot measurements. Simply put, how far your toes fall from your heels. The higher the drop, the more heel strikes you may have. Most shoes have a drop between 8 to 12 mm. Some are less than 6mm, and some are minimalist designs with no drops.

    What are the best running shoe brands for 2022?

    Before you put on a new pair of sneakers, it’s helpful to know every little detail of them.

    It will be the shoe you’ll be spending hundreds of miles with. Here we listed the top brands for all who love to stay in style and fettle. Leave your sportswear as it is and shop from these brands. Finally, take a look at your favorite running shoe brands categorized from most cushioned to the best for trails. 

    1. Nike
    2. Fila
    3. Puma
    4. Adidas
    5. Reebok
    6. New Balance

    Over the years, these brands are providing comfortable, stylish, and durable shoes to athletes and runners. Among the many shoe brands such as Nike, Fila and Puma are selling like hotcakes. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Puma vs Nike Vs Fila debate. We’ll compare their sneakers and look at the unique characteristics of each brand to help you decide which one suits your feet best.

    Nike VS Puma

    So, what’s the difference between Nike and Puma? Before reaching any conclusion, let’s take a short view of both brands.

    A quick rundown of Nike Brand

    Nike is a US company designing and developing athletic shoes and other sports accessories. Its logo represents the wings of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. The company’s slogan is “Just Do It”.

    Nike users can browse their desirable shoes from their website. By 2021, the Nike brand was worth about USD 30.44 billion. 

    A brief summary of Puma Brand

    Puma is a company that designs and develops sporting goods. It is a Germany-based athletics shoe manufacturing company. The logo of Puma depicts a lion’s face with an open mouth that “breathes heavily” without growling. It manifests power and speed.

    It is estimated that by 2021, the total value earned by Puma will be 5 billion USD. 

    Differences in styles and prices

    The price of Nike shoes is slightly higher compared to Puma shoes. On average, Nike shoes start at $70-120, and Puma shoes start at around $50. What makes Nike shoes expensive is their variety of high-tech footwear and marketing.

    Nike has a larger assortment of shoes compared to Puma shoes. The Nike website is easy to use and makes it easy for buyers to browse their favorite shoes. In contrast, the Puma website isn’t great for browsing. It isn’t easy to find casual shoes that go well with your outfit and are versatile. Moreover, the Puma shoe line collection includes some great designs but seems too few for some people.

    I was not too fond of the Puma shoes because most lifestyle shoes are loud and noisy, and the colors are terrible. Nike also makes ugly shoes. But less compared to Puma shoes.

    To sum it up

    Puma has a lower share of attractive all-around shoes in its lineup than Nike shoes. Puma has several running shoes that are great for running, training, and streetwear. To find a stylish pair of shoes, you have to do a lot of searching on the Puma site. The selection of Nike shoes is very wide, from athletic, casual to athletic. Besides, the Nike brand spends a lot of money marketing trendy streetwear sneakers.

    Best running shoe Brand Comparison: Fila vs Nike vs Puma

    Fila VS Puma

    Outside observation: It depends on what you need the shoes to do.

    As far as Fila: This brand has long entrusted most of the serious sports market to major shoemakers. Although they still make shoes that are useful for certain sports. Fila is an essentially lower-tier athletic-style brand sold primarily in department stores. 

    The FILA brand was ranked #944 among the world’s top 1000 brands by FILA customers. If you like style over substance, then Fila has a lot of decent shoe categories for you.

    As far as Puma – Puma’s standards, on the other hand, aren’t what they used to be and focus more on “urban” markets. It focuses on hip-hop and minority youth, that is, athletics. I would place Puma with or very close to Adidas for quality and durability.

    So if you’re a serious athlete or even a professional, Nike and Puma are probably better choices. Suppose you are a weekend performer or looking for comfortable shoes suitable for casual to long-term wear. There is a wide selection of athletic shoe brands. We can say that Fila is leading the way among these running shoe brands.