Why Do I Look So Fat In Pictures? How Fat Do I Look To Others?

    Why Do I Look So Fat In Pictures? How Fat Do I Look To Others?
    Why Do I Look So Fat In Pictures? How Fat Do I Look To Others?

    Why Do I Look So Fat In Pictures? How Fat Do I Look To Others?

    Your photograph may not be exactly what other people observe, but it’s pretty identical. What other people perceive when looking at you isn’t only about how you look. However, it is also about their perception of your appearance. Your perception of yourself influences the image you get when you gaze when you look in the mirror.

    This blog post will answer why you Look So Fat In Pictures and How Fat Do You Look To Others? and a few tips and tricks to get great pictures.

    Why do I look fat in pictures and not in the reflection?

    You might have noticed you appear fat in photos and not on the inside of the mirror. Many people just like you have observed the same and are seeking answers. Our team has decided to take on the challenge of uncovering the answer to this question. We’ve conducted an extensive investigation, and this blog post summarises our findings regarding the topic.

    Why do I appear overweight in photos and not when I look in the mirror? Lens distortions are most responsible for how you look in photos. Wide-angle lenses can cause more distortions, which makes you appear more fat. Therefore, if you’re using wide-angle lenses, it is expected that you appear more fat in your photos. The lighting and other camera effects like the fisheye effect can make you appear more fat in photographs.

    Numerous factors influence how you appear in photographs and affect your appearance, such as whether you appear thinner or fatter. Perhaps photos aren’t always accurate; however, let’s explore the various factors that can impact how you appear in photographs. Why do cameras make you look fatter? How can you make yourself appear slimmer in photos? Look out the answers to these and other concerns.

    Are Cameras Making You Look Better than Mirrors?

    Cameras can help you appear heavier based on the kind of lens you are using, your camera’s settings, and the lighting conditions. The shape and the focal length of the lens can affect how big you look in the photograph. Curvy lenses can create barrel distortions, making you appear more fat. Wide-angle lenses may also generate the fisheye effect, making it seem as if you are fatter than you are.

    Taking Photos can be compared with the process of making a recipe. Each step and procedure is crucial to achieving the ideal outcome. If you do not follow a system or use the wrong ingredient, you might end up with an equivalent result, but not as good as the recipe you initially used. The same applies to photography. Everything needs to be done to create a picture that doesn’t look smaller or bigger.

    There’s no reason to be concerned if you appear slimmer in mirrors but are more extensive on camera. Cameras could be adding “extra pounds” to your appearance. If you continue reading, we’ll go over the various factors that can create this distortion and teach you how to overcome these distortions. 

    Why do cameras make you look less attractive than mirrors?

    The camera’s lens mainly determines the quality of pictures you take. Therefore, if your camera keeps making your appearance fatter, it could be due to specific lens issues. If you continue reading, we will discuss these aspects. Be aware that other factors apart from the camera lens could cause you to look more fat. We’ll look at these causes in the next part of this article.

    Here are the primary lens elements that could make you appear more attractive on camera photos:


    The shading effects make the camera’s image appear more rounded and prominent. It happens when the camera lens has a shorter focal length, and longer focal lengths provide less shade and do not make you appear more prominent. A thicker lens can result in some shading effects and make objects seem more significant in the image, which gives an appearance that is more fat. Experts suggest that you employ 85mm to 135mm lenses for portraits to avoid shading and other possible distortions.

    Barrel Distortion

    Curved lenses may distort the barrel, a condition where straight lines appear to be curved in the image. In this instance, the lens can slightly increase the size of the photograph to more extraordinary than its edges. It can cause you to appear larger in photos and appear like you’re more extensive than you are in life.

    Fisheye Effect

    The effect of a fisheye is ideal for taking art and landscape photos. However, if you apply it to take portraits, there are undesirable effects, like appearing more fat in your photographs. Wide-angle views are generally wide, precisely as the name implies, and wide angles can create the fisheye effect. In the fisheye effect, the image appears blown out in the middle and stretched out on the outside.

    External Factors that Cause You to Look So Fat In Pictures? How Fat Do you Look To Others?

    Other than lens issues, Other external factors that make you appear more fat in photos include distance and lighting. The intense light coming directly from overhead could make you appear fatter. Length also plays a role as photos taken from a greater distance can make you appear fatter than you are. But, the further you are from your image, the more fat it will seem in the photograph with wide-angle lenses.

    Let’s review some aspects that can give you more attractive photos.


    Everyone agrees that lighting significantly impacts how a person looks in photographs. The direct light, mainly when coming from above your head, can cause you to appear more fat. Natural lighting offers the most natural appearance for photographs. It helps eliminate shadows, sagging, and other adverse effects that make you look bigger.


    You usually do it up-close if you look at yourself through a mirror. However, cameras typically take photos from a distance. That could be one reason you look fatter when you look at your pictures rather than when you look in the mirror. Professional photographers claim that they see more narrow images when they shoot close-ups. However, shooting from a distance tends to flatten the subject out, making them appear bulkier and larger.

    However, the results are inverted when using wide-angle cameras, specifical ones with a wide field of view. The objects close to the camera typically seem larger, whereas things from farther distances appear more petite.

    How can I solve it?

     The Clothes You Wear

    The above-stated factor is a classic error every woman makes regardless of shape or size. We all see the latest and most popular trends that you believe you must be following to appear fashionable, and it’s not true! It’s just companies pushing the clothes onto you because they want to earn money.

    I own certain clothes which look great on me and others that do not seem to flatter me in any way. If you’re a curvy woman, You probably are in the same boat. Not likely, 100%!

    It is essential to put your blinders on and work out what will look good on your body type.

    Why Do I Look So Fat In Pictures? How Fat Do I Look To Others?
    Why Do I Look So Fat In Pictures? How Fat Do I Look To Others?


    A frequently missed element that is often overlooked. In broad stripes running sideways makes you look more prominent.

    Pants with low waists generally do not look great on anybody, sincere. I suggest wearing pants that sit right over your hips. These are lovely curves and highlight all the perfect curves everywhere.

    All clothes that slide around your waist or accessories that emphasise the waistline or give an illusion of waist grand! That could include belts, or the pants with a high waist and the shirts that accentuate the core, or they might be dresses that pull in around the waist, which could be an excellent idea!

    The clothes that are too baggy should be avoided. For instance, if you wear a baggy top, ensure that your pants fit. If you’re wearing nice loosely flowing pants, be sure that your top fits.


    Anything nearer to the camera will appear more extensive. So whatever you’re most conscious of, you can remove it from the frame.

    If you’re worried that your arm is too big, you can pull it back out and away from your own body. If you feel your tummy is too large, move it away from the frame. Do not lean towards the camera if you believe that your boobies aren’t enough, making them appear more prominent.


    You have two options to prevent this. One method is to put your chin up and lower it, which looks fantastic in photos. Many celebrities perform this, and they sway their heads onto the carpet as it works.

    Another thing you can do is touch your tongue on the roof of your mouth until it reaches the top of your mouth. For some, it is effective!


    Suppose you put your hands against your body when taking photographs. (having your arms folded to your side, for instance) will appear more significant. If you’re required to do so, raise your arms slightly from your body. Or, if you’re sitting, elevate your leg a bit off your seat and place it on your toes.


    My favourite postures always look nice in photographs! The first step for that is to ensure that you are thinking about your posture. Always keep your back straight and shoulders downwards and breathe in.

    If you want to have a gap in your thigh and don’t have a space in your thigh, you’ll need to get up on your toes and then tilt your pelvis back.

    Leg gap is the most likely scenario; even if it’s not the case, it’s not an issue.

    If you’re performing an upright pose, moving your body 45 degrees towards the camera is the best because it emphasises the gorgeous curves you’ve got.

    Standing straight isn’t as appealing to make an excellent bosom bum bootylicious. So turn your body but all the force into one hip, then pop your hips towards the other side. 

    When you sit, ensure that you’re not slumping – it’s not an attractive appearance. Make sure you sit close towards the edges of your seat to ensure that you don’t cause any squishiness on your leg. It is a winning sitting posture if you can sit at a 45-degree angle with the camera!

    Some answered FAQs for our readers.

    Why do I appear slim in some photos but fat in others?

    It is better to state your eyes cause you appear smaller when you look in the mirror.

    The brain’s subconscious edits everything we see, so what you observe in the mirror isn’t the same as what others see.

    Why do I appear slimmer in selfies?

    The camera in front can reduce your face. Because the camera is closer than your face, your proportions will alter (lens distortion). Your face will appear smaller, and your ear will be less prominent. This camera can make your face look smaller and makes your ears appear less noticeable.

    How do I look photogenic?

    With that in mind, here are some ways to become more photogenic. 

    Practice poses in the mirror or using the camera’s self-timer feature, an essential part of looking great is ease. Be aware of your angles. Make sure you are prepared for a little. Display an emotion. Perform small adjustments.

    Do you appear fatter in the mirror?

    “A completely flat mirror will show an image behind it of the same shape and size as the actual object,” said the researcher in Apartment Therapy. “Slight curves along just one axis could make someone appear thin or fat. A highly thick mirror or one mounted to the wall is more likely to provide an accurate reflection.

    What is the reason why the camera image increased by 10 pounds?

    “The camera adds ten pounds.” The phrase describes the effects of distortion resulting from wide and semi-wide-angle lenses, which make the subjects of photographs appear to weigh more than they are.

    Which is the most attractive way to pose for photographs?

    “Turn your body around 45 degrees to one side and then swivel your arms towards the camera. Place 1 foot little ahead of the other and place all your weight onto your lower back. Which simultaneously slims your waist, lengthens your legs, and makes you appear taller.

    How do you get excellent photos without a smiley face?

    Don’t stand with your back to the camera; place your body in a specific direction or the other. You can also move one leg across or bend one to break the look. Try smiling and not moving a single muscle in your eyes. It’s fake, flat, and boring.

    Do photos make you look more attractive?

    We all have a reason for the fat front camera face when we switch the camera to selfie mode, and Selfies are how other people perceive you.

    What looks like in the mirror is only reflections, and it could be different from how others observe you in reality. In reality, it could appear completely different. All you need to do is look at a camera that you can take a selfie with, then flip it over and take a picture. It is how you appear in real, reflecting how others look at you.

    There’s no way to tell. Mirror image refers to what you see yourself as, not how others view you. As you stare at yourself from the mirror, you might notice that your hair is divided to one side, and that’s what you’re most comfortable and familiar with. Still, it’s not the way other people will view it.

    Photographer’s Tricks to Take More Flattering Photos

    Motion and action are your best friends. Make sure you wear more bold makeup. Loosen up. The camera cleans our characteristics. Look for the perfect lighting source. If you’re taking a photo or iPhoto, tilt your head toward the light source. The shoulders should be back, extend your neck, slightly tilt your chin upwards, but not too far. Start shooting from a little over.


    So far, we’ve given you everything you must know about why you Look So Fat In Pictures and how fat I look to others? And also, We have discussed some hacks and tips for overcoming this issue. We hope that you have learned many things. Say Cheese!