Where Can I Find My Planet Fitness Key Tag Number?

Where Can I Find My Planet Fitness Key Tag Number?

Where Can I Find My Planet Fitness Key Tag Number?

Normally, the back of your key tag will have your Planet Fitness key tag number. Find a string of numbers or a barcode designated as your “membership number” or “key tag number.” If you can’t remember your key tag number, you can ask for help from the Planet Fitness customer care staff or your nearby Planet Fitness gym.

Where Do You Locate the Planet Fitness Key Tag Number?

One benefit of joining Planet Fitness is the key tag you get upon signing up. The key tag is your access card to the gym, and it is needed to access the facility. Several options exist if you’ve lost your key tags or are trying to locate your key tag’s number.

Check Your Email: If you’ve signed in to your Planet Fitness membership online, you will have received an email confirmation with the key tag’s number. You can search your email for this email and locate the key tag number. If you cannot locate the email, you may also look in your junk or spam folder to see if it was removed due to an error. When you have found the email, ensure that you save the number of your key tag in a secure location so that you can find it easily later on.

Ask the Staff: If you’re already an active participant in Planet Fitness and have lost your key tag or cannot find your key tag’s number, talk to the personnel at your gym. The gym staff has access to your membership details and will be able to give you the key tag number. Simply go to the front desk and tell them about your issue. They may require you to prove your identity, for example, by giving your name and date of birth, before giving you the tag number.

Log In To Your Account: If you have signed in to get your Planet Fitness membership online, you can log into your account to see your key tag number. Go to the Planet Fitness website and click the “Login” button in the upper right-hand corner. Log in with your email address and password. Sign into your account. Once you have registered, go to your account’s “Membership” section. In this section, you should be able to view the key tag number and any other relevant details about your membership.

Call Customer Service: If you cannot locate your key tag number, contact Planet Fitness customer service for assistance. The representatives from customer service will be capable of providing the key tag number on the phone, provided you confirm your identity. Make sure to give your name, date of birth, membership card, or other information to verify your identity. The customer service number is listed on the Planet Fitness website or your membership card, if you have one.

How To Get a New Key Tag?

A Planet Fitness key tag is an essential piece of equipment for accessing the gym and using the benefits you receive as a member. However, there could be a time when you need to get an additional key tag.

Contact Planet Fitness Customer Service: The first step to getting the new key tag is to reach out to Planet Fitness customer service. This is usually handled by phone or via the website of the gym. If you contact customer service, provide your membership details, including your name and member number. Also, you should explain why you require a new key tag as well as the reason you require it. For instance, you could have lost your previous EY tag or it could have been damaged.

Verify Your Membership Information: After you have contacted customer support and explained why you require a new key tag, the representative will likely request that you confirm your membership details. This could involve giving your child’s full name, birth date, and membership number. You could be required to confirm your billing information and other personal details to ensure that your account information is current and up-to-date.

Pay the Replacement Fee (If Applicable): In some instances, a cost could be associated with purchasing a new key tag. For instance, if your key tag is stolen or lost, there could be a replacement cost. A customer service rep will inform you of costs related to obtaining a replacement key tag and provide instructions on paying the fee if required. You might be able to pay the cost over the phone or via the gym’s website.

Receive Your New Key Tag

After you’ve verified your membership details and have paid all applicable fees, the customer service representative will handle your request for the replacement of your key tag. Based on the gym’s policy, the new key tag could be sent to you by mail, or you might have to take it to the gym. Bring a valid form of identification if you’re taking delivery of your key tag from the gym.

What Do You Do if You Lose Your Key Number?

Losing your Planet Fitness key tag or not remembering your key tag number is a stressful experience, particularly when you’re trying to get to the gym but can’t access the gym. There are a few ways to obtain a new key tag and access the gym.

Contact Planet Fitness Customer Service: If you’ve lost your tag number, you first need to reach out to Planet Fitness customer service. You can reach them by contacting the Planet Fitness customer service hotline or emailing the customer service team. Include your full name, email address, and other information that will aid in finding your account. Once your account is discovered and verified, they can give you your new key tag.

Visit Your Local Planet Fitness Gym: A different option is to visit the nearby Planet Fitness gym and speak to a staff member. They can assist you in locating the key tag number or issuing an alternative key tag. You must provide them with your complete name, email address, and any other details about your membership.

Consider Upgrading to a Digital Key Tag: If you’ve lost your key tag several times or just want to reduce the chance of losing it again, you might consider upgrading to a digital tag. Digital key tags are an app for mobile devices that lets you access the gym without having a physical key tag. To use the digital key tag, you must install the Planet Fitness app and follow the steps to create your account. After your account has been created and you are logged in, you can use the app to gain access to the gym instead of using a physical key tag.

Tips to Keep Your Key Tag Secure

Maintaining your Planet Fitness key tag is crucial to ensuring you can access your gym and benefit from your membership. Losing or misplacing your key tag could be a hassle and costly since you might have to purchase a replacement.

Use a Key Tag Holder

Using the key tag holder is a quick and efficient method of protecting your Planet Fitness key tag from loss and damage. Key tag holders are tiny plastic sleeves placed over your tag, giving it the protection you need. Key tag holders are offered in various designs and colors. They can be purchased on the Internet or at a gym.

For instance, you could opt for a brightly colored key tag holder, which is visible on your keychain and makes it easier to locate. Or, you could select a clear holder that permits the tag to be scanned without removing it from the sleeves. Whatever you pick, the key tag holder is a low-cost method to secure your tag.

Make Sure to Keep Your Key Tag Separate From Other keys.

Another way to safeguard the security of your Planet Fitness key tag is to keep it distinct from the other keys. It could be difficult to find or lose if it’s tacked to the same keyring that holds your car or house keys. Keeping the key tag in a different pocket or on a lanyard is better.

In this case, for instance, you could select a bright lanyard that matches the holder for your key tag, making it easy to locate in your purse or gym bag. You might also put your key tag in a separate compartment within your gym bag to always be in the same spot. Keeping your key tag separate from the other keys will reduce the chance of it being lost.

Don’t Loan Your Key Tag to Others

Although it might be tempting to lend your Planet Fitness key tag to someone in your family or a friend, doing this could risk your membership. If the key tag becomes lost or stolen in the hands of a third party, you’ll be responsible for paying for a replacement. To avoid this possibility, you should never lend your key tag to another person and ensure that you keep it in your possession at all times.

For instance, you could explain to a family member or friend that lending your key tags is not in line with the gym’s policy and could lead to you being required to pay for the replacement. You could also suggest they enroll in their membership, allowing them to access the gym without a problem. Not lending your key tag lowers the chance of it being misplaced or stolen.

Common Problems That Are Common Planet Fitness Key Tag Numbers

Although using a Planet Fitness key tag is an efficient way to access the gym and avail of the benefits you receive as a member, a few common issues can occur when using a large number of key tags.

Incorrect Key Tag Number

A common issue caused by Planet Fitness key tags is the wrong key tag number. This could happen when the tag is printed incorrectly or the number is entered incorrectly when creating your account. If you attempt to use the wrong key tag number to gain access to the gym, you could be refused access.

To fix this issue, ensure the number on your key tag on your card is the number that is associated with your account. If you find that the number is incorrect, you should contact Planet Fitness customer service to rectify the issue. This can be done by phone or via the gym’s website.

Lost or Stolen Key Tag

Another common issue with Planet Fitness key tags is their loss or theft. If your key card gets lost or stolen, you must purchase another one to use the gym. This can be a headache and could result in costs that are not included.

Report the stolen or lost key tag to Planet Fitness immediately to deal with this issue. You could purchase an alternative key tag online or contact customer service. In addition, you must prevent the key tag from being taken away or lost in the future by, for instance, using an organizer for your key tag or keeping it separated from the other keys.

Key Tag Not Scanning

Another issue that may be encountered when using Planet Fitness key tags is difficulty scanning the tag when you enter the gym. This can be a hassle and cause delays or a lack of access. There are several reasons why a key tag might not scan, including damage to the tag or a malfunctioning scanner.

To resolve this issue, clean the tag on your key to eliminate any debris or dirt that might be blocking the scanner. If the tag is still unable to be scanned, confirm that the number of the tag on the scanner is the same as the number printed on the tag. If the numbers are identical and the tag does not scan, contact Planet Fitness customer service for assistance.

Key Tag Tips And Reminders

The Planet Fitness key tag is an essential component of your membership, allowing you to use the gym and avail yourself of its benefits. To ensure that you can use your key tag without problems, it’s important to ensure it is secure and adhere to some important tips and reminders.

Keep Your Key Tag Safe and Secure and Use Your Key Tag Regularly

One main piece of advice for using the Planet Fitness key tag is to ensure it is secure and safe. This means keeping it around and ensuring it’s not stolen or lost. It is possible to add your key tag to a keychain or place it securely in your purse or wallet. If you lose your key tag, you must notify the gym immediately to stop unauthorized access.

Another important aspect to remember when using the Planet Fitness tag is to keep it in use frequently. This ensures that your membership remains active and helps avoid any issues that might result from accounts that aren’t in use. By keeping your key tag in use regularly, you will also benefit from the many benefits and facilities that are part of your membership.

Your Key Tag May Need to Be Replaced

Over time, your Planet Fitness key tag may be damaged or worn out and become difficult to use and scan in the gym. In the event of this happening, it’s essential to request a replacement key tag from the gym. If you alter the details of your membership or personal details, you might need to modify your key tag to reflect the changes.

When you go to Planet Fitness, it is essential to keep in mind to take your key tags to the front desk. This will ensure that your membership is active and that you can enjoy all the benefits and amenities of membership. In addition, if you have any concerns or questions regarding your membership, the personnel at the front desk will assist you.


What is a Planet Fitness key tag number and why do I need it?

A Planet Fitness key tag number is a unique identification number assigned to each member of the gym. It is required to access the gym and check-in for your workout.

How can I find my Planet Fitness key tag number?

You can find your key tag number on the back of your Planet Fitness membership key tag. It is a 10-digit number located at the bottom of the tag.

What if I lost my Planet Fitness key tag?

If you lost your key tag, you can request a new one at the front desk of any Planet Fitness location. They will provide you with a new key tag and assign a new key tag number.

Can I access Planet Fitness without my key tag number?

No, you cannot access Planet Fitness without your key tag number. It is a requirement for entry into the gym.

Can I retrieve my key tag number online?

No, you cannot retrieve your key tag number online. You will need to physically look at the back of your key tag or request a new one at the front desk.

Is my Planet Fitness key tag number confidential?

Yes, your key tag number is confidential and should not be shared with anyone. It is a personal identification number for accessing the gym and should be kept safe and secure.