What is the meaning of 33 tattoos? | 5 Best Russell Brand Tattoo

    What is the meaning of 33 tattoos? | 5 Best Russell Brand Tattoo

    What is the meaning of 33 tattoos? | 5 Best Russell Brand Tattoo

    A tattoo symbolizing 33 is considered quite compelling for various reasons in a spiritual context. It holds significant value for several religions. For instance, in Christianity, Jesus was crucified when he was 33. Hinduism indicates the number of divinities, whereas Buddhism defines 33 gods who reside in second heaven per their cosmology. 

    Additionally, 33 is a master number (with 11 and 22) that contains more power than any single number. Together these three numbers are known to create what is commonly known as a ‘pyramid of enlightenment, with the number 33 positioned at the top.

    British actor and comedian Russell Brand have earned a prominent position regarding tattoos. The Brand started as a comedian, making his TV debut in 2004 on Big Brother’s Big Mouth, UK. Later in 2007, he earned a major movie role in St Trinian’s and forgot Sarah Marshall the following year. 

    In addition to his Hollywood career, he has also gained massive popularity amongst fans for his body art. His tattoos are unique in that they either range from people he admires in his personal and professional life or represent certain religious symbols from Hinduism and Christianity, so the list goes on. He has been making headlines every time a tattoo is added and holds an exalted status amongst tattooed individuals.

    Russell brand biography

    Russel Brand is an English actor, born on 4 June 1975 in grays, united kingdom. His full name is Russell Edward Brand. His parents are Ronald Henry Brand and Barbara Elizabeth. His parents divorced when he was 7. he spent the rest of his life with his mother. His nationality is British. he belongs to the Hindu religion. 

    Grays School Media Arts College is one of the colleges where he studied. He received many awards, including “The British Comedy Academy. 

    Outstanding Achievement Award,” “Best live stand-up award,” British Comedy Award for the Best Male Comedy Breakthrough Artist,” and many others. He got famous by taking part in Big brother. He has also hosted his talk shows. He has done many series.

    Russell Brand’s net worth

    Russell Brand is a comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist. His net worth is $81 million.

    Is Russell Brand happily married?

    Russell Brand was happily married to Laura Gallacher. It’s been three years now. He also has one daughter.

    Lord Make Me A Channel of Thy Peace

    The acclaimed prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, “Lord, make me a channel of thy peace,” was extensively published during World War I and II. Even during times of war, this was used regularly to promote peace worldwide. 

    This magical prayer is often recited by recovering addicts to remain motivated in their resolve and signify connection to sovereignty. This also made its way on Brand’s right inner forearm, engraved with a cross symbol to signify the importance of staying sober from being an addict. 

    In his film, “Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery,” he shares his battles with addiction and staying clean. The actor’s standpoint of showing sympathy and concern toward addicts has made him an advocate for drug users. Many consider him exemplary, indicating that there is still light at the end of the tunnel.

    Top Russell brand s tattoo

    Let’s explore some of Russell Brand’s tattoos and their significance in the veteran life:

    West Ham United Logo

    Being an avid football fan is one thing, but having your preferred team’s name engraved shows how passionate one can be. 


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    This sounds synonymous with Brand, who has inked his favorite football club, the West Ham United badge imprinted on his arm by the eminent tattoo artist Bang Bang. He has been ardent, and an all-time Hammer, and the comedian’s actions go on to prove this.


    On Brand’s left shoulder, he has a third eye of God Shiva, the god of destruction in Hinduism. The eye is often referred to as “the eye of knowledge” and is often perceived as a symbol of destruction and strength. 


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    The eye symbolizes inner wisdom since Shiva’s third eye lets him glimpse things that the two eyes cannot perceive. In other words, the third eye is symbolic of witnessing your inner vision, opening your mind to impeccable transparency.


    As a tribute, his right hand is engraved with a tattoo of Jesus Christ. The Brand took to social media to describe his tattoo as ‘ensuring JC stays close and reclaiming my right arm for righteousness.’ 


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    This implies his spiritual motive and displays strong religious beliefs. It indicates wisdom, nobility, etc., and the person wearing it would sacrifice for his religious beliefs. The fact that Christ is crucified shows that a person has gone through the despair and distress that Jesus Christ had to endure.


    Lord Ganesh-elephant-headed Hindu god of beginnings and is worshiped before starting anything afresh. 


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    In addition to this, he is more commonly known for bringing blessings and remover of obstacles, bringing about protection and immense success. The representation as one of Brand’s tattoos is evidence of removing all fears and hurdles and bringing wealth and success.


    As he has many religious tattoos on his right hand. Those tattoos were also appended to OM tattoos. So it has a special and great meaning. 


    Russell ascribes his spiritualism to Hinduism. This tattoo succors him in facing his addiction to sex and drugs. It is seen at the beginning and the end of Sanskrit prayer. OM tattoos look attractive on the arm or the upper part of the arm. “Aum” is a consecrated sound and is also said to be the sound of the universe.

    Anuugacchati Pravaha

    He had a Sanskrit tattoo on his right arm that means “Go With The Flow” in Sanskrit. This tattoo reminds him of his ex-wife.


    This Lord Krishna tattoo represents love, life, and death. Krishna is popular among Hindu deities. It is an interesting way to celebrate love, affection, and sympathy for people. In India, Krishna is most admired by people.

    Khanda tattoo

    Russell Brand has a khanda tattoo on his elbow.

    Meaning of 3 dots tattoo

    The three dots tattoo signifies that the sentence is not completed yet.


    As all tattoos have been defined in this article. Russell’s Brand has many logos on his body, representing different signs and symbols. 

    In this list of all tattoos, the OM tattoo attracted me because it has an identical meaning. It has a meaning of amalgamation of spiritualism and physicality. Russell Brand has so many tattoos but is the one which is on his right hand.