What are Vietnamese beauty standards in 2022 for men and women?

    What are Vietnamese beauty standards in 2022 for men and women?
    What are Vietnamese beauty standards in 2022 for men and women?

    Vietnamese beauty standards in 2022

    The concept of beauty and elegance in Vietnam is divided into two periods. Before the economic reforms, the idea of beauty was that one could be considered beautiful if their personality was pure. In the past, women were in charge of caring for children and performing household chores, so the people were not mainly focused on one’s appearance. Women who performed their duties in the role of motherhood were considered attractive.

    For normal taste, not for to compete in a beauty contest for a girl who is:

    • Height: 155-165cm ( Miss Vietnam standard around 170cm, which is way too high compared to normal )
    • weight: 45-52kgs
    • figures: 80-85 / 58 -63 figures: 80-85 / 58-63 / 86-89c ( Vietnamese prefer not too huge breasts and narrow waists for girls who are not married)
    • length enough neck, 
    • bright eyesight, 
    • a smile, 
    • adorable nose, but not too flat. 
    • Long silky black hair
    • even teeth ( earlier standard required that black coating to teeth )

    But, following the economic reforms, the people became more financially secure. Their quality of life improved, and they began to be more cautious about their appearance. Then, the diffusion of western aesthetics of beauty and influences from Hollywood films began. Vietnamese started to consider thin, white women as attractive.

    What are Vietnamese beauty standards in 2022 for men and women?

     Slowly, the notion of beauty within Vietnam changed from appearance to virtue, and people were attracted to their appearance. There are two current trends in Vietnam. One is to follow the West, while the second one is to follow Korea. The younger generation looks towards Korea, and young men and women dress and wear makeup like stars in Korea. However, many people believe that Western notions are superior. Being white is beneficial in Vietnam. Suppose you are darker in complexion. One would assume that you’re rural and tanned by the sun, which is why many people strive to get a whiter and more even appearance. The most crucial aspect in Vietnam is the color of one’s skin, so they tend to take care of their skin. When you travel to Vietnam, you’ll see nearly every woman sporting a mask for their face as well as gloves and long socks to shield the skin from the sun. It is possible that you won’t even see their faces since they wear sunglasses too. All of their body is covered from head to toe. Vietnamese do not prefer to expose any area of their bodies, not even a tiny part in the sunshine.

    Today, it’s increasingly common to undergo cosmetic procedures in Vietnam. The Vietnamese have accepted the procedure. Vietnamese women’s looks are very trendy. The ideal combination is to appear good and be nice, and the worst thing is to appear nice but possess an unattractive personality. Vietnamese are known to have a preference for the balance of appearance and character.

    What’s unique in Vietnamese women? What is it that makes them attractive?

    What is it that makes Vietnamese girls so beautiful?”

    The development of Vietnamese ladies to their current beauty took over 2000 years. That is in tandem with the consumption of ethnic foods.

    After consuming the sauce, you will get “nuoc mam” created from fresh-caught fish, then fermented using sea salt that has been aged to the perfect level.

    Daily consumption of special krill/shrimp (mam tom) ferment with salt and age into a lovely thick beige paste that complements the flavored taste in preparing to cook their meats. It is an essential Vietnamese famous dip sauce.

    Everyday consumption of a special shrimp or krill (mam tom) specially fermented by adding salt, and then aging into a fantastic thick consistency, beige paste that is perfect for their flavored tastes when preparing to cook Vietnamese meats.

    Their specially fermented and ripening green is “Cai Muoi” and salt-aged squash. They use numerous variations of the eggplant “Cai Muoi.” These food supplements help transport rice so that it can easily reach their stomachs.

    They are Consuming rau muong with faith, a fibrous and tough green leafy vegetable that is excellent, providing ladies with strong, young bright enamels.

    Also, the daily dose of Asian greens “rau mong toi” helps maintain a healthy smile due to the ease of emptying the stomach of the previous day’s food.

    There is a direct consequence from the centuries-long consumption of cultural and national (Quoc tuy) foods. These diets shaped the mentality and ideology of Vietnamese to a more profound and stronger cohesiveness as a group. That is what has made Vietnamese women more wealthy “dam da” in the beauty they see.

    Although other countries might also want to take a look, keep in mind, Vietnamese beauty doesn’t happen in a flash. Instead, it’s centuries upon decades of faithfully adhering to their customs and traditions, which have helped them create perfect women.

    What are the latest trends in beauty in Vietnam?

    You may see numerous changes in the fashion of beauty for both women and men. The traditional approach to beauty has been shifted towards nature. Being well-balanced both in the physical and mental aspects is a substantial part of contemporary trends. Suppose you’re thinking about this from the perspective of photographers. In that case, there’s nothing to be concerned about or debates as it is normal, but let’s take a look at what’s happening in the present. It’s a massive concept that needs to be explained. You can see the flat belly, V-line face for women, and jaw lines for males with a bright and attractive appearance for all genders. And the stylish outfit. Beauty as a result of nature is an internal beauty that is always in style.

    What are Vietnamese beauty standards for women?

    The women’s typical beauty standards are:

    • Light skin
    • Silky hair
    • Huge eyes
    • Tall in height
    • Narrow straight nose
    • The cheekbones of the lower jaw are low.
    • The skinny body, however, they are “curvy” (aka well-defined breasts and prominent butts)
    • Lips that are thin and bright white teeth
    • No makeup, too bold

    What are Vietnamese beauty standards for men?

    The men’s typical beauty standards are:

    • The original face edge
    • Academic level
    • Spruce
    • Healthy and good
    • Light skin
    • Tall 
    • Straight narrow nose
    • Muscular muscles, minimum toned
    • Lips that are thin and bright white teeth



    1. Every one of the Vietnamese has a mix of some way. Fifty-four ethnicities reside in Vietnam, so the mixing of these 54 ethnic groups make beautiful people. In addition to  French or US invasions, you’ll get Vietnamese that have eastern and western appearances merged.
    2. You’re the type. Everyone has different beauty standards, and maybe Vietnamese will suit your needs.
    3. Their beauty is a good fit in the general standards of beauty around the world. Combinations from East as well as Southeast Asian features can produce Eastern standards of beauty (East Asian pale white skin, Southeast Asian huge double-lid eyes, East Asian petite nose, East Asian silky straight hair, Southeast Asian small stature) or Western standards of beauty (Southeast Asian dark skin tanned).
    4. Vietnamese girls are significantly influenced by the beautiful mentality from Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and particularly from Korean. They are also able to keep up with the latest trends. The majority of Vietnamese girls are very concerned about what other people think of their appearance, which could be the reason they strive to look gorgeous all the time.