What are Closed-Toed Shoes? | Are Crocs Closed-toe Shoes?


What are Closed-Toed Shoes? | Are Crocs Closed-toe Shoes?

If you are the type of person who is curious to know more about closed-toe shoes, then you are in the right place. Here you will find more about closed two shoes.

What Is A Closed-Toe Shoe?

A shoe style that closes over the toes without exposing them is called a closed-toe shoe. Some shoes that you are familiar with but aren’t closed-toe are sandals, some types of high heels, and flip-flops. Except for these, most types of shoes are closed-toe shoes.

When Should You Wear Closed-Toe Shoes?

It is appropriate to wear closed-toed shoes because it is the most common choice and style of shoe.

Nobody expects individuals to wear open-toed shoes unless they specifically want it. The lone exception could be at the beach, where it’s expected to be hot, and people should wear flip-flops, sandals, or no shoes to avoid overheating their feet.

You can wear closed-toe shoes anywhere and whenever you want, if you are comfortable with them.

Are Crocs Open Or Closed Toe Shoes?

Once, an American company named Crocs was famous for foam clog shoes; then, the foam was replaced by more durable material for greater comfort. Croslite, a fabric embedded with a closed-cell resin, started to be used to make these shoes.

These shoes then became crocs because of their curvy and punctured style. The boat-shaped boots that have holes on their surface are called crocs.

Crocs can be both open and closed-toed

Crocs were the first to introduce closed-toe shoes. As a result, they’re frequently mistaken for just that.

However, Crocs went one step farther and introduced open-toed shoes as a corporation. They were created in response to the need of individuals who were concerned about having stinky feet from wearing closed-toe crocs for long periods.

How To Differentiate Between Open And Closed Crocs Shoes?

It is not difficult to differentiate between open and closed-toe shoes because the basic structure of both of them is almost the same, which is a boat-shaped style, without or with a perforated upper space having an open-steel strap. However, when it comes to the toe-box, then the real difference occurs. The shoe’s front part covering the toes is called a toe-box.

Perforations run the length of an open-toed traditional croc’s toe-box. Some of them don’t have a toe box at all. On the other hand, a closed-toe croc will not have it on the full-toe box. Literide is the finest example of this sort of croc.

There are thirteen holes on their surface, which helps in a more aesthetic appearance than a regular wide-holed clog cross. The presence of perforations on the top shoe surface has nothing to do with whether or not they are closed-toed.

What materials are used to manufacture crocs?

Crocs are made from Croslite.The closed-cell resin’s proprietary form is known as Croslite. The company’s elements to make their Crostile are still unknown, but many people assume that it is considered a kind of polymer known as EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate).

EVA is a carbon-based organic polymer generated from crude oil and has rubber-like and plastic characteristics. As a result, it’s the sole common material in shoes worldwide.

As a result, the Croslite (mixed with EPA) is pumped into a molding machine, which, when poured hot, adopts the shape of crocs. Several different businesses are using EPA to build their shoes and soles.

Benefits of Using Croslite in Crocs

Low maintenance

Crocs can easily be washed with water and soap, which is one of the main reasons for crocs’ high popularity. Water can’t be absorbed inside the shoe because of the closed-cell resin in the Croslite, which gives the characteristic of the low-maintenance to crocs.

Prevent soaking of feet

Wearing shoes not made from Crostile may allow water to infiltrate the shoe surface, making your feet wet or taking a long time to dry. As a result, crocs are a superior option in certain situations.

Resistant to bacteria and odor

Microbial contamination tendency is very low in the crocs because of the closed-cell nature and water-resistant nature of Croslite. So that is why the chances of bad odor are very low when worn, and anything that is causing all of this can easily be washed off.

Lightweight Yet Firm

Croslite, like rubber, is incredibly light and makes crocs simpler to carry. However, unlike rubber, Croslite gives crocs a stiffer feel while making them more durable.

Why Do Crocs Have Two Sizes?

US size is used for the fitting by the crocs. But you would see two sizes/numbers at the bottom when you buy a pair of crocs. This is because

The crocs are typically unisex, both numbers indicate sizes for both genders. So, in a size 7/9 adult croc, the size 7 is for males, and the size 9 is for women.

M (for males) and W (for women) are occasionally mentioned beneath the croc’s sole.

Pros And Cons Of Wearing Closed-toe Shoes


Perfect For Long Walks

When worn for long periods, shoes with less covering are more likely to cause blisters.

Thus, if you are going for long walks, closed shoes can provide you with a more comfortable experience. 

Safety And Protection

Nowadays, it is necessary to wear closed-toe shoes to ensure the complete safety of the feet in places like factories and labs. The closed-toe shoes also provide protection against dirt, blisters, and cold weather.


Bad Odor

Due to the closed environment, the closed toe shoes allow moisture to develop in the boots. A foul smell starts producing as the bacteria develop in the shoes. So, if the closed-toe shoes are used for a long period, then the chances of stinky shoes are high.


Crocs are available with closed or open toes. They are made up of Croslite, which is very comfortable and tough.

When picking the right size, it’s best to go with the size that properly fits your foot. Hope that you find this article helpful.