Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

One of the most popular wedding guest hairstyles is a simple blowout. It is easy to do and will leave you looking relaxed and effortless. To get this look, use a blowdryer, a volumizing spray, and a round brush. Then, blow your hair up, creating a side-swept fringe.

Braided half updo

Braids are a great choice for medium-length hair. They are easier to do yourself and require less effort than more elaborate updos. Whether you want to dress up your hair for an important event or just want to make it look cute, braided half updos can be your new go-to hairstyle.

Using braids in a half-updo keeps hair out of the face while giving it a boho vibe. This hairstyle is versatile enough to be worn for a variety of occasions, including formal evening events and homecoming dances. Its versatility also makes it a great option for beginners who want to try braiding.

A braided half-updo is an easy way to create a beautiful face-framing look. To create this hairstyle, start by backcombing the top section into a tiny pony. Secure it with pins. Then, you can curl the bottom section into large locks.


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If you’re looking for a casual summer look, braided half-updos are a great choice for medium-length hair. This updo is a popular summer style for those who want to keep their hair off their face. They’re a great option for keeping the neck cool in hot weather and add some natural texture. They also look great on women with round faces.

Another half-up hairstyle option is a braided halo. This style adds volume to the crown and ends with a soft knot. If you have straight hair, you can still do a half-up with flowers for a wedding or other special event.

Milkmaid braids

Milkmaid braids are a versatile hairstyle that can be created with short or medium length hair. This braid style requires little maintenance and can be created by braiding the hair in sections. The front hair can be left loose for framing the face or curled to create loose waves.

The style of milkmaid braids depends on the length and texture of your hair. For example, if you have very short hair, you can choose to make a very loose plait that lies closer to your forehead. Alternatively, you can choose to make the braid tighter and place it further from your forehead. The right texture of your hair will make it easier to make the perfect milkmaid braids. You can also use faux hair if you don’t want to commit to using natural hair for this style.

If you have longer hair, you can opt for the more elaborate milkmaid braid. You can create a double milkmaid braid by using traditional braiding techniques. This style can also be worn by long haired ladies, but is not as fancy as a double braid. However, it can be a good choice for everyday wear. Just remember to use bobby pins to secure the braid in place.

The double milkmaid braid is an elegant style that looks adorable. You can also add a twist to it by using loose curls. Using bobby pins, secure the ends of both braids. This style is also a good choice for those who are worried about parting their hair.


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Oversized curls

For a glamorous and classy wedding guest hairstyle, oversized curls are a great choice. Medium length hair looks great in wavy or curly styles. You can even wear it up in an updo. You can opt for a traditional low bun or a high up swept updo. You can also opt for a summery bow updo. This will keep your hair out of your face and will look festive.

If you want a low bun with more height, you can use a teasing comb to add more volume at the roots. Another option is to braid one side and then pin it behind your ear. This style will give you a voluminous look and will definitely make a statement.

Adding volume to your hair with curling iron is also a great option if you want to look elegant and sophisticated. If you are trying to keep your hair in place while wearing a wedding gown, you can add curls to your hair. For wedding guest hair, you can also use a blow dryer to add extra volume at the crown. You can also use a curling iron to tame any flyaways. Alternatively, you can also try hair extensions.

If you are a modern bride, a bob haircut can be a great solution. This hairstyle is on-trend and a great way to complement any wedding gown. A bob is best if it is not too long or too straight. A wavy bob with loose curls can be topped with a pretty flower or a headband. This style also looks natural and maintains the tenderness of the whole look.

If you have wavy hair, a chin-length curly ‘do can be the perfect choice for any occasion. With side bangs, this style will be a classic for any occasion. You can even make your curls show with a beaded headband. Another great option is a low bun, which will look great on any hair type.

Center part

The center part hairstyle is a classic look that was popular during the 90s. It is subtle and proportional, and it can enhance straight hair. It can be achieved using a center part braid or double French plaits. Sienna Miller wore her hair in a center part with glamorous results. With the return of braids and bangs, this hairstyle is making a comeback.

The center part is a versatile style that can be worn up or down. This particular hairstyle looks great on thick and thin hair, and can give a sleek silhouette. To get the perfect center part, you must first determine the length of your hair. Then, determine the shape of the center part.

A center part can be worn on any hair length, and it is ideal for medium-length hair. This hairstyle is versatile, and can be easily modified to fit any face shape. It also looks great on people with thick, straight hair. While a center part can be intimidating for some, it can be easily mastered with the help of face-framing layers and a mid-length fringe. To achieve a perfect finish, you can also tame your hairline by teasing it at the forehead.

The center part is an effortless, versatile hairstyle that will compliment any look. It also works well with many types of hair. The hairstyle can be paired with an updo or side bangs, or worn straight. It can also be enhanced with high-hold gel or pomade.


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The center part is the most versatile of the three hairstyles for medium-length hair. The layered structure makes it a versatile style that suits any face shape. You can add highlights to enhance the textured look of the layers. In addition, the center part will highlight your cheekbones.

Loose waves

Loose waves can be created with a curling iron. For extra volume, add a bit of dry shampoo and spray it on the hair. The hairstyle will look effortless, yet sophisticated. To create the look, simply start with dry hair and curl it using the 1/4-inch curling iron. Apply a volumizing spray, like Authentic Beauty Concept, on the ends of the hair to give it a little more volume and a natural look.

Another great option for wedding guest hairstyles is a French twist. This wedding guest hairstyle is ideal for a low-key, intimate wedding. Use heat-protecting products to prevent damage and keep your hair looking shiny. Biolage Thermal Active Heat Protectant Spray is a great choice because it prevents damage from heat while strengthening and conditioning the hair. This hairstyle works best on medium to long length hair and is perfect for a low-maintenance look. Once you have the right waves, simply loop the hair around itself to make a faux knot. Then use covert bobby pins to secure it.

For medium length hair, a soft wavy ponytail with lots of volume is another great wedding guest hairstyle. This style is easy to create and looks stunning. You can also add a pearl or crystal pin to give your hair some extra character. A Hollywood finger wave is also eye-catching and very easy to achieve.

Another wedding guest hairstyle with medium length hair that works for all occasions is a half-pony. It looks classic and is perfect for any event, including an outdoor wedding. This style can also be braided or tucked for a more casual look.