Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Long Hair

Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Long Hair

Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Long Hair

When it comes to wedding guest hairstyles for long hair, there are a few options that will ensure your look is unique and elegant. These include a center part, fishtail braids, and loose waves. If you have naturally curly or unruly hair, you can try out an old Hollywood wave. Just be sure to use proper hairspray to keep your style set.


Braids are one of the most classic hairstyles for wedding guest hair, especially if you have long hair. This easy updo will make your hair look polished and sophisticated, without having to be too difficult to style. Start by making a low or high ponytail and then wrap an elastic band around one strand of hair. Secure the end of the elastic band with a hair pin. Once the braid is complete, fan out your hair between the bands.

Another simple wedding guest hairstyle for long hair is the milkmaid braid, which consists of two pigtails rolled and secured together. To make this look more subtle, leave some strands free around your face so it doesn’t look too tight. Another simple, versatile wedding guest hairstyle is a messy bun.

This simple wedding guest hairstyle begins at the nape of the neck and lifts upward to create a seamless braided updo. After styling, you can remove the braid to reveal a sleek, modern look. Use styling cream or hairspray to hold the style in place. A half-up hairstyle is also an easy wedding guest hairstyle.

For a more dramatic look, you can create a braided updo on one side of your head. This updo is subtle at a distance, but reveals depth when seen close up. A wedding guest updo featuring a large flower-like bow at the back of the head will give you a unique look.


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Loose waves with a center part

Loose waves with a center section are a modern way to add texture to your wedding-day hair. This elegant style works well with accessories like tiaras, flower crowns, and jeweled headbands. This wedding guest hairstyle is versatile enough to work on a variety of hair types, including African-American hair.

This wedding guest hairstyle is an easy way to get loose curls. You can use any curling iron to create loose curls. You can also try braiding your hair to create natural curls. Once you’ve created the curls, be sure to set them with hairspray before you wear them.

Loose waves with a center-part are the ultimate casual-sophisticated hairstyle. For best results, use a 1/4-inch curling iron and a dry shampoo spray for added volume. An Aveda Volumizing Hair Tonic is also recommended. This product will add volume without leaving a residue.

This hairstyle also works well on medium-length hair. Combined with a flower hair accessory, this look will make any wedding guest look fabulous. It is easy to achieve and will complement any outfit. This hairstyle is ideal for summer weddings.

If you’re planning to attend a formal event, this wedding guest hairstyle may be just what you’re looking for. This style is great for long or short hair and works well with curls. Another great hairstyle for a wedding guest is a bouffant. This type of hairstyle gives you plenty of volume and looks great in photos.

Fishtail braids

Wedding guest hairstyles can be versatile and incorporate a variety of looks. Fishtail braids are most appropriate for longer hair, but they can also be done on short hair. This look is more subtle than pulling your hair straight back, and it rests at the nape of your neck. If you have long hair, this style works best on medium to thick locks and shoulder-length hair.

This wedding guest hairstyle is a versatile choice that can be worn with just about any dress. It is also a great option for thick hair that doesn’t hold curls well. It is especially appropriate for dresses with low backs. Half-updos with braids are another great option for long hair.

A fishtail braid can be worn with almost any style, and it can also be used as a wedding guest hairstyle. Simply braid one side and pin the other side behind your ear. This style can be finished with a flower accent. Fishtail braids can also be worn with a low ponytail or French braid, a look that’s very versatile.

Another wedding guest hairstyle that has a wide variety of potential uses is a chignon. It’s simple and elegant, and will look beautiful at any wedding. If you have thin hair, you can go with a low bun, which can be worn close to the nape of the neck. It can be a romantic style, especially if you have loose side tendrils.


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Dutch side braids

Long hair can be tricky to style, but there are several ways to create an elegant and stylish wedding guest hairstyle. One way is to use a Dutch side braid to create a gorgeously dramatic look. This look looks especially great with the addition of a headband. To create this look, you’ll want to start at the crown of your head, and braid all the way down to the bottom. To make the braid look more elegant, you can use a texturizing spray on your hair. Once you’ve done this, you can tie it up with bobby pins.

Another way to create an elegant wedding guest hairstyle is by combining a Dutch side braid with a half-up style. Keeping the hair up will ensure that no loose ends are left out, which will give your hair a unique look. This wedding guest hairstyle is also very easy to create because you can part the hair down the middle and braid it from there. The end result is a symmetrical style that will look great at any wedding.

Another wedding guest hairstyle for long hair is a faux hawk with braids on the sides. This edgy style is also fun to wear to a fancy occasion. You can choose a darker or more vibrant hair color if you want to make the style stand out more.

Cascading ponytails

If you have long hair, cascading ponytails are the perfect wedding guest hairstyle. These styles are easy to master and will complement most face shapes. You can accessorize with flowers for a more romantic and fairy-like look. These styles are perfect for any season and hair type.

To dress up this hairstyle, you can twist the bottom part of your ponytail to give it an elegant finish. It may take time, but the result will be beautiful and elegant. To make your hair look more dramatic, you can twist half of your ponytail at the base to create a half-up look.

A messy double-sided braid is another wedding guest hairstyle that is easy to create and doesn’t require any special skills. The look is a classic, but you can also get a more elegant look by adding natural hair extensions. The cascading curls will look stunning if you add dramatic hairpieces or a drawstring ponytail.

Cascading ponytails can be worn to a summer wedding. These low-maintenance styles are a great choice for those who want to keep their cool. Using blow-dry clip-ins is another option for wedding guest hairstyles for long hair. This style is simple to create and is ideal for keeping your hair cool.

Pin-straight locks

If you have long hair, a pin-straight updo can be the perfect wedding guest hairstyle. This style requires minimal styling skills and is easy to manage. Simply start with a low or high ponytail and wrap an elastic band around the strands. Pin the ends of the bands with a hair pin. Then, fan out the locks between the bands to create a softer look.

Pin-straight locks look great with slip dresses and asymmetric braids. You can also opt for a simple fishtail braid with flowers at the ends. These looks will make you look like a fairytale princess. For a more sophisticated look, consider adding a twist to the style with small side braids.

A textured braid is another great option for a wedding guest hairstyle. If your hair is naturally curly, consider adding a textured braid to create an open-haired look. Alternatively, you can go for a side textured bang, which features curly hair on one side and sleek hair on the other. This look is romantic and easy to do.

Pin-straight locks are also an ideal hairstyle for the wedding guest. These are simple and elegant and will keep your locks from falling all over your face. For a high-key wedding, you can also choose to wear a low bun or two-braided pony. These look gorgeous when combined with elaborate earring settings.