Solar pink and white nails

Solar pink and white nails

Solar pink and white nails | Check out the best design of 2022

In this article, we will discuss what solar nails are, their implementation, importance, qualities, disadvantages, price, and techniques of removal.

What are solar (white and pink) nails:

Solar nails are types of artificial nails. They belong to the category of acrylic nails. They are composed of the substance known as polymethyl methacrylate acrylics. This component is categorized into the Engineering Plastic group of materials. It is a transparent material.

Methyl methacrylate is the basic monomer of polymethyl methacrylate. Solar nails are available in two colors: white and pink therefore solar nails are also called white and pink nails. They are branded and look natural. There is no need to apply any nail paint on them. 

Process of implementation of solar (white and pink) nails

The first step of the implementation of solar nails is Cleaning the nails properly. This method is completely different from other artificial nail extensions.

Unlike Solar nails, acrylic nails are applied directly on natural nails without any cleaning of nails. 

Firstly, the nail technician prepares the nail for the application of liquid on it by cleaning and filling it.

The second step is the nail technician applying the liquid material all over the nail. This is the first coat after it, the nail technician applies the second coat and gives the final touch to the nail.

In simple words, the process of application of solar nails is completed in three steps

  1. Cleaning and glooming of the natural nails.
  2. Application of white nail on an entire natural nail.
  3. Application of pink nail on an entire white nail.

Importance of solar nails

The importance of solar nails is remarkable and significant in the modern era because people want to escape from the world of artificiality.

They want to look beautiful and grandeur with a natural look so that other people praise their beauty as natural. Solar nails provide them with a natural and beautiful look and make their personality more glorious.

These nails look like French manicures and therefore they are called permanent French nails. These nails are very popular due to their marvelous qualities.

Qualities of solar nails

Heat Resistant 

Solar nails are heat resistant. They are not discolored and fade during the summer season and in sharp sunlight. Some women are afraid of facing sunlight or decaying the beauty of the artificial nails.

Therefore, these women are hesitant to go to the beach and other places. But solar nails are heat-friendly.


Solar nails are stronger than acrylic nails and other artificial nails. They are imperishable. They are not easily breakable.

Save money and regular visiting of Salon

Solar nails are long-lasting. They should be manicured after three weeks. Other artificial nails such as acrylic nails need maintenance from the salon after two weeks.

Therefore, solar nails are superior to acrylic nails because they save the time and money of the users and also save them from regularly visiting the salon.

Easily removable

Solar nails are user-friendly. They are easily removable. They do not destroy the natural nails and easily fall off 

More shiny appearance

Solar white and pink nails have a glowy appearance. There is no need for any glitter to enhance the glow of nails. Their glow is natural and long-lasting, not easily faded even if you do not need to apply nail paint on them to elevate their beauty. 

Price of Solar nails

Solar nails are superior and have better quality than other artificial nails.

They provide more facilities and more beauty to users; therefore, their price is higher than the prices of other nails. The range of the complete set of solar white pink nails is almost $40-$60.

Their demand for purchase is high due to a lot of qualities. Mostly the price of solar nails also depends on the demand of the salon type.

Disadvantages of Solar (white and pink) nails:

Chemicals harmful for allergic patients

You know very well solar nails contain polymethyl methacrylate acrylics. Usually, it is safe when it is heated and applied to the nails but it is harmful to those people that are allergic and are sensitive to this chemical. 

Dangerous for pregnant ladies

It is also harmful and dangerous for pregnant ladies. Fumes of this chemical and not favorable to pregnant ladies because during pregnancy skin is very sensitive, so they cause swelling, redness and pain.


Solar nails are rich in price. Their price is higher and not in the access of everyone.

Those people that are well established and afford them do not have any concern with the high price; they only bother with the quality of the product. It provides a great opportunity for those people.

On the other hand, some people belong to the middle and low classes. For those people, they are unaffordable and beyond their access.

 Harmful for natural nail

Normally, less use of solar nails is not harmful but the long time use of solar nails is not good for natural nails. It destroys the natural nail bed.

 Difficult to carry

Solar nails are high in thickness and initially, women feel awkward but later with the passage of time they used to carry these nails.

Techniques of removal of solar nails

Solar nails are removed at home as well as at the salon.

1.Removal of solar nails at home

  • There are different techniques that are helpful to remove solar nails at home.
  • Dip your fingertips in a solution of acetone for almost 10 to 20 minutes. This method is very helpful to remove the nails. If you feel it is difficult during removing the nails and your nails are hard, repeat this process again.
  • Dip a Cotton ball with acetone and put it on your fingertip after placing some time your nails become softer. Start removing from the tip of your nails.

2.Removal of solar nails at the salon

In the salon, nail technicians and experts are present. They have different equipment and liquids for the removal of the nails. They remove the nails without damaging the natural nails.