Playboy Bunny Body Requirements, Every Girl Desires

    Playboy Bunny Body Requirements, Every Girl Desires

    Playboy Bunny Body Requirements, Every Girl Desires

    Do you want to meet playboy body requirements? Here are the tips you should follow. Playboys are models, even those who are on the internet. Different tests are conducted for playboy bunnies and then selected through standardized training. Professional auditions are conducted, which contain a photograph session and some physical tests. They should need to be 18 years or older. The criteria for a playboy bunny for height is 5’4″. They should have a charming attitude which attracts everyone. It isn’t easy nowadays for women to become independent financially. The Playboy bunny has enough money to buy their own house in three years. Some clubs give $200 per week, which could be $1700 per week depending on the clubs.

    Costume of Playboy Bunny

    Standard training is conducted, which is necessary for every playboy bunny. Wear a costume that has a corseted teddy without straps, bunny ears, a bow tie, fluffy cottontail, cuffs, collars, and black sheer-to-waist pantyhose. Now Playboy bunnies wear a costume designed from an original bunny suit.

    Requirements of a playboy bunny body

    Neat, clean, and properly accessorized costumes are allowed in the playboy’s bar. Their costume includes matching bunny ears, ‘shell’ (body corset), white-collar, white bunny tail, white cuffs. Hair should be neat, clean, and healthy. Playboy’s makeup should be natural-looking, which only enhances one’s natural beauty. The preferred makeup look is smokey eye makeup. Nails hygiene is very important. Avoid chipped and dusted nails. Should mention their correct name on their badge. Jewelry is not allowed to anyone. One thing that destroys your dream of becoming a playboy bunny is having a bad attitude towards the customers.

    The standard costume is necessary, including black shoes, high heels, a badge, and logo of a playboy. Their warm and welcoming nature is the main factor that a playboy bunny has. They should make their customers easy. When the bunny serves the guests, she keeps her tray away, allowing her to give stylish and graceful services. She serves by arching the back as possible then bending their knees as much as possible.

    Whenever the club opens, they are full-time seamstresses on duty. “Bunny Mother” is in charge of all playboys, responsible for hiring, firing, shifting, working hours, and training new playboys.

    How to get prepared for a playboy bunny interview?

    Step:1 Casting Call

    ●       Playboy casting near you

    You should have an internet search for a casting call. When will the audition for playboy casting happen in your area, or can you browse the internet and search for the playboy auditions. You don’t need to have modeling experience. At an audition, the photographer guides the photo process. You should mark the date of the interview for your convenience.

    ●       Prepare for audition day

    For leading the audition, you have to manage a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine. The Playboy bunny should have the sexiest features. Your body should be at that point where you feel comfortable and confident. You have to practice in front of the mirror to make yourself comfortable. Take your pictures from different angles to know how you look. Go for that outfit that meets the playboy bunny body requirements.

    ●       Choose the perfect dress

    Go shopping to choose the perfect dress according to the body you feel comfortable with. Always go for the best costumes in which your body represents the best. Match your heels with your outfit. It will make your legs a mile long, a good symbol. You should choose that outfit you feel comfortable with and meets all the playboy bunny body requirements.

    ●       Get proper sleep

    It would be best if you went for your audition wide-eyed and with excitement. For that, you need a good sleep before the audition day. Don’t take anything that makes you sleep during your audition. Go for simple food one day before the auction. If you are addicted to something, don’t take it before your audition. It will make you dizzy all day during the audition.

    ●       Identification Card

    They require two identification cards from you that prove you are 18 or older. The government should issue one. The government should not issue others (your birth certificate, social card, etc.). You should take both these cards to the audition place.

    ●       Prepare yourself before the casting call

    Your makeup and hair should be ready before the casting show. It would be best if you looked at your best. Dress and style yourself the way you look best.

    ●       Knowledge about Interviews

    You have to show your id card and information at the casting call. Then you dress up according to your choice. The interview contains video making and photograph sessions. This photo session will last for 15-20 minutes.

    ●       Patient for call

    Six weeks are important for the results. Results are organized six weeks after the interview to select or reject a playboy. If you don’t get the call within six weeks, you have no open position. So be patient and wait for six weeks.

    Step:2 Applying Online

    Applying online is another form.

    ●       Photo submission

    If you cannot go for a casting call, you can also apply online, sending them photos of their requirements. Professionals should have taken photos. You should have multiple copies of your photos because it will help you in future.

    ●       Copies of id cards

    They should send a scanned copy of the photo id with 18 years or older age mentioned. Age is a determining factor in playboy’s selection, so you have to make multiple copies of identification proof.

    ●       After your selection

    It is the policy of the playboy club that you get the call for selection within six weeks. If you don’t get the call, you have not fulfilled the playboy body requirements.

    Bottom Line

    Playboy Bunny’s body should have all the features which make them look sexy. You should have all the qualities to qualify for playboy bunny, described in their qualify criteria form. Practice the photoshoot as much as possible to perform confidently on the interview day. Hope these tips will help those who dream of becoming playboy bunnies.