Old Ear Piercing Infection Home Remedy

    Old Ear Piercing Infection Home Remedy

    Old Ear Piercing Infection Home Remedy

    Today, I’m going to talk about an old ear piercing infection home remedy. There are several treatments that you can use to cure an infection in your ear, and they will provide you with relief from the discomfort you have been suffering with.

    They include over-the-counter medicated ointments, prescription medications, and some alternative treatments that might help you out of the skin infection you had had inside your ear since you got it pierced many years ago when you were younger and didn’t know any better.


    Bacteria, viruses, or fungi can cause infections. Most infections enter through a break in your skin caused by an open wound or damaged tissue. You can prevent some infections by taking precautions, such as washing your hands and covering wounds.

    But you may get an infection even if you do everything right. Infections are more likely to spread if you don’t practice good hygiene and if cuts or scrapes are left untreated. And it is important to keep in mind that very young children have immature immune systems and can become infected with germs that don’t affect adults or older children as easily.


    Suppose you suspect an old ear piercing has developed an infection. In that case, you’ll want to pay close attention to any signs of inflammation or other visible redness. The skin around your pierced hole might also feel hot and swollen, with a burning sensation.

    If you’ve recently moved back into a humid environment—and your pierced hole is covered in water and soap for long periods, you could develop a more serious dermatitis called tattoo granuloma. To treat it, you should remove all jewelry from your piercing and soak it in warm water several times a day to reduce swelling and kill bacteria.

    Risk Factors

    People with piercings can have a lower risk of several health problems, such as heart attack and stroke. There are very few things to keep in mind when it comes to piercings.

    For example, people who get body piercings might need to be extra careful if they run into any skin infections while they’re healing. As you read through your treatment options below, keep all of these factors in mind to choose an appropriate course of action for yourself or your loved one.

    Home Remedy for old ear piercing infection?

    Get some garlic, crush it up and put it in a baggie. Put a few holes in that baggie and place it on your piercing all night. The next morning washes off any remaining crushed garlic pieces. This should heal your piercing up quite nicely. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to use one of those small Band-Aids instead of putting it directly on your skin.

    If there is an allergic reaction or something like that, you can easily remove it without pain or discomfort. I also would not recommend using raw garlic for more than three days because it becomes very toxic to our bodies, so make sure to switch to another method at least three days after using raw garlic as a healing agent.


    If you’ve already gotten an earring stuck, you can prevent it from happening again. Never sleep with your earrings in, and take them out before getting into the water or running a marathon or other endurance event.

    Store them separately from all other jewelry so they don’t get snagged on something and ripped out, leaving your ears vulnerable to infection. If your old studs are made of metal, change up their shape once in a while so that bacteria doesn’t settle down in any crevices.


    In rare cases, infected piercings can result in complications that may require medical attention. Infections from body piercings may cause fever and chills, swelling around your piercing, a bad odor coming from your piercing site or redness near or at your pierced area.

    Serious complications of an infected earring include sepsis, blood poisoning or cellulitis, and potentially life-threatening conditions. Contact your doctor immediately if you have recently had an infected body piercing that resulted in sepsis or any other serious complication.


    Infection (See Symptoms) — See your doctor if you have ear-piercing infection symptoms, including swelling, redness, pain, or drainage from your piercing. Infections can be treated with antibiotics, though you’ll need to finish taking all of them as prescribed.

    However, the earlier you get treatment for an infection, the more likely it will respond to medication and won’t leave a scar. You’ll also want to avoid another infection by cleaning your new piercings properly and avoiding contact with others who have infections. A fastidious hygienic routine is critical in helping prevent an old ear piercing from becoming infected again.

    Treatment Options

    If your old or new ear piercing seems to be infected, there are various treatment options you can try. The best strategy is to treat an infected ear piercing as quickly as possible, which usually means within a few days of noticing symptoms.

    Infections caused by bacteria can be successfully treated with antibiotics that fight bacteria. A wide variety of creams and ointments are available for use on your skin and may also help improve swelling caused by inflammation.

    If an infection spreads to bone or muscle tissue, oral antibiotics may be needed to remove it completely. More severe infections that lead to sepsis may require hospitalization and intravenous antibiotics. However, those are fairly rare cases in healthy individuals with pierced ears.


    In many cases, avoiding a doctor is a bad idea. More serious infections require professional attention, and you can endanger your health by prolonging your suffering. When it comes to an old earring hole, don’t take any risks—even if it seems like you’re in pain already.

    You’ll only worsen if you keep trying to pop it yourself or use over-the-counter remedies. To get rid of your swollen, infected earlobe without going under the knife, follow these simple instructions from our expert readers. While some of these tricks may seem odd or uncomfortable at first, they work! And there’s no reason to stick with a bothersome ring if one of these easy solutions will heal that nasty hole once and for all!