MAKE-UP: How to have perfect, smooth and blemish-free skin without any makeup? Tricks to have a perfect skin


Many women dream of having perfect, smooth or blemish-free skin, since negative factors such as fatigue, stress and dehydration can cause them certain damage.

However, perfect skin does not exist, since the texture of our face normally tends to be oily, mixed or dry, thus causing certain imperfections. Although it is true that you can have it as healthy as possible to make it look pretty.

However, if you suffer from very open pores, irritation, spots or excess pimples, you may be suffering from a disease or the result of poor care.

So in this article we will show you how you can have almost perfect skin so that you can show it off without having to use makeup.

How to get perfect skin without wearing any makeup

So many times we turn to makeup to cover blemishes that we forget that we can have healthier and fresher skin naturally.

If we put into practice taking care of it daily, we can realize that makeup will only be an option. Here are the ideal tips that will help to have perfect skin without makeup for women.

Food: It is essential and essential to look and feel good. Since it will provide a good state of regeneration from the inside out. A recommendation is to look for foods that are rich in vitamins C, A and D since they give luminosity, smoothness, elasticity, and prevent wrinkles or diseases related to the skin.

If you have skin problems such as acne, dry skin and wrinkles, it is advisable to do a liver cleansing, at least twice a year.

Hydration: This is undoubtedly the most important thing to have a moisturized, fresh and smooth skin. Drinking a lot of water, and fruit games will help your skin to be sufficiently stable.

Drinking water properly will help you fight toxins in your body, with the blood circulation of your body and your skin. Also to have a strong skin, it will protect you from the damage of the sun, pollution, and the negative factors of makeup.

How to get or get porcelain skin

It is not only important the diet or the hydration that is improving us inside; important care must also be taken outside. So below we show you how to have perfect skin or a good face without the need for makeup in 5 steps.

Let your pores breathe. This means that you do not use makeup excessively and that you remove it before going to sleep, as it contains certain chemicals for its own duration, which can affect your skin type causing various malignant irregularities.

The cold water or ice will create an illusion for porcelain face as it closes the pores almost completely leaving the surface of your skin thoroughly smooth. This also prevents impurities from being able to occupy them since they are closed.

Wash your face constantly, at least 2 or 3 times a day to remove impurities and dirt from the air.

Use specific scrubs for the face 2 or 3 times a week. Well, they will help you remove all dead skin and activate circulation for the improvement of your skin.

Use moisturizers and formulas that repair or protect your skin type. Accompany them with a tonic and special oil.

To have perfect skin without using makeup, follow the instructions step by step and you will see how you will get better results.

Home remedies to have a great face naturally

To have a perfect skin you can resort to cheap home remedies using natural masks such as: aloe Vera at night without having contact with the sun; of oats; or rice water.

On the other hand, olive oil with honey and very fine sugar, serve as an exfoliant perfectly. Just do not leave it for many minutes and apply it with gentle massages.

Another option is green tea, which as a mask is ideal to reduce inflammation, oxygenate and hydrate the skin of your face.

Finally, keep in mind: avoid excessive contact with the sun, get adequate rest and see a dermatologist for more specific treatments that your skin requires.