LIP MAKEUP: How to have thick, pink and natural lips – Homemade tricks


Since 1920 with the first signs by Clara Bow of having full lips when outlining them to give a better effect, women have been having that hidden obsession.

But it was not until 2015 when the famous businesswoman Kylie Jenner has popularized her image and her lips in such a way that now it has become the desire of most women and men who feel that having large lips is a way more attractive to attract attention, to captivate and feel sexy.

This trend has become an obsession for many people, including a woman looking to break the Guinness Record for the largest lips in the world with more than 100 cosmetic operations to enlarge their volume.

Many women undergo different surgeries or injections to make their lips look bigger and rosier with a “natural” appearance by paying a considerable amount of money to obtain these results, but many of the cases end with accidents that leave them in worse shape.

Given this, you have to take into account that to have an aesthetic procedure you should always go to a health professional, since anyone can perform an aesthetic procedure, but not in the appropriate way to guarantee that your health and physique are not at risk when introducing any substance into your body.

Nothing is better than natural, which cannot harm your body or cause a chain reaction, so here we will teach you how to have thick and pink lips naturally so that you do not have to run the risk of injecting hyaluronic acid into your body and still you can join the trend.

How to make lips grow naturally

For your lips to grow naturally, you can do it by applying Pepper Oil that with just one drop will allow your lips to change their pigment to red and with the passage of time and a constant application you will be able to really appreciate the changes in volume.

Honey is a good natural element to obtain large lips that by applying a layer on the lips at night and leaving it to act until the next day that you wash your face with the passage of time you can have lips similar to Jenner.

With the mixture of cinnamon powder and almond oil you can activate the circulation of your lips and make them look more red and plump.

Now, peppermint oil is one of the best tricks for your lips to enlarge naturally and the best thing is that you can apply it in combination with some lipstick and leave it to act during the day.

Exfoliating the lips three times a week with sugar and lemon or any natural or cosmetic exfoliator you can get, applying it to the lips and rubbing it with your toothbrush will allow your lips not to dry out and dull, but to maintain their pink color and look bigger.

Believe it or not, performing duck-face at least 30 times a day will allow you to establish an exercise routine that works your lips to make them more voluminous, but with longer effects.

Tricks to have full and pink lips

  • A trick that has become quite viral on social networks is about the invention of Fullips, a product that in the shape of a glass or suck is placed in the mouth to suck through it or suck to create pressure on the lips and that these they get bigger as if they were swollen, but it is an effect that only lasts a few hours.
  • With a lip gloss you can create a greater visual volume, if it has a little nude color it would be better for you. Applying two to three coats especially on the lower lip.
  • The lipsticks matte create a visual effect of larger lips when completely fills and outline can a little outside the contour of the lip to finally clean with corrector, remember not to overdo it when delines outside the edge of your lips, just a little as to create depth.

Are artificial products used to grow lips?

The artificial products offer only an effect of larger lips for a short period of time, depending on the product some only last a few hours while others a couple of days, but no guarantee that your lips grow permanently.

So, every time you want to wear your lips bigger for makeup or daily, you will have to use a volumizing product or perform some technique that allows you to have fuller and rosier lips naturally.