Is herbal essence bad for hair?

Is herbal essence bad for hair

Is herbal essence bad for hair | Check out now

In this article, we will explain the ingredient in your shampoo that will cause hair loss. We will also spotlight the products that are free from these ingredients.

Ingredients that cause hair loss

There are a lot of chemicals in your daily use of shampoo that may cause hair damage and, in the long term, can cause hair loss. Some chemicals also cause skin irritation which may come as cancer. Below are the ingredients that you need to stay away from.

Sodium lauryl sulfate

The first one on the list is this sodium Lauryl Sulphate, also known as SLS. It is one of the most common ingredients in all modern shampoo.

The shampoo companies use it because it reacts very well with the water and especially the oils in your hair, making it a very good soap and cleansing agent. The SLS also has an emulsifying agent, which means your shampoo will foam very nicely.

Polyethylene Glycol 

This chemical is one of the major causes of your hair loss and is used in shampoo as a humectant. In simple words, it will retain the moisture, which prevents your shampoo from drying out. It is also a solvent and has soap-like properties for the oil present in your scalp.

It is also known as PEG and is very much like SLS, which will break down and strip oils from your hair which your need to remain robust and lively.

The worst part is that it is toxic to your organs, but as long as you are not drinking your shampoo, you are completely ok.


It is possibly one of the most dangerous chemicals on the list, and you should avoid this product in any shampoo for more than just hair health reasons. It is used as a preservative and has many antimicrobial properties.

Quaternium is highly hazardous as a chemical that can also cause cancer. It also has a high risk of allergic reactions. Quaternium also releases formaldehyde with its detrimental effect.


It is one of the harmful chemicals and is a paraben family of chemicals. You also may have heard of parabens before. Parabens are used as a preservative in cosmetics which also includes shampoo.

Parabens are high potential endocrine side effects, allergic reactions, and some potential concerns about interfering with the gene expression.

If you have no idea what all of that means, it simply interferes with hormones in the body that have wide-reaching effects. So you should avoid using this kind of product anywhere of the products.


It is one of the harmful chemicals present in most shampoos and is also known as DEA. They are used in cosmetics and shampoo because they give a very creamy texture and encourage product-forming actions.

So much of what goes into shampoo ends up being about the appearance or feel of using it, not about the effect it has on your hair, which is unfortunate.

DEA is also known as a carcinogen and causes a wide variety of skin irritation and other health effects. It is among one of the most dangerous chemicals on the list, so you should avoid it.


The chemical is also known by the longer and more complicated name polydimethylsiloxane and is a silicon-based polymer. The chemical is also used as a good lubricant. It is also used as a conditioning agent for most of your 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners.

It is an antifoaming agent meant to protect your hair and give it a shiny and healthy look.

In other words, it will try to replace the oils that your other ingredients are stripping. In addition to being a synthetic replacement for the organic material, it is very toxic if it is being consumed.


As we all know, alcohol is generally terrible for your body. Even the ones we drink are very harmful to the body. Some alcohols will dry your skin and hair. Not only this, but they also will irritate the eyes and skin.

In return, it will dry out your scalp and hair. They are most often found under SD alcohol, denatured alcohol isopropanol, and propanol. On the other hand, some alcohols are beneficial and not harmful.


Triclosan is a moderate-level hazardous chemical used as a cleaning product and a preservative because this product has antimicrobial effects. It is found in shampoos and conditioners as a preservative and deodorant.

The risk of Triclosan comes from skin irritation and some potential hormonal toxicity. It is very dangerous if used in a small quantity. This chemical can not be used for a long time but only for the short term.

Vitamin A 

As we all know, vitamin A is perfect for your hair, but why is it on the list? The reason is that, like all vitamins, vitamin A is very much beneficial. Still, if it is used for an extended period, it may cause damage to your hair. Vitamin A is perfect for your hair.

Still, if it is consumed for an extended period, it starts positively affecting your hair. A shampoo with vitamin A is excellent. Still, if you are using a supplement also, it may cause damage to your hair.

Artificial fragrance

Most synthetic fragrances and perfumes are meant to make your shampoo more pleasant. But, in large part, the smell of the shampoo is one of the only defining traits the shampoo has.

However, much like all the colors, you don’t need much fragrance in your shampoo for it to work very effectively. Therefore, it’s very important to ignore any of the products that list fragrance as an ingredient.

Final words 

We have described all those ingredients that will make your hair health very much weak, giving you split ends. These products are only good for the short term, but they will only give you hair loss in the long term.

We recommend you do complete research and then pick up the best shampoo that will give your hair a nice look and keep the hair loss away.