How to use permanent blue hair dye for dark hair without bleach?

How to use permanent blue hair dye for dark hair without bleach?

How to use permanent blue hair dye for dark hair without bleach?

You can have fun with your hair by playing with different colors, which will allow you to see how gorgeous your hair can look in various styles. Do you know How to use permanent blue hair dye for dark hair without bleach

There are many hues you can try on your hair. However, you will feel nagging that you need to bleach your hair to achieve the desired color. Here is where things get complicated. Bleaching your hair can do more damage than any other thing. It is important to be very clear about how you want to dye your hair before experimenting with color. It?

You might be able to dye your hair vibrant, beautiful colors without bleaching it.

It is possible. this blog post will show you how to do that.

Is it safe to dye dark hair at home?

Yes! Yes! You can make your hair darker at home. However, both colorists stress the importance of calling professional help if you have any questions.

Some professionals emphasizes using high-quality products for your home color exploration, even if the colorist you are looking for isn’t available. Root touch-up sprays are safe if you follow the directions and do your research, and they are an excellent option to improve your gray coverage. Although it’s temporary and will likely fade after the first use, it is something women should have at minimum two shades of.

Permanent Hair Dye for Dark Hair Without Bleach

You want your hair to last for the long term. It means choosing shades that are visible over dark hair, and it is best to choose darker shades of the same shade family as the original.

These are some top-rated permanent colorants that you can use for darker hair. Follow the directions for applying any dye you choose, as they may differ depending on the dye.

L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade Defying Shine Permanent Colors are available in Ultimate Black and Black Sapphire.

This L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Triple Protection Color in Dark Ash Brown and Dark Chocolate Brown is a striking dark brown color.

This L’Oreal Paris Feria Multifaceted Shining Colour in Deep Burgundy or Auburn Brown is a great choice for bold reds and dark strands with an emerald hue.

This range of Permanent Color Violet Eclipse will add a pop of color to your hair. Alternately you can dye dark hair blue with this L’Oreal Paris Midnight Bold Multi-Faced Permanent Color in Cosmic Azure.

How to Maintain Newly Dyed Dark Tresses?

You can color your hair after coloring it and applying a new color. 

Sulfate-Free Simply Clean Shampoo and Conditioner are good choices for washing. The shampoo and conditioner are free of harsh chemicals and contain non-stripping ingredients to give you beautiful, vibrant hair.

Sulfate-Free hair Mask is a great option if your hair feels dry or lacking in tenderness. The hair mask is vegan protein- and rose extract-based, and it will enhance shine and nourish hair color-treated and deliver intense moisture.

Use the L’Oreal Paris Le Color Gloss one-step in-shower Gloss each week to maintain your hair’s color. You can change the color and tone of your hair in just 15 minutes. You can now be a multi-tasker in hair care!

Is it possible to dye your hair lighter at home?

Shortly, there’s a No. Professionals are the best option if you’re naturally dark brown and want to go blonde. It’s not as simple as buying a blonde dye bottle from the supermarket aisles or online and declaring that it is done. It is necessary to use bleach or other harmful chemicals to achieve lighter hair. Professionals should only use these chemicals. Prefessionals says that the kits at home can make locks look blonde. No. Hair coloring can lead to serious injury, unwelcome tones, and more. There is a lot of research.

It is also true for balayage or ombre on brown hair. Hair stylist says that although many kits are available for home use, but they strongly recommends leaving the job to professionals. Experienced people are required to apply the dye, and they also need to know how long it takes for your hair type and what shade you want. The hair lightener’s response to dyed hair will be different. It’s impossible to predict what result your hair will get if it has been dyed in the past.

These are your options for dyeing dark hair:

It is best to have darker hair than you think is safe to do at home.

  • Change the color of your hair (e.g., Alter the hair’s tone (e.g., cool to warm).
  • Darken your hair
  • You can color the hair purple, blue, or deep green
  • Variable hair colors within the brown-to-black color range
  • Enhance or enhance the color of the hair

Semipermanent and permanent options are available in various beautiful deep brunette colors. Only apply permanently if you want to conceal more than 50% gray or shade. Many options include rich chestnut shades, deep coppers, and dark chocolate tones. There are violet tones available that can create deep burgundy and mahogany tones. These shades can be used all over the hair. However, those areas will remain lighter if you have an ombre or balayage color.

These are the Best Products to Dye Dark Hair at Home

Before you click “add to Cart,” it is important to familiarize yourself with the various available home coloring supplies.

It can be complicated to distinguish between permanent semipermanent, semipermanent, and demi-permanent.

Semipermanent colors may only last for six washes, while permanent colors last the longest. Demi-permanent colors are my favorite because they last 24 washes, which could be quite a while for some people. Demi-permanent colors also cover gray well and are easier to alter in the future.

Although they are often confused, semi- and demi-permanent colors can be distinguished. Semipermanent colors do not contain dyes like demi-permanent ones. That’s why semipermanent shades last longer—Home-dyes such as glazes, toners, rinses, color depositing hair masks, and hair chalks.

Before Dyeing: Select Your Blue Shade

Most likely, you are aching to dye your hair blue. We recommend that you take your time, and you shouldn’t pick up every color and then dye your hair. Then expect flawless results.

You need to choose a dye that will leave dark hair a beautiful, lasting color.

Garnier Nutrisse Dark Intense Indigo and Splat Midnight Indigo are great options for black hair. Get2b Blue Mercury can create a stunning metallic blue look without bleach if your natural hair color is dark brown.

No matter what color you choose, ensure the dye is specifically formulated for dark hair. You can check the label to see if it says “for dark hair.”

Now is the right time to begin the drying process.

How to dye dark hair blue without bleaching

It is possible to dye dark hair blue without bleach. You’ll feel confident once you have completed this exercise.

Many kits come with everything you need to color your hair. You’ll need these items if they don’t.

  • Kits for permanent and temporary blue hair dye, as well as kits that contain either 20 or 30 volume developers
  • Vinyl gloves or plastic gloves
  • Mixing bowl
  • Plastic butterfly clips
  • Vaseline
  • A color application brush
  • Detangling brush/comb (optional).

For blues with lighter colors, use 30 volume developer, and for darker shades, 20 volume developer.

Step 1 – Get Your Hair Ready

You must ensure that your hair is free from oily residue or buildup. It is best to have natural oils in your hair to protect your scalp from damage. Allow your hair to dry between 24 and 48 hours after washing.

Step 2 – Prepare your Area

After your hair is done, you can start to prepare your workspace. Because the bathroom has mirrors and a sink, you can prepare your workspace. To collect dye drips, wear old clothes.

An emollient cream, or Vaseline, could be applied to your hairline and ears, which will protect your skin from dyes and prevent staining.

Step 3: Mix the Dye

The hair dye you bought will most likely contain all you need to mix it, and all you need to do is follow the instructions on mixing the coloring. Mix the dye and developer well by shaking the container.

Mix the developer and dye in a mixing bowl at a ratio of 1:1 if you have chosen to use professional colors over an inbox kit. Use an applicator brush to mix thoroughly.

Step 4- Section Your Hair

Once you are ready, divide your hair into sections. Although four is the ideal number, you can create more if your hair is longer. To secure each section of hair, use a plastic butterfly clip, and these clips are easy to attach and remove when done with your hair.

Step 5: Apply the blue dye to your hair

Applying hair dye is simple, but it’s important to make sure the color is evenly distributed. Use your glove to apply the shade to a small section of hair.

Use a brush, a comb, or fingertips to smoothen the color and ensure even coverage. For each section, repeat this process. You can then move on to the next area and dye your hair until it is completely dyed.

Step 6: Create a timer.

Once the dye has been applied to each strand of hair, let it soak in for a while. Depending on which color you purchased, it will take 25 and 45 minutes.

Follow the instructions to set the timer on your device, or alarm clock. Do not leave the dye on for longer than specified to avoid damage to your hair.

Step 7 – Wash, condition, and style your hair

After the dye is dry, rinse your hair with lukewarm warm water. Apply conditioner to your hair to restore moisture and prevent further damage. You can use it in combination with dye inboxes. If necessary, you can also apply your regular conditioner.

Dos and don’ts of dying hair blue

You should know some things if you want to dye your hair blue.

Choose the right color. Blue hues won’t all be visible in dark hair. To ensure that the dye is matched to your hair’s natural color, make sure to read the instructions.

Don’t go too light. It’s possible to look beautiful in pastel blue, but it won’t be obvious if you have dark hair.

Avoid using cheap dyes. They may be more affordable, but they won’t always contain top-quality ingredients.

Limit the usage of heat. If you are dyeing your hair blue or any other color, limit the heat. Heat can cause the color to fade, so avoid using heat-tighteners, curlers and straighteners, and hot water.

After coloring, do not wash your hair for 48 hours, and it will allow the color to be set fully.

The pros and cons of dyeing dark hair blue


Blue hair is a color that anyone can wear, and there are many shades to choose from.

Blue hair can be a sign of trendyness and is often a great match for those who are edgy.

Dark blue hair is trendy and more popular than other styles.


Without bleaching, it is difficult to achieve every blue hue. If you choose to be bleach-free, your options are limited. The lighter your hair, the better it will be.

Attention: Virgin hair is best treated with permanent dye, and hair that has been bleached can have a different color than the original. You should also take care of your hair if it is damaged, fragile, curly, or prone to damage. You can strengthen your hair by applying a hair mask or left-in conditioner after the treatment.

Thank you for reading our blog post about how to use permanent blue hair dye for dark hair without bleach. We hope you found it helpful and that you learned a few things as well as got some inspiration. Happy Reading!