How to remove or eliminate dark circles and remove bags under the eyes? Home remedies for dark circles


Black or purple circles like bags are located under the eye just on the skin, and are dark in color. In this article we will explain the causes of dark circles and solutions to know how to remove dark circles instantly. Since it is not just something that looks bad, it is a warning from your body that you should improve your lifestyle for the sake of your health.

Why do dark circles appear or what are their causes and what are the types of dark circles?

One of the main causes that these bags or dark circles appear on the face are stress and staying up late. If you suffer from insomnia you can go to a doctor to solve this problem as it is very serious. And if you have a sleeping disorder, it’s best to fix it as soon as possible.

There are many causes that produce annoying dark circles, so we will tell you some types of them and their main causes. Since they can also occur due to health problems.

Transient dark circles: The most common. They appear from not sleeping well or stress caused by insomnia or overwork.

Dark circles due to sinusitis: It is the annoying allergy that produces dark circles from rubbing the nose and eyes causing swelling and inflammation, and also due to the accumulation of blood. Sinusitis becomes so annoying that at night it can prevent you from sleeping and affect it even more.

Sunken dark circles: They begin as normal dark circles and as time passes they form a kind of basins. These are mostly due to aging or genetics. It can also be due to poor nutrition and hydration.

The colors of the types of dark circles have their meaning, for example, brown dark circles are hereditary or they are also usually due to aging. The blue ones are due to bad vices such as cigarettes, and alcohol, such as late nights and stress.

Gray dark circles usually appear or reach a certain age such as 50. Reddish or violet circles also tend to appear over time and the skin in the eye area becomes thinner.

How to remove dark circles instantly? Home remedies for dark circles and bags – Cucumber for dark circles

Using medicine can be quite expensive. For this reason, in this segment we will show you how to combat dark circles and bags under the eyes or how to eliminate them with some of the best home remedies.

Chamomile is a very good remedy for dark circles. Use it in ice cubes for greater efficiency, as it will hydrate and deflate that area, giving better results in the shortest possible time.

Using cucumber for dark circles is one of the most common and effective home remedies. Dark circles are aesthetically uncomfortable as well as causing puffiness and dehydration. Cucumber fights these two things, so use it sliced ​​over your eyes for a maximum time of 15 minutes and you will see results.

The crystals Zabila are useful for eye bags and dark circles because they provide benefits similar to those of the cucumber. Has a restorative effect overnight. Rub the crystals on your face and leave it as a mask to act overnight.

Tomato is also a natural lightening moisturizer, which can help you combat dark circles, black and dark tones and puffiness.

Dark circles are due to illness, how to remove black circles or purple circles?

Dark circles can be caused by diseases, taking into account that they can be the main cause due to stress, bad sleep and dehydration that they generate. The effect caused by some diseases can cause significant damage to your nervous system and make you look serious.

An example is sinusitis, as we already mentioned, the cause may be from constant rubbing on the nose and eyes. So use the appropriate treatment for diseases and keep this under control to avoid its prolongation.

To remove these annoying dark circles you must use home remedies or appropriate treatments. You must take care of your diet, your hours of sleep and avoid daily stress.

Remember that these dark circles or bags are the physical warning that our body has to let us know that something is not very right.