How to look more masculine as a woman

How to look more masculine as a woman
How to look more masculine as a woman

Do you want to look more masculine as a woman? Let us know how to do it

It’s quite normal for women to think that certain facial features could make their appearance too masculine.

Like in the seventies. Jeans, t-shirts, sneakers were considered to be uni-sex clothes. A woman have never been mistaken as a man, as some had big bust; therefore, it was impossible. Dress however you feel comfortable. Hairstyles are what you want. If someone thinks you’re from LGBT community, you need to correct them. If they continue to do so, stop all contact. If you’re still in high school, make a report of them for bullying.

One thing that concerns about the LGBT rights movement is the return of the old, gender stereotypes that feminists in the 1960s and 1970s fought to change.

A straight cis female can become a marine biologist. Dress appropriately for the job, but don’t wear makeup. Apply a moisture-reducing product, nail polish, or other jewelry. Femaleness is not the same as femininity.

How to look more masculine as a woman
How to look more masculine as a woman

The forehead covers 35 to 40 percent of the total surface area of your face, so it has a significant impact on the way your face appears masculine. Since your brows and hairline define the forehead, it’s simple to comprehend why the top part of your face can contribute to an edgier or masculine appearance.

Men’s typical characteristics in the upper half of the face. The hairline is positioned higher up on the skull, making the forehead appear taller. Receding hairlines further increase the effect.

The frontal bones of the forehead protrude more, creating a feeling of eyes that are more set – female foreheads tend to be more rounded or convex. The eyebrow appears lower, thicker, and more noticeable.


An experienced surgeon can know the importance of matching your forehead, hairline, and brows to a masculine look. You have to match your culture and keep this portion of your face appearing natural and proportional to the rest of your face. The height and size of the face’s midface are also factors in the size of your forehead to create a more feminine appearance.

Treatment options to enhance your hairline, the brow, and forehead more feminine are:

Hairline lowering/scalp advancement surgery

The procedure for forehead reduction and contouring

The brow lift (browplasty)

Rhinoplasty (the form of the nose can be necessary to shift in conjunction with the forehead to keep the balance of the aesthetic)


The size and shape of the nose can be dependent. The features of the nose may appear subtle. Still, they can be crucial to give either the appearance of a feminine or masculine appearance. That makes the procedure to alter the appearance of the shape of the nose (rhinoplasty) an intricate and delicate procedure. It is crucial to maintain the balance and harmony between the nose and forehead. The nose could occasionally be more masculine when you treat the face with the absence of the forehead.

Males with more masculine characteristics are more likely to possess:

An increased size

More dimensions of angular angles

A bridge that is larger and straighter

A nasal tip that doesn’t tend to towards the upwards


The surgical procedure of altering the shape and size of the nose to appear more feminine should be done by considering changes to the hairline, forehead, and brow. That ensures that the facial appearance is well-balanced and gives a natural look.


The size and shape of cheeks and lips tend to differ in males and females. Like other facial features, the whole face must be considered when planning the ideal outcome for feminine facial surgery.

Men’s lips are more likely to be:

Thicker or narrower

smaller or less plump

further away from the nose

Men’s cheeks tend to be less full or plump, and cheekbones are generally lower in height and less noticeable.



The options for treating lips and cheeks can be varied and based on your face shape, age, and preferred outcome. There are options for either reduction or augmentation or a combination of both.

Upper lip reduction

Lip filling

Lifting the corner of the mouth

Cheek augmentation

Cheekbone reduction


The jaw and chin cover the largest portion of the face’s lower part and are a major factor in a more masculine appearance. Men’s jaw and chin structures are typically larger and have the typical features like:

A taller, more angular, and more squared chin

A larger and wider jaw

A thicker lower jawbone (mandible)

For women, How can you be more masculine?

Keep your head elevated. Keep your eyes up instead of down.

Don’t let your shoulders slide down and slide around. Keep them up, but not too tight around your neck.

Take your shoulders in with your step, and move your right shoulder slightly forward when you place your left leg in the forward position and the reverse.

Make sure you are aware of where you’re going. If you see people chatting and chatting in your way, don’t hesitate to say “Excuse me” and gently move over to them. Please don’t be shy; however, do it in a confident tone.

Utilize the length of your stride around 80-90 percent. Keep your feet forward. Allow as much space as you require. Do not try to squeeze yourself into the space to allow others to move around. However, don’t exaggerate yourself and take up the whole of the street.

Do not strut around as it appears odd.

Firstly, pay attention to where you are headed, Particularly when speaking to someone in the vicinity. It is best to keep your cell phone in your purse in public places because your eyes will be straight down once. Secondly, you won’t be able to see at your destination and will appear like a fool should you run into someone. Third, people could hit you and then knock off your phone.

Why do women love to appear like men as well as what are the methods?

A lot of women love masculine appearance. They generally wear sports bras, which make the bust appear smaller, and they wear loose, tight clothes. It is sure to make you appear more masculine as a woman.

In reality, dress as you want to dress. Style your hair the way you want. The fashions of clothing vary from men or girls, but in subtle manners that some think of as masculine or feminine therefore stick to male clothes when you can.

Mannerisms will instantly tell you whether you’re male or female. So, study how men gesture to sit, stand, and speak and emulate the manners you feel comfortable with.

Long hair can look elegant if it is styled in the right way, so be attentive to things like the side of your ponytail, the place it is attached to your head, and how your hair is hung.

Talking can also define masculine or feminine. Guys tend to talk more in short periods and are more likely to alter their voice pitch lower than girls.

Guys are raised to believe that they are entitled to a space, so they talk and move around without thinking about it. It’s instinct, not premeditation. Try to resist the urge to think too much about the things you’d like to accomplish. Do it.

Guys are constantly taunting one another. That is how they interact. Find out the flow and rhythm of the men you have a hangout with.

Expression is not as easy with your hands but more with your body. Guys perform broad sweeping movements using their legs, arms, and their body.

It is important to study your male partner and his friends with care.

And lastly, you should put on the muscle mass. It can seem more challenging if you aren’t on T, but it’s not difficult. Be more persistent than cis boys, and you’ll start seeing positive results.

How to appear more masculine in an attractive woman?

Wear more shorts and male pants. Try removing dresses and skirts for the time being. You may encounter harsh judgments and stares from others, both male and female. However, it would be best if you remembered to try to get more comfortable. I don’t know your age, but if you reside in a house with the parents of your children, then you may encounter a few issues in front of your parents. However, on the other hand, if you are living in your own home or have separate home, at least you don’t require permission from your parents.

If you are looking for a haircut, I highly recommend going to the barbershop and having the fade. Of course, the guys will be wondering what the woman is going to the barbershop? You are likely to get weird looks; however, remember that you’re just there for haircuts.

Do you exercise? Are you capable of starting? If you want to look more masculine, You’ll likely need to focus on your abdominals, pecs, and arm. It may be beneficial to cut off your nail polish when you are doing this. If you’re already wearing makeup, you can continue applying it; however, you may prefer to ditch mascara, eyeliner, or blush. It is also possible to drop lipstick or choose a delicate shade. Sometimes, you can appear more masculine when you wear clothes that don’t fit well, such as T-shirts or loose jeans.