How to get rid of strawberry blonde hair?

How to get rid of strawberry blonde hair?

How to get rid of strawberry blonde hair?

When choosing how to dye your hair, caring for and maintaining your hair color can be a lot of work. Between stocking up on a hair care system designed for colored hair and trimming and refining the roots every few weeks, your lifestyle may need to simplify things and return to natural hair color. Of course, this raises the question of how you can bleach your hair to regain its original shine. We’re here to help you get back to the basics in the comfort of your own home with tips on how to bleach your hair and get started with your natural hair color.

Fashion could be a sort of expressive style and autonomy at a specific amount. Everything that’s thought-about fashion is out there and popularized by the style system (industry and media). Nowadays, especially youngsters want themselves to look trendy. They stay updated on social media, see the new trend, and check the stories and styles of influencers. They follow them and try to recreate it.

How to get rid of strawberry blonde hair?

Fashion Trends to follow for 2022

Whether it is makeup, outfits, or transformation, videos are beneficial for the youth. Some bloggers upload hair transformation videos or clips, and some use makeup. Some are good at styling jewelry, and some are in-home décor transformation. Hair transformation refers to hair-do, hairstyle, haircuts, and the usual styling of the human scalp. It is a part of self-grooming. Whenever you feel low, or you feel like getting away from this world, some of us pamper ourselves by going to beauty salons, having hair treatments or haircuts, or even dyeing them out. It will make you feel good and relaxed about yourself.

Self-care is very therapeutic. And we should recommend it to all our friends and colleagues so that they can feel delighted too. However, talking about trends, the upcoming trend is to get your hair blonde. 

If you already have a strawberry pink hair color, how will you manage to do that and look sleek in it? There are a few steps that you have to follow for your hair transformation to slay:

Step 1: Know your hair type

 First of all, you have to visit a salon and consult the hair specialist over there. They will tell you the texture and proper color of your hair. You can examine yourself, but as you know that they have more experience, you should prefer to ask from them. They will tell you the exact shade from the shade card, which will match your hair.

Step 2: Get rid of the previous shade

Usually, there are many ways to remove the previous hair dye from your hair. There are more than three types of dyes: weekly, permanent, and semi-permanent. To get rid of your strawberry pink hair, you can do it yourself at home by watching remedies but go to the salon if you don’t want to risk it out. Allow them to remove the previous shade perfectly. The most effective ways are stripping and bleaching. They use different chemicals for these processes. Just ensure that the process you choose should not harm your hair texture. Stripping is beneficial in removing artificial colors like hair dye, balayage hair techniques, and protecting your natural hair color. In contrast, bleaching helps you remove the dye as well as the color of your original hair.

Step 3: Application of new color

After removing those reddish tones from your hair, the best and most satisfying part is giving them a color again. Usually, we have to decide on a color according to our skin tone. Whatever looks the best and matches our skin tone. So the idea was going into ash as ash color is mainly preferred when you’re incredibly fair. It balances out with your skin tone. Sandy’s skin tone should not go for ash. However, they can go for a neutral ash shade, which gives the slightest shade of golden blemishes with brown and grey. You can also go for a balayage color.

Step 4: Avoiding hair treatment

After applying the color of your choice, your hair gets fried. The bonds between them break too early and give them a rough look. Therefore, after applying any color to your hair, go for hair treatment and get it once a month. It will make your hair look gleaming and fresh again. Keratin and protein treatments for the hair are the new sensation in the town. Therefore, you should prefer to give the best treatments for your hair. It is advised to apply hair masks for your hair to nourish them properly.

Step 5: Prefer Blow-dryers and haircuts

If your hair overgrows, you should prefer having a haircut after every three months. It will give your hair the missing strength and make them look heavier. However, if you think that haircuts are not that important, then let me tell you that heat like curling up, straightening the hair, or hair dryers can damage your hair. These heat treatments are hazardous for your hair, even if you use heat protection. To get rid of the split ends, you need to get a haircut. Blow dryers are much helpful that give extra volume to your hair.

Interestingly, it is the most preferred hair-do that you can use. Usually, the salon gives you a package of blow-dry and haircuts, which is economical, and you should go for that. The best hairstyle for blonde hair has blow-dry. It gives the hair that volume, glossy and sleeky look.

Bottom Line

So, after all the above debate, we can say that all the dyes are chemicals, and they have adverse effects on the hair no matter what you do. They damage the hair to an irreversible effect. Even when they are Ammonia-free, they contain some chemicals. These chemicals damage the natural layer of the hair. Even the hair follicles lose all the moisture and become dry. It further leads to dry hair breakage and split ends, resulting in adverse hair loss. According to some hair stylists, bleaches and dyes damage your hair permanently. It changes your hair texture to the extent that anything cannot repair it.

You can save them using certain moisturizers to dye your roots. Invest in good products to avoid breakage and further damage. The heating products shield your hair from the sun to lock in the moisture. To sum it up, you cannot have healthy hair after using chemicals and dyes. But you can prevent the damage to mitigate its natural state through natural remedies and products.