How to Get Rid of Smelly Discharge and Fishy Odor at Home Naturally?

How to Get Rid of Smelly Discharge and Fishy Odor at Home Naturally?

How to Get Rid of Smelly Discharge and Fishy Odor at Home Naturally?

Ge*ital odor is a problem that is difficult to discuss for several people but it is also uncomfortable to live through for everyone who has it. The appearance of foul-smelling release is a red flag for women since it usually indicates bacterial diseases or parasites spread through unprotected sexual intercourse.

This awful odor is akin to the smell of rotting fish and is usually accompanied by other symptoms such as itching, burning with urine, and yellow-green acquittance. You should contact a doctor or gynecologist to determine the origin of the acquittance and foul odor and begin proper therapy. Depending on the reason, an antibiotic may be required.

Before we get into the meeting of this article, We want to refine a few essential points that any woman should be aware of.

Top 10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of  Odor

All you need to remove the odor is a few natural products that you can receive right in your own house. Here are the quickest and safest home methods for reducing and eliminating vag*nal odor.

Tea Tree Oil

If you use commercial scented wipes or vag*nal deodorants, it’s time to get rid of them. The chemicals in such effects might upset the pH balance of the vag*na, causing infection and a foul odor. Use natural tea tree oil mixed in water as a vag*nal wash to remove smells.

Baking Soda

You were mistaken if you believed that you just used baking soda in cakes and loaves of bread. You’ll be astonished at how quickly this tried-and-true treatment may help you get rid of the odor.

Just dissolve half a cup of baking soda in your bath water, then soak for 15–20 minutes. Then, while putting on your clothes, completely dry your body. Ensure that moisture does not accumulate in any wrinkles or the groin part of the body.

Restore your pH levels to normal, reducing the overgrowth of bacteria and fungus. This immediately cures the illness and removes the vag*nal odor. Baking soda water can even be used as a wash.

A half-cup of baking soda is all that is needed. Add baking soda to your bath and immerse your lower body in it for 20 to 30 minutes. You may also disband the bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water and drink it.


Yes, the intense fragrance of pineapple aids in the removal of vag*nal odor. You can eat raw pineapple and drink either one or two glasses of pineapple juice every day.


Another effective cure for vag*nal odor is vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Vinegar in the removal of the odor creates a fishy vag*nal odor. One cup of vinegar or apple cider vinegar is all that is needed. Pour vinegar into your bathtub using water and soak for 20 minutes. You may also take two teaspoons of vinegar mixed with lukewarm water.

Soak in vinegar water once a day till the foul odor acquaintance is cured. Also, drink this vinegar water twice a day. It has antibacterial characteristics that will help eliminate the microorganisms that cause odors, and it is acidic.


This is the most effective treatment for vag*nal odor. Wrap the garlic clove in cheesecloth. Attach a string to the cloth and insert it into your vag*na like a tampon. Leave it on overnight to get rid of that pungent odor.


Yogurt may not be your favorite food, but it may greatly help lessen and minimize vag*nal odor. Consume two cups of unsweetened yogurt every day, ideally with meals, to return the vag*nal pH to normal. Yogurt can also be inserted into the vag*na.

Pink peppercorn sitz bath

Peppercorn is a therapeutic plant with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial markers that aid in the fight against germs and fungus. This plant’s bark is widely used in tea to help cure infections and foul-smelling discharge.


We love probiotics because they help keep the stomach healthy, but did you know they can also assist with dour? Miso, kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, and kefir are all excellent alternatives. Probiotic yogurt, for example, contains lactobacillus bacteria, which aids in the fight against candida infection, which is a typical source of vag*nal odor. It also aids in the restoration of normal pH, which can assist in eliminating odor.

Sea Salt and White Vinegar

While apple cider vinegar appears to receive all attention in-home treatments, sea salt should not ignore white vinegar. By breaking down odor proteins, white vinegar can neutralize smells, and a white vinegar bath can help reduce vag*nal odor and restore pH levels.

A half-cup of white vinegar & sea salt in lukewarm bathing water will suffice several times a week.

Fruits and vegetables that are fresh

Because of the different vitamins and minerals they contain, fresh, organic, complete fruits and vegetables are consistently essential for a healthy body and support vag*nal health. We know that vitamin C, which may be found in citrus fruits, guava, strawberries, kiwi, and green and red peppers, boosts the immune system.

Leafy greens should be ingested in large quantities since they aid in circulation and reduce dryness. Include spinach, kale, cabbage, salad, Swiss chard, collards, and other leafy greens in your salads and smoothies to get plenty of them. Because it includes vitamin B6 and potassium, which maintain healthy vag*nal walls and reduce the risks of infection & bacterial development, avocado improves vag*nal health and helps in libido.

Final Verdict

Any stink that arises from the private part is a vag*nal odor. It’s natural for your womb to have a minor odor because it’s an entryway to the interior of your body. Still, just a solid vag*nal odor, such as a fishy vag*nal odor might suggest a more significant problem and should be checked up with your doctor.

Vinegar, baking powder, antibiotics, white vinegar, one teaspoon, tea tree oil, ginger, fresh produce, nuts and seeds, water, plus neem bark extract are among the top ten natural cures for vag*nal odor.

Using loose clothes and cotton panties, changing your garments after exercising, decreasing weight if required, avoiding the douche, dumping feminine fragrances, and avoiding smoking are more ways to make your vag*na smell pleasant.