HAIR CARE: How to choose the hair dye or color that suits me the most how much dye should I apply to my hair?


Choosing the right hair dye can be tricky. All due to the fact that we immerse ourselves in the yes will look good depending on our skin color or other factors.

However, this will depend mostly on how we combine the tones. Because if you light the color for sure it will look very good on you. The truth is that it is important to take a couple of precautions before choosing it, so, continue reading in this article everything you need to know.

Tips for choosing the right hair dye

In order to know how to choose the right hair dye color it is important to keep in mind the following tips.

Investigate about the brand of the dye, things like, how accurate it is in terms of the color being as is as it appears in the color palette. Its quality, how long it lasts, and the ingredients.

The dye will be according to the tone you have in your hair. Also if it has already gone through discoloration, dyeing or not. For example, if your hair is virgin, you can easily pick up the dye. However, if it is a very dark shade to the dye that you will apply, you should know that it will not be as is.

If you have light colored hair like a blonde and you want to apply a brown, we recommend applying it in a fairly strong shade. Since as the days go by, it will fall off and obtain a greenish hue. Another recommendation is to tie it with a little red.

There is a large number of hair dyes to choose from. It ranges from very light blondes, and whites to very dark blacks and fantasy colors for the most daring.

Choosing hair or hair dyes based on the right skin tone can be a bit difficult. However, what you can guide you is also the color of your eyes, for greater ease.

For a light skin tone, colors such as reddish, blonde, copper and even gold are very flattering. If you are classic, a light brown will look very good with your skin and if you have light eyes, much more.

If you are a brunette, it is recommended that you use colors such as dark brown, blonde chocolates, and reddish, but you can also dare to use a balisage.

And for darker skin, black tones are recommended, which can be bluish, brown, red, gold, and even blonde.

Fantasy colors are quite a risky option, but surely, a good outfit and makeup is excellently worn. The truth is that they favor light or brown skin much more. For the dark ones you can choose purple or blue, if you want to opt for this range.

How to know how much dye is needed

Now, the measurements of the dyes you need to paint your hair will depend on several factors, such as how long and abundant it can be. In the same way, we leave you some instructions below.

To know how to apply the dye to already colored hair, it is very important to follow the recommendation and instructions that are given to us on the packaging. You should also keep in mind that if it is not the same color as you have, bleaching will be necessary.

Since if you add the product on top of a different color, two things can happen. First that the two colors react, come together and have an unpleasant hue. Or that the color does not catch you and burns your hair much more.

Take care of the hair especially if it is already dyed. Without prior hydration, it can burn much more, break or fall. When mixing hair dyes, it is advisable to add a specific ampoule for hydration while painting.

When you have long hair you will need 4 or 5 tubes of dye and hydrogen peroxide. If it is short to the shoulders you will only need 2. If it is not very abundant you may need less than the mentioned amount, like one less.

What hair colors are the most fashionable?

The most fashionable colors are: light and dark browns. Chocolates, blacks, blondes, platinum, coppery reddish, orange, the fantasies. And techniques like illuminating, Ultimate Gray, Blonde Foliage and balayage.