FACIAL CARE: Why do I get acne or pimples on my face after adult? How to remove pimples from the face naturally?


Many struggle with acne in adolescence, but because acne or pimples appear on the face after being an adult. This is a situation that a large number of people face, because they do not know why they get pimples on their face.

Normally after the age of 18, acne stops appearing, but in many cases it reappears even at 40 years of age. Here we will show you the best home remedies for acne in your 40s, as well as explaining why they appear at this age.

What are the causes of acne or pimples on the face after adult?

To understand the causes of acne after adulthood, we must understand why pimples appear on the face, since there are several causes. The creation of pimples happens when a pore becomes clogged with oil and bacteria, causing pustules of hard or liquid fat.

It is a complete infection in the pores and can produce adverse consequences such as redness, marks, holes, scars and serious skin problems. But what is the meaning of pimples on the face, it means that you are going through a problem with fat or something hereditary.

The face, upper back, shoulders and chest are the most affected by acne, because it is where there are more sebaceous glands. These are the glands in charge of creating fat, and the hair follicles are directly connected to them.

These are the true causes of pimples on the face, which also affect adults. The main reasons for this are excessive consumption of fat in meals, poor hygiene and rubbing the face when it is dirty. However, there are many treatments to combat acne that can be highly effective.

With frequent consumption of fat, the pores produce more oil than usual and end up clogging, this in combination with dirt creates pimples. If it is customary to run your hand over your face when it looks dirty, the pores will clog faster.

What are the types of acne or pimples on the face?

Basically, pimples are created in similar ways, a pore is clogged with fat, it combines with bacteria and an infection is created. The difference is in the carelessness of the person, their daily diet and the possibility of having hormonal complications.

To specify all this, we will show the types of grains that exist:

  • Ilium: It is one of the most common and least harmful pimples, they are usually small accumulations of fat in the pores. When you take them out, you can see that they are whitish and semi-hard.
  • Blackheads: When an ilium is neglected and comes into contact with the environment, it fills with dirt and bacteria, turning black at the tip or completely.
  • Cyst: This is usually a lump of fat under the skin, it shows up as a redness on the face without infection and they tend to disappear on their own.
  • Pimple: It is a small pimple with a moderate infection, the tip is usually white and with some pus.
  • Grain: They are a reddish inflammation that indicates a serious infection in the pore, they are what are usually called pimples and seriously affect the epidermis.

How to remove acne or pimples on the face with home remedies?

Since we know better the reason why pimples appear, we can choose to seek a natural treatment for acne in adults. The main thing is to avoid the appearance of acne, for this you must begin to lead a much healthier life.

Eat healthy, avoid at all costs the intake of fats, which directly intercede in the creation of infected pimples full of pus. Bathing more regularly is often good for both preventing acne and preventing further infection.

An effective treatment is to exfoliate the face naturally, with a treatment of aloe vera, honey and sugar you can do this. Apply it daily and you will see how the pimples begin to disappear, wash your face well, and massage it with this treatment. Now that you know the types of pimples on your face and how to get rid of them, you can start leading a healthier life.