FACIAL CARE: How to cure and eliminate acne rosacea with a facial cleansing routine and homemade tonics


There are several types of rosacea but in general it is a condition that is noticed with red tones and inflammation in the cheeks. It is very common in elderly women but in men it can sometimes affect more strongly. There are natural treatments and masks for rosacea and in this article we will talk about the causes, prevention and care.

There is no definitive cure for rosacea and it is not known how to eliminate acne rosacea permanently. It is a disease that disappears and appears over time. But there are some methods to make it less noticeable and help you get it under control faster.

Routine to eliminate acne rosacea with natural remedies

To combat rosacea we have to know that it is advisable to go to a doctor. Even so, we will leave you some home remedies to help combat it. Keep in mind that you can generate an allergic reaction due to lack of knowledge of a professional.

The home remedies for acne rosacea are very soothing. Green tea when applied as a tonic can help you soothe many discomforts. Like the labial with its crystals, you can rub it on the affected area after applying green tea.

Having a well-hydrated face will prevent discomfort and you can apply cucumber tomato masks can help. Keep in mind that the more you take care of your skin, rosacea will cease. Using chamomile will help you with swollen areas, deflating and helping to remove redness.

Forget oil will help improve symptoms a lot. Just use it at night before sleeping and in the morning remember to remove it. Be very careful and don’t forget the part about washing your face in the morning. Since the oil and exposure to the sun can be very fatal causing very annoying irritations.

You can use natural masks for rosacea, use yogurt when you feel that your skin is dry. If you need a mask to relieve pain and swelling, mix aloe Vera with chamomile and you will see powerful results. Honey for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities has been an advantageous all in one.

Causes of acne rosacea

Although the definitive reason that causes rosacea is not known in particular. There are factors such as heredity, diet or lifestyle and also changes in temperature. Alcohol and cigarettes may be sentencing a possible suffering from this pathology.

A bad emotional state. Constant stress exposes you to rosacea by vasodilation. And the lot of exposure to ultra violet light. As mentioned before, it is not known for sure that it could be a main cause, only by inheritance, but keeping these things in mind and knowing what to avoid could be helping you against rosacea.

Can acne rosacea disappear?

Rosacea cannot go away. There may only be a few medications that can help relieve symptoms such as redness of the skin or swelling. There are laser therapies. There is also the treatment with medications such as antibiotics or you can resort to natural ones.

You have to take into account the symptoms of rosacea. A prevention method can also be knowing how to detect acne rosacea and treat it early. That is why it is essential to know when you start to suffer from it.

Symptoms will present as hard and oily skin, swelling of the nose and bumps in the eyes. A redness on the cheekbones they are the most frequent to know that it is the acne rosacea that is beginning to affect.

Noticing these symptoms protect your skin, avoiding going to the sun without sunscreen. If you use makeup or creams, try not to use cosmetics that can irritate your face. Foods to treat rosacea is a key factor, as it can work for or against. In the same way, consult your doctor to prescribe an adequate diet.

You already know the things that acne rosacea worsens, preventing us from that, we can give it a better treatment. And thus be less annoying when it is suffered.

Since you can have a more serious complication, it is always advisable to visit a dermatologist. We can only prevent acute symptoms by using early treatments.