Does a Long-Neck Girl Look Attractive?

    Does a Long-Neck Girl Look Attractive?

    Does a Long-Neck Girl Look Attractive?

    Beauty is an abstract concept, and beauty standards are changing throughout history. What we consider others may disparage beautiful. Among these standards, “long neck” is incredibly appealing for many communities. A narrow or long neck is considered very elegant and is envied by many. It is usually the best “clothing horse with a slim figure that makes you look taller and prettier.

    Remember, we all see things differently, and one woman’s strength is another woman’s concern! And if a long neck is something that bothers you especially, it’s something you should address.

    Does a Long-Neck Girl Look Attractive?

    A Symbol of Women’s Beauty in Thailand

    We have all seen images of Karen women in many parts of Myanmar and Thailand wearing heavy copper necklaces around their necks. The group of people known as the “longneck” or “giraffe” tribe is a subgroup of the Padaung. This seemingly strange practice makes a woman more attractive to a potential partner, as it signifies beauty and wealth.

    In Thailand, a particular tribe, “Kayan”, rates a woman’s beauty by the length of her neck. Women of the Kayan tribe use thick copper rings around their necks to lengthen their necks. Women’s shoulders drop, and the neck feels longer. The image of a woman with a long neck is considered a traditional beauty.

    Although it may seem like torture for a woman to have a long neck to many Westerners, this is just a myth. Bronze rings create a visual illusion, simply making a woman’s neck appear longer. “The weight of the rings pushes the collarbone, along with the upper ribs, at an angle so that the collarbone is part of the neck,” the website notes.

    Long-necked Kayan women start wearing bracelets when they are four or five years old, and more rings are added as they get used to the weight. These rings are not as much heavier. Their weight ranges from 20 to 25 pounds.

    How to Elevate the Appearance of a Long Neck?

    If you have a longer neck, you should consider this a fashion asset. Many famous models have longer necks, which is often considered a sign of beauty. 

     Compared to short-necked women, you have more options with your hairstyle and necklace. Because the eyes like proportions, wearing the right clothes can make your overall body proportions look better.

    Here’s how to dress up? The neck may look overexposed if left uncovered. But the good thing is that there’s enough space to showcase a lot of stylish details. Most women can seem overwhelming when trying to add too many details.

    However, you can enjoy layers, accessories, and jewelry around the neck and shoulders. These decorative features soften the overall look and add elegance to the outfit.

    You can also flaunt with the most beautiful silk scarves. A large statement necklace may look great; few women can wear it adequately!

    7 Best & Easiest Ways to Style on Longer Neck

    The best outfit for a long collar is a top or skirt with a higher neckline like a crew neck or turtleneck. Wearing a blouse with embellishments near the neck, such as bows or ruffles, can also flatter you. Large, trendy necklaces are also a great choice for women with long necks, as they fill up space and make your neck length more proportionate. You have the flexibility to choose any hairstyle, but long hair is especially flattering for you. 

    There aren’t many restrictions on what you should avoid, except for the very low necklines. It is more about balancing your body feature.

    • Wear a Crew Neck Sweater

    Boat necklines are a good choice for women with long necks. Because they cover your chest, they will make your head and neck look more proportionate. You can choose turtleneck sweaters when the weather gets colder and turtleneck sweaters in summer. Make sure you have different outfits to wear throughout the year.

    • Styling With a Turtle Neck Top

    If your goal is to camouflage your neck, wear a turtleneck sweater in the fall or winter. The turtle neck is very flattering for women who don’t want a long neck invisible as it completely covers the neck area.

    The higher the sweater’s neckline, the better it hides the neck. Rolling the neckline twice will add volume to the neck to help balance the length.

    • Wear Buttonhole Tops

    The crew neck is perfect for women with long necks. It helps to cover the chest for better head and neck balance. A sweater with a round neckline is ideal for the cold, and a dress with a round neckline in the summer. Make sure you have various crew neck clothes all year round.

    • Wear Silk Scarves on Long Neck

    Silk scarves can be difficult for short-necked women, but it’s one of the best ways to dress long-necked women. Tying a silk scarf high around the neck will partially cover the neck and visually shorten the neck length.

    • Styling with Neck Accessories

    Extensive jewelry is another trend that benefits long-necked women as it fills the gaps in the chest and makes the neckless noticeable. Statement Necklaces are a wide category and can be anything large and prominent. The multilayer bib is perfect for adding volume in front of your chest, so it’s the perfect design if you want your neck to look short.

    • Avoid V-Neck shaped Tops

    It would be best to choose the shape and length of your necklace according to the neckline you are wearing. You can complement the shape of the dress and the top neckline to create the perfect fit for your neck.

    A deeper neckline like a huge V neck creates a lot of space around the neck and makes the neck longer because of the sharp V shape in front of the chest.

    • No long or narrow earrings

    If you have a long neck, there is already a noticeable vertical line in the neck area. The long, thin earrings form another vertical line around the neck, further accentuating that the neck is long.

    Although, I prefer to style with larger pear-sized earrings that will not imbalance your neck and face. Match any eye-catching earrings that draw attention to the face and make the neckless attractive to the body.

    Hopefully, these suggestions will help all the longneck ladies’ styles with elegance. Is this article helpful or not? Share your thoughts below.