Can you apply a semi permanent color after bleaching

Can you apply a semi permanent color after bleaching

Can you apply a semi permanent color after bleaching 

From the early days of hair coloring, women have been changing their hair color quite frequently. This is because the hair color tends to fade away quickly. The other reason is that women may wish to experiment  with different hair colors. This means that they need to bleach their hair before they apply a new color. This can be quite damaging to the hair. However, there are newer products that you can use to restore the moisture of your hair after bleaching. Semi Permanent Colors are one of these products. 

This blog discusses Can you apply a semi permanent color after bleaching? 

Hair bleaching requires skills and carefulness 

Hair bleaching and color is a process that requires much skill and carefulness. You want to be careful that you do not apply bleach or bleach and color at the same time and you want to ensure that the bleach and color is applied correctly and evenly. This can take much practice and experience and you may not want to take the risk of damaging your hair until you have practiced it many times. However, bleaching hair is the only way to achieve the hair color you want. You can never achieve a blonde color without bleaching it. 

A semi-permanent color is applied to the hair during the bleaching process; this is done to tone down the brightness of the bleach and provide the hair with some additional color. The colors that are used during these processes can last up to 6 weeks, but it is important that the client takes the necessary steps to make sure the color lasts as long as possible.

More about semi permanent colors

Semi permanent colors are also known as demi permanent colors. Semi permanent colors can last several weeks to several months. What makes semi permanent hair colors different from permanent hair color is that the color fades over time and does not last as long. Semi permanent hair colors can be removed with a color remover, while permanent hair colors need an ammonia based color remover for removal. Semi permanent hair colors can be used on bleached hair and can be applied on hair that has been previously colored with temporary hair colors, but they cannot be used on hair that is colored with permanent hair colors.

When you choose hair color you must choose carefully based on the state of your hair. A hair color with too much ammonia may damage your hair and leave you with a brassy or yellowish color. A hair color that contains too little ammonia may just fade away without giving you the results that you want. This blog will look at the different hair colors and what effect they have on your hair.

Bleaching is the only way to get lighter, and it also causes damage to your hair. But if you want to go lighter, you could try highlights, which don’t need bleaching, and for that you can just go to a salon and ask for highlights. Another alternative would be the semi permanent color, but don’t wash it for a while, and when you wash your hair, use a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair.

Should you really try color on bleached hair? 

It is possible to apply semi-permanent color on bleached hair. However, the results are temporary and the color may wash off with time. When coloring, pay special attention to cover all of your strands. You may need to use more product than you normally would during coloring. It is best to go to a professional if you are attempting to cover bleached hair with color. 

If you used the wrong products, or bleached your hair too many times, you can apply a semi permanent color after bleaching. But always remember, never use direct dyes on bleached or processed hair as they can cause more harm than good. You can use glazing dyes as they are milder and do not contain any ammonia. For a color that would last for a long time, you can even use a home dye kit. It may not be as good as a professional dye, but a home dye will do a better job than a professional glazing.

Going out and buying a semi permanent hair color after bleaching can be a very expensive mistake. Bleaching will remove the natural pigment from your hair and you will need to recolor it to get it back. Semi permanent color will only stick to the pigment and not to the new bleached strands. You will get a lighter than expected color and the color may fade quickly and prematurely. Best thing to do is just wait for your natural color to grow back in and then you can apply your semi permanent color. 

I did the same thing recently, and I did it in two steps. I bleached my hair first, which did get rid of all of the color I had previously. I waited until it grew out enough to where it was almost touching my eyebrows, then I did a semi-perm color. It was kind of a reddish-purple color. I did it again, slightly darker, and that is what my hair is now. I can’t remember the name of the color I used, but it was not expensive. I used the same color both times and just added more to get darker. It works just fine, and I don’t recommend bleaching your hair and then dying it in the same sitting. Do it in two steps, and let it grow out in between.

We hope you enjoyed our post on applying semi permanent hair color after bleaching. Many people ask us if you can apply a semi permanent hair color after bleaching, and the answer is yes! This is because semi permanent colors like Special Effects, Manic Panic, and Punky color, are designed to be used on bleached hair. So if you are looking to color your hair with a semi permanent hair color after bleaching, feel free to do so, they are safe to use on bleached hair. 

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