Brazilian Butt Lift Gone Wrong

Brazilian Butt Lift Gone Wrong

Brazilian Butt Lift Gone Wrong

How would you feel if your new Brazilian Butt Lift was botched so badly that it ended up leaving you with lumpy, uneven buttocks? Unfortunately, that happened to one woman after the doctor administering her BBL injected the fat into the wrong areas of her body, leaving her looking nothing like how she wanted to look.

This story is an important reminder that no matter how many hours of research you do beforehand, there’s no guarantee that your doctor knows what they are doing regarding cosmetic procedures like these. I would never have thought that a simple Brazilian Butt Lift could go so wrong.

I had always been confident in my body, but after having two kids, my butt just wasn’t the same. So I researched and found a doctor specializing in Brazilian Butt Lifts and made an appointment to see him. After consulting with him, we agreed that he would be able to make me back into the woman I was before those babies. So let’s discuss that whole thing and the risks.

What Is A Brazilian Butt Lift?Brazilian Butt Lift Gone Wrong

A Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that aims to reshape the hips and buttocks. The surgeon will remove fat from the patient’s stomach, lower back, or other body areas, then inject it into their buttocks.

This technique can be combined with liposuction to produce an even more dramatic effect. The Procedure: Patients are sedated during the surgery. It takes about two hours, and patients usually have to stay in the hospital for one night afterward before going home.

There’s some pain after the surgery, but it should go away within a week. Recovery time varies depending on how much you’ve done. Still, doctors say most people can return to work within two weeks after the operation. However, some doctors recommend waiting at least six months before getting pregnant.

The Risks Of A Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure involving removing fat from other parts of the body and injecting it into the buttocks.

The risks include death, scarring, loss of sensation in the area injected, and deformity. There is also an increased risk of infections, blood clots, and skin abscesses.

When considering a Brazilian butt lift or any surgery, it’s essential to do your research. Many people are drawn to the Brazilian butt lift because it is a popular procedure that can give you the curves you desire; however, as with all cosmetic surgery.

One of the risks of a Brazilian butt lift is that it might not be possible to get the results you want. This could happen if your body doesn’t respond well to the procedure.

Another risk is that the skin could get infected and need to be removed by surgery. There is also a risk that fat cells in other areas of your body will migrate to the buttocks after surgery, which means you will have more fat in other parts of your body. It’s clear that before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, make sure you know what risks are involved so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to go through with it.

Complications That Can Arise From A BBL

The complications that can arise from a BBL procedure are not limited to the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Many things can go wrong, such as:

  • Bleeding
  • Fever
  • Infection
  • Reaction to anaesthesia
  • Tissue necrosis (death of skin cells)
  • Allergic reaction

The blood vessels and nerves in this area can be damaged or cut during surgery, affecting how you heal. Therefore, you must understand these risks before agreeing to proceed with a BBL.

When considering elective plastic surgeries like liposuction, it is always wise to consult with board-certified plastic surgeons with extensive experience performing these procedures.

There are also support groups available for people looking to get more information about BBLs so they can make an educated decision about whether or not they would like to undergo the procedure.

The dangers of getting a Brazilian butt lift include risks ranging from minor infections, allergic reactions, and tissue necrosis (skin death).

While some complications may be unavoidable depending on the person’s body type, a significant risk is still associated with undergoing any surgical procedure.

Why Do These Complications Occur?

Complications can occur due to the following reasons:

  • The wrong procedure is done
  • Poor execution of the procedure
  • Inadequate recovery time
  • Inadequate instruction on how to care for oneself post-procedure
  • Improperly trained surgeons

A Brazilian butt lift has gone wrong. Nevertheless, Brazilians are one of the most popular surgeries, and they can be helpful with achieving those fuller buttocks that many desire.

Having a board-certified surgeon perform this surgery is essential because it’s an area with many complicated anatomical structures, and complications can arise if there needs to be more experience.

In this type of surgery, other medical problems could interfere with healing or increase the risk of infection.

What To Do If You Have a Complication From a BBL

If you have a complication from a Brazilian butt lift, please get in touch with your surgeon immediately. You should also contact the  Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) or the  Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) if you are not satisfied with how your doctor handled your complication.

The ASPS has a database that can help you find an experienced plastic surgeon in your area who is board certified by their organisation.

When choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your BBL surgery, it’s essential to know what they specialise in and which techniques they use.

Different doctors offer different techniques and degrees of success rates for BBLs, so it’s always best to do research before deciding on any practitioner.

Final Conclusion

The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that helps to improve the shape of the buttocks by removing excess fat from other areas of the body and transferring it to the buttock area. It’s been quite popular in recent years and has helped many people have a fuller, more desirable figure.

The downside is that many people have experienced complications with this surgery, including infections, excessive bleeding, and even death.


What can go wrong getting a BBL?

Significant dangers come with this big procedure. According to BAAPS, problems that have arisen after BBL procedures have “ranged from serious bacterial infections like MRSA and Pseudomonas, tissue dying (necrosis), scarring, wound ruptures (dehiscence), and abscesses – among others.”

Do bbls sag over time?

BBL outcomes can last for several years when carried out by a qualified and competent practitioner. Patients should be aware that this body sculpting procedure does not reverse the effects of ageing. As a result of nutrition, exercise, and weight loss, your bottom could flatten over time or change.

Can your body reject BBL fat?

Because fat is used, the Brazilian Butt Lift is not harmful. Your body cannot reject the fat that is injected because it is your own fat, and it rarely results in an infection. Instead, the Brazilian Butt Lift’s problems are caused by where the injection is placed.