ANTI-AGING: What is a facelift or facial rejuvenation and what is the price of the treatment without surgery?


Stress, pollutants, the passage of time. There are many factors that influence the signs of aging to be noticed. However, beauty centers have done their best to delay aging with the best techniques against it. Surgeries, needles, anti-aging creams, tonics. In this case, we will deal with the facelift. A treatment that has become popular especially because it does not require too much effort to give us excellent results.

What is a face lift or facial rejuvenation?

The facelift is an anti-aging treatment that will help us stretch and eliminate excess sagging skin with a small surgery.

First, before determining how to proceed and what should be done. The surgeon will perform a thorough examination and analysis of the skin and its condition. And especially the health of the patient.

The facial lifting with surgery, is helped by local anesthesia and sedatives to calm and eliminate pain. Later, after the surgeon applies the anesthesia, he proceeds to make an incision on the hairline which will extend to the ears, and will surround the lobe of the same. In this way, a pronounced scar is avoided and can heal much better.

The next step in facial rejuvenation surgery will be to reposition the muscle layers, skin and fat. How is this achieved? Stretching and tightening the excess tissue and facial muscles. The surgeon will shape the face in the best way, and at the end of the incisions made, they are closed with stitches.

The head will be covered with bandages and dressings. In addition to having a drainage system to prevent sweat or blood from accumulating. These bandages will be removed the next day, and the patient can be discharged. Of course, following the doctor’s recommendations and care instructions.

How does a non-surgical facelift work and how much does it cost?

If you are afraid of surgical rejuvenation treatments, you will be happy to know that there is an alternative face lift technique that does not require surgery or anything invasive. However, non-surgical facial rejuvenation is only recommended for younger patients. It is only effective at removing fine wrinkles and fine lines.

The lifting technique without surgery is based on ultrasounds that improve the appearance of wrinkles. They are special to lift the skin under the chin, neck and between the eyebrows. Ultrasound stimulates collagen and elastin under the skin, and the results start to show after three months.

On the other hand, it exists in radiofrequency lifting treatment, where the collagen under the skin is heated and stimulates the development of new cells. In this procedure, the face tends to swell a little or become red, it can even cause adverse reactions such as rosacea.

In this case, the results can be seen a little sooner and can last up to 3 years. However, it will be ideal to consult an expert and ask for the technique to be customized in order to avoid unfavorable reactions on our skin.

What are the best home treatments for facial rejuvenation?

If you want to find an alternative way to all cosmetic or surgical interventions, from an early age and already well into maturity, we can help ourselves with homemade techniques to delay aging. Since there are many substances that are very beneficial for the skin and we can find them at home.

  • Water of roses

Acquire it in health food stores or pharmacies, or if you prefer you can prepare it at home. Apply it before starting the day and you will see that little by little the lines of expression will diminish.

  • Egg white

Egg white hydrates, reduces skin irritation and rejuvenates. It is considered a natural Botox, which you can apply daily in the morning or at night.

  • Oatmeal and yogurt

A mask that will bring many antioxidant properties to your skin, and also serves to eliminate excess fat accumulated on the skin. You will have a much smoother and slimmer skin. Apply it at night before going to sleep.