A Guide to Avoid Dust in Hair At Home Naturally

A Guide to Avoid Dust in Hair At Home Naturally

A Guide to Avoid Dust in Hair

Dust in hair is something which usually comes up during the springtime, this season is the time of the year when there is a lot of dust in the air and you will find that the house is extra dusty than usual which is why it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner which will help you to get rid of the dust and from the hair.

Hair and dust in human hair is a very unpleasant and uncomfortable situation and is very difficult to get rid of. But there are natural methods for this problem.

Dust in your hair pictures you of the problems you are having in the current conditions. But, if you are clear in your thoughts, you will have no issues solving your problem. The solution to this problem of dust is only found in the thoughts of the lover. This article will give you the mantra on how to avoid dust in hair.

Is it possible to avoid dust in hair?

Although it is not possible to avoid dust getting in your hair, there are ways to minimize it. One way is to wear a hat. Another is to keep your hair clean, healthy, and well-conditioned, which will give it a nice, healthy sheen that will make it look less dull and lifeless. And never forget to condition your hair after washing it–conditioning your hair not only helps it to look better, but also helps to prevent it from getting damaged even more when you work out or dance or do any other physical activity.

Hair is a very delicate and important part of a person. It needs extra care and protection. Dust and pollution can cause serious problems to your hair. Not just pollution, but also black dots on your hair can also be a result of a damaged hair shaft. To avoid all of this, you must take care of your hair properly. I’m sharing some tips in this blog to avoid dust in hair:

With the modern lifestyle, pollution, and staying indoors for long periods, our hair gets easily affected by dust particles, which cause hair fall. To prevent this, I suggest you take 2-3 tsp of mustard oil in a bowl and put it in the microwave to heat it up for 1 min. Now wash your hair with warm oil to condition it. This will increase the blood circulation in your scalp, decrease hair fall, and also help in hair growth.

If you don’t want to see dust in your hair then you should pay attention to the way that you clean. Clean your hair brushes at least once a week. Do not use a hard brush, rather use a soft brush. And do not dry your hair with a towel after you wash. Use a hair dryer after your hair is 75% wet to avoid hair breakage.

A Guide to Avoid Dust in Hair At Home Naturally
A Guide to Avoid Dust in Hair At Home Naturally

Few suggestions that can avoid dust getting in hair

Here are a few suggestions – 

  • Get a good performing anti-allergy / anti-dust/ anti-pollution mask. Make sure it fits well and isn’t leaking any air. 
  • Use a good eco-friendly anti-dust vacuum cleaner. 
  • Get a cool air purifier. 
  • Consider using a good eco-friendly anti-dust/air purifier that you can also sleep in. It’s not exactly a mask, but it does remove 28% of the airborne pollutants from the air, and it’s research is backed. 
  • Get a good performing air purifier for your house. A few thousand rupees air purifier is a lot better than a cheap one. And the cheaper one also ends up breaking down sooner, making it a bad investment. 
  • Check with your doctor to see what kind of allergies you have and if your medication needs to be changed. 
  • Make sure you don’t have any open cuts or wounds on your body. This will make you more susceptible to infections. 
  • Take a break from the dust when you can. 
  • Stay away from people who are smoking. Keep your hair short. That is the only way you can avoid dust. This is because your hair wont grow long enough to sometimes reach your mouth. Shorter hair doesn’t accumulate as much dust as longer hair.

You can keep your hair from getting full of dust by keeping it tied up when you work in a dusty environment. But if you can’t stand doing that, try a good conditioner… a conditioner will coat the strands of your hair, keeping it from absorbing dust particles. Helping your hair to stay smooth, without dust sticking to it.

Don’t wear those caps and those handkerchiefs to cover your hair. They can not block your scalp and hair from breathing. So your hair and scalp can’t get enough oxygen and be easily damaged. If you must wear a head covering, then wear one that has an open weave.

Why can’t we stop the dust from falling on our heads?

I tell you what you can do that does not create dust in your hair. The way is very easy, you just have to brush your hairs regularly, and I mean it regularly. do not wait for a week to brush your hair, you should brush it at least once a day. The easiest way is to use a comb or brush it at least once a day. You can use a spritzer water bottle to make a spritzer on a regular basis. This is a perfect way to avoid dust in your hair.

Unfortunately, we can’t stop the dust from falling on our heads. Just like we can’t stop the sun from shining on our heads. However, we can prevent it from getting into our hair. 

When you come out of the house, make sure your hair is clean and tidy. If you have bangs in your hair, you should keep them in a low and tight bun and also in a ponytail. This is because bangs would already let dust in and then will let it in your hair when you shake your head.

During the day, when you leave your house, you must always keep a scarf, cloth or hair wrap around your hair. This is to prevent dust from falling on your hair and also from falling in your hair when you shake your head.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on how to avoid dust in hair. With this information, we hope you can avoid some of the common problems that come with dust in hair. Thank you for reading, we hope this information will help you avoid dust getting into your hair and maintain a healthy haircare regime.