What developer to use to darken hair?

What developer to use to darken hair?

What developer is best to use darken hair?

In this article, we will explain the best developer that you can use to darken your hair. We will also explain some best developers out in the market that you can use.

What is a hair developer? 

Most people have no idea what a developer is. However, it is an essential element in the hair coloring process. The oxidant creams contain hydrogen peroxide, which will open the hair cuticles. The color pigment due to this process can penetrate deep into your hair fiber and color it. Without the developer, you will never achieve significant changes in the color of your hair.

The developer and the hair color are mixed in a certain ratio to form a tint mixture applied to your hair. The mixed ratio is usually 1:1 or 1:2 ( for an extra-strong lightening effect)

Benefits Of Hair Developer

We will now explain the best benefits of using a developer as there are many benefits a developer gives you when applying it to your hair.


The best benefit of using a developer is that your hair dye is activated when you mix it with the required amount of developers. Without a developer, you will never achieve the best results you are waiting for.


The best thing about the developer is that it gives your hair consistency, and the color that has been mixed with the cream developer is very much thicker and stays in place without fear of drips. The developer also helps you to uniform the coverage.

Color delivery 

The developer will deposit the color by lifting the cuticle just enough for the color pigment to slip inside your hair.

Color Removal 

One of the best things is removing your unwanted hair color. The developer will open the overlaps of the cuticle layer wide enough for the natural color pigment to be removed from the hair.

Better color 

The resulting hair will give your hair more intensity and give you a more long-lasting hair color.

How to choose the Right Volume Developer 

Choosing the best developer that you can use for your desired results is crucial to getting the color you always want.

The force/concentration of the developer is expressed in percentage or the units of volume. The higher the number is, the stronger the developer will be.

Developer choice by color type 

  1. Temporary colors are actually mixed with weaker developers (3 Vol. to 20 Vol.) or even no developers.
  2. Permanent Colors-these colors are used with moderate developers. Usually 20 Vol. to 30 Vol.
  3. Lighteners- it is necessary to use strong developers to bleach powders or creams. Usually 30 Vol. to 40Vol.

Developer choice by Hair Quality

The quality of the hairs can also affect the coloring process very much. It is also very much common that we have hair of different quality on our heads (e.g., normal hair will dry and split end)

Porous hair 

  1. Porous hair can easily be brightened and absorbs the color of the hair dye very easily. But the color fades very quickly.
  2. Lightening: it is very much possible to use a lower volume developer or a shorter processing time of dyeing.
  3. Darkening: you can also use a higher volume developer to better penetration of color pigments.

Healthy hair 

  1. The hair has a normal coloring reaction, and the color is absorbed very well 
  2. Follow the instruction on the box to get the best results.

Best hair developer 

We will describe the best hair color that you can get rid of your brassy hair at home and get the unique hair color you ever wanted.

Many stylists recommend these hair developers. We are describing some below.

Schwarzkopf Professional Blondme Premium Developer Oil Formula 33.8 oz/1000ml 

It is a luxurious caring professional developer who is specially formulated to work in harmony with the BlondMe lightener. With a very high concentration of nourishing mineral oil, the BlondMe developer supports the moisture balance of the client’s hair.

So if you are looking for the best developer, Schwarzkopf Blondme Premium Developer should be on your priority list.

One of the best things about the product is its hair care formula that will balance the natural moisture, which will ensure your new blonds have a brilliant shine. As a result, it is ideal for maximum bleaching. In addition, the developer will prevent the dilution of color, alkalies, and peroxide.

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Developer

The next one on the list is again the Schwarzkopf Professional agora. This product is best to use and leaves your hair shiny and strong. As described above, the company is well known for its top-selling products in the market.

This product is especially famous because it provides you with the perfect color equalization even on someone who has porous skin. It will also give your hair a very natural look. Because of its advanced care technology, it will provide you with maximum contrast and a shiny look.

Clairol Professional Hair Coloring Developers for Hair Color Lightening & Lifting

First on this list is the Clairol Professional coloring hair. If you are looking for a developer to use with the bleach, then this is product is the best one to achieve the best hair color you want 

The product is formulated with. Clairol Professional’s Crème Permanente hair color and development come in 10,20,30 and 40 volumes so you can achieve your desired lift.

Clairol SOY4PLEX formula will leave your hair conditioned and ensure your hair has healthy-looking and long-lasting coloring results. The product has a creamy consistency. In addition, it will allow you convenient use with a brush application.

WELLA Color Charm Hair Developers for Hair Coloring & Long-Lasting Color

The next big company on the list is WELLA. The company is well known for its product worldwide and is recommended by most stylists. However, it is a bit expensive but is very good to use. The best thing about this product is that it will leave your hair silky and strong just after 45 minutes of application.


Wella has two dedicated developers: cream and color to be mixed with the permanent hair color. The developer is best to use with the bleach.

Its creamy consistency provides additional moisture to condition your hair while developing. The product is excellent for gray coverage and leaves your hair well-conditioned. It also provides you with long-lasting color and a stunning look.

Loreal Oreor Creme 30 Volume Developer

The company is well known around the world for its best products. This developer will give you the best results at a very low price and leave your hair very strong and silky it’s the best one in the market. 

The product is excellent for coloring your grays. It is best to use with any bleaching product. It will also help you get the orange color out of your hair and provide your hair with the stunning look you want and time.

Its creamy consistency provides additional moisture to condition your hair while developing.

Final words 

This article explained what developers you can use to darken your hair. We also explained what a developer is and put some spotlight on the benefits of the developers.

Finally, we will recommend you do some research of your own to get the best and most satisfying results you have always wanted.