How To Get An Untrimmed Slayer Cape?

How To Get An Untrimmed Slayer Cape?

How To Get An Untrimmed Slayer Cape?

In the video game “Old School RuneScape,” you must level up Slayer to level 99 without acquiring any other skills at that level.

The steps to obtain the untrimmed Slayer Cape are as follows:

Kill the creatures that the Slayer Masters send you to practice your Slayer ability.

Without attaining any other skill at level 99, keep practicing until you reach level 99, Slayer.

Visit the Slayer Master in Edgeville to purchase the Untrimmed Slayer Cape once you have reached level 99 Slayer without achieving any other skills at that level.

Requirements For Slayer CapeRequirements For Slayer Cape

Slayer is among the most sought-after skills in OSRS and requires players to hunt and kill various creatures assigned by Slayer Masters. Slayer Cape Slayer Cape is a coveted item among players because it demonstrates the highest level of expertise and commitment to the Slayer’s abilities.

Minimum Slayer Level

The first requirement to obtain the Slayer Cape is to reach the minimum Slayer level of 99. It means that the players have to practice their Slayer ability by doing Slayer assignments and then killing monsters assigned to them until they reach level 99. Slayer is a tough skill to improve and requires players to have strong combat skills and equipment to fight some of the more difficult monsters assigned by Slayer Masters.

It is also important to note that players cannot gain the Slayer Cape if they have completed any other skill at level 99. It means players have to concentrate on advancing their Slayer skill without advancing any other skill until they reach level 99. This makes the Slayer Cape an extremely sought-after item for players who wish to display their dedication and expertise at the Slayer skill.

Completion Of Certain Tasks

In addition to achieving level 99 of Slayers, players must accomplish certain tasks to earn the Slayer Cape. These tasks include finishing all Slayer achievements, unlocking and using all Slayer rewards, and unlocking the ability to create Slayer rings.

To earn all Slayer achievements, the players must complete various Slayer tasks, ranging from easy to difficult. These achievements are recorded by the player’s Achievement Diary and reward players at completion, such as bonuses within Slayer and the ability to access upcoming Slayer Masters.

Unlocking and using the full range of Slayer rewards is a matter of completing specific Slayer tasks and building up Slayer points. Slayer points can unlock various Slayer rewards, including blocking certain Slayer tasks, the capability to skip certain tasks, and the capacity to design Slayer helmets.

Finally, players have to be able to create Slayer rings after finishing the Lunar Diplomacy quest. Slayer rings are powerful objects that offer a variety of advantages for players, including being able to teleport directly to Slayer tasks and having an additional chance to strike specific Slayer monsters.

Purchase Of The Cape

When players have reached level 99 and have completed all required tasks, they can buy the Slayer Cape from the Slayer Master in Edgeville for 99,000 coins, The Slayer Cape is a prestigious item that indicates an exceptional level of competence and commitment to the Slayer ability, making it a sought-after item by players.

Alongside its renown and prestige, Slayer Cape is also a symbol of prestige. The Slayer Cape also provides various advantages for players, like offering a free teleport to any Slayer Master and acting as an illumination source when in darkness. The Slayer Cape also has a unique expression that can be utilized to showcase to other players.

Choosing The Right TasksChoosing The Right Tasks

Selecting the right tasks is crucial to effective and efficient Slayer training. Here are some suggestions to help you select the most appropriate tasks to achieve your goals:

Consider Combat Level And Experience Rates

When choosing a task, it’s important to think about the level of combat of the monsters you’re assigned and the rates of experience they provide. In general, higher-level combat monsters provide higher levels of experience. However, they also need more resources and time to overcome.

Also, it is important to take into consideration your level of combat as well as your equipment. Certain tasks could be difficult if your combat level is low, and others might not be worth the effort if you’re using top-of-the-line equipment that can easily beat lower-level monsters.

Look For Profitable Loot Drops

In addition to experience rates, You should also consider the loot drop for each task. Some monsters might give away valuable items, like rare bones or weapons, which can reduce the cost of items required during the mission.

When evaluating the value of loot drops, looking at the item’s worth in relation to the time and resources needed for the job is crucial. Certain tasks can yield worthwhile results. However, they can also take time to complete or require expensive equipment.

Prioritize Assignments From Slayer Masters.

Slayer Masters assign tasks based on your Slayer level and level of combat. They also provide Slayer Points to complete tasks. Prioritizing tasks given by Slayer Masters can help you earn more Slayer Points and improve your Slayer skills quicker.

In addition, Slayer Masters offer more challenging jobs at higher levels. These could give you better rates of experience and more loot. As you move into the Slayer skill, you must check in frequently with Slayer Masters to ensure you receive the correct assignments.

Take Advantage Of Slayer Helm Bonuses

Slayer Helmets give bonuses against monsters assigned by Slayer Masters, providing increased damage and precision. Certain versions of the Slayer Helmet also come with additional bonuses like increased accuracy when using Ranged or Magic attacks.

When deciding on a task, it is crucial to consider the efficacy of bonuses from Slayer Helm versus the monsters you’ve been assigned. Certain tasks can benefit significantly from the bonuses, whereas others may not require a Slayer Helmet.

By considering combat levels and experience rates as well as loot drops, Slayer Master assignments, and Slayer Helm rewards, You can select tasks that are advantageous to your Slayer goals in training. Combining efficient experience rates with successful loot drop profits can allow you to build up your Slayer ability faster while receiving worthwhile rewards.

Maximizing Slayer ExperienceMaximizing Slayer Experience

Maximizing Slayer Experience is crucial in obtaining the Slayer Cape and achieving level 99 of the Slayer skill. Here are some suggestions to assist you in maximizing the value of your Slayer experience:

Choose Tasks Wisely

Selecting the right tasks is essential to maximize the value of your Slayer experience. Certain tasks have higher rates than others. Therefore, it’s crucial to prioritize those tasks that provide the highest hours of experience. The higher the level of combat the monster has, the higher your experience gain per kill.

In addition to picking tasks with high rates of experience, you should focus on tasks that can yield valuable loot. This will aid in reducing the cost of equipment used during the course, like food or potions.

Utilize Slayer Helmets

Slayer Helmets are a crucial piece of equipment used for Slayer tasks, offering damage and accuracy boosts when fighting monsters assigned by Slayer Masters. There are a variety of versions of the Slayer Helmet, each offering different bonuses.

The basic Slayer Helmet provides a 15 percent damage and accuracy boost against monsters that are assigned, and the Black Mask provides a 16.67 percent damage and accuracy increase to any monsters that are within the game. The Slayer Helmet (i) is the best variant, with a 15% damage boost and an increase in accuracy when facing assigned monsters and an increase of 15% to Ranged and Magic accuracy.

Use Efficient Combat Styles

Utilizing effective combat strategies is crucial to maximizing the effectiveness of your Slayer experience. Melee combat is generally the most effective style for most Slayer tasks since it is the most effective in terms of damage output. However, for certain tasks, like ones that involve metal or dragons, or dragons, Ranged or Magic combat might be more effective.

When fighting melee combat, choosing the right weapons and equipment to accomplish the task is crucial. For instance, if fighting creatures cannot withstand crushing attacks, you should choose an item with crush attack styles.

Take Advantage Of Task Extensions

Task Extensions are rewards that can be purchased using Slayer Points earned by completing Slayer tasks. These extensions let you carry on a task past the initial amount allocated, giving you more opportunities to gain Slayer rewards and experience.

In the case of Task Extensions, you need to think about the potential benefits and costs. Certain tasks can provide significant loot or a high experience rate, while others might not be worth the effort. Furthermore, Task Extensions might not be required, particularly in the case of high rates of experience through the work.

By following these suggestions, maximize the value of your Slayer experience and achieve level 99 of the Slayer skill more quickly. Making the right choices, using Slayer Helmets, utilizing effective combat techniques, and utilizing Task Extensions will all help you achieve speedier and better Slayer training.

Utilizing Slayer PointsUtilizing Slayer Points

Slayer points are a form of currency in the MMORPG game of the same name, Runescape, which is earned through the completion of Slayer tasks assigned by the Slayer Master. The points are used to purchase a variety of things and benefit that assist players in their Slayer training as well as other gameplay aspects.

Unlock Useful Rewards

Slayer Points are a way to earn different rewards that can help you improve the quality of your Slayer training. One of the most beneficial rewards is Slayer Helm upgrades that provide additional benefits against monsters you’ve been assigned and the ability to skip any tasks you don’t want to do.

Other benefits are access to Slayer Dungeons, greater damage for specific types of monsters, and the possibility of making Slayer items. It is crucial to prioritize the rewards most beneficial to your Slayer goals in training.

Skip Unfavorable Tasks

If you are given an assignment you don’t wish to complete, You can use Slayer Points to schedule it and get an assignment of your own. By skipping tasks, you can avoid wasting time on non-profitable or inefficient tasks and allow you to concentrate on more productive tasks.

It’s important to remember that skipping tasks can reset your streak of tasks and could impact the chance of gaining certain rewards. In addition, the cost of skipping tasks rises every time you use the feature, so it’s crucial to use it responsibly.

Extend Task Durations

Slayer Points are also a great way to prolong your current job’s time, allowing you to earn loot and experience without the need to visit Slayer Master to begin a new task. This is useful in longer-running tasks with high experience rates and desirable loot drops.

It is important to think about the cost of extending tasks because the cost goes up for each extension. Furthermore, some tasks might not warrant the expense of extending them, so it is important to consider the possible benefits of extending them and weigh them against the expense.

Save Points For Higher Level Rewards

As you begin accumulating Slayer Points, using them for lesser-level rewards may be tempting. But it’s essential to save your points for rewards at a higher level which will provide greater benefits to your Slayer training.

For instance, Slayer Helm upgrades and access to Slayer Dungeons can be expensive, but they also provide substantial rewards and opportunities to play with better monsters and loot drops. Saving points to earn such rewards will help you get the most from the benefits of your Slayer training in the long term.

Through unlocking useful rewards, avoiding unpopular tasks, extending the duration of tasks, and storing points to earn higher-level rewards, You can maximize the value of your Slayer Points and enrich the quality of your Slayer Training experience.

Alternative Training MethodsAlternative Training Methods

While the traditional Slayer training methods include working through tasks set by Slayer Masters and taking down monsters within Slayer Dungeons and participating in Slayer mini-games, alternative training methods provide distinct opportunities and rewards. Here are some other training methods you can consider:

Wilderness Slayer

Wilderness Slayer involves completing tasks assigned by Krystilia, the Slayer Master within the Wilderness. This method has a higher risk-to-reward since doing assignments in the Wilderness could result in valuable loot, but it also increases the danger of being targeted by players.

To participate in Wilderness Slayer, players must possess at least a Combat Level of at least 50 and must have fulfilled the quest requirements. It is essential to carry the right equipment and equipment and be aware of the current situation to avoid being surprised by the other participants.

Boss Slayer

Boss Slayer is a game involving missions requiring players to defeat bosses like the God Wars Dungeon bosses or the Corporeal Beast. This strategy offers an extremely challenging experience and can be extremely rewarding in terms of time and loot drops.

To take part in Boss Slayer, players must possess a Combat Level of at least 110 and have access to the boss’s lairs. It is essential to bring the right equipment and supplies and thoroughly understand boss mechanics to ensure a successful task accomplishment.

Catacombs Of Kourend

The Catacombs of Kourend is a Slayer Dungeon located in Great Kourend. This dungeon has a wide range of Slayer monsters with distinctive mechanics, loot drops, and a chance to meet the formidable Ancient Wyvern boss.

To enter the Catacombs of Kourend, participants must complete the Architectural Alliance mini-quest and have access to the Kourend Teleport. It is essential to bring the right equipment and items and understand the special monster-specific mechanics that will maximize the effectiveness and performance.

Superior Slayer Monsters

Superior Slayer Monsters are rare variants of certain monsters that provide higher experience levels and valuable loot drops. They can only be encountered working on a Slayer mission and require players to possess an appropriate Slayer degree and number of Slayer points.

To increase the chance of meeting a Superior Slayer Monster, players can use the Slayer Ring to teleport to different Slayer Dungeons or utilize the Slayer Helm, which is imbued with the Slayer Enchantment. It is essential to prioritize tasks that have the possibility of Superior Slayer Monsters and bring the appropriate equipment and materials to ensure success.

Rimmed Slayer CapeRimmed Slayer Cape

The Untrimmed Slayer Cape is a highly coveted achievement in the renowned online game Runescape which requires players to attain level 99 of the Slayer skill without ever having another skill level of 99. Here are some helpful tips and strategies to achieve the Untrimmed Slayer Cape:

Develop A Slayer Training Plan

Before you embark on your journey to the Untrimmed Slayer Cape, it’s crucial to devise an outline of your goals for training and strategies. Consider factors like the present Slayer level, your combat skills, the resources available to you, and your preferred training methods.

Some of the most popular Slayer techniques for training include taking tasks taken from Slayer Masters, killing monsters in Slayer Dungeons, and participating in Slayer mini-games. Discovering the best method for you and enabling you to train effectively and efficiently is essential.

Prioritize Efficient Task Completion

One of the most important aspects of effective Slayer training is completing tasks as efficiently and quickly as possible. This means using the right combat style, equipment, and tactics for maximum experience and collecting drops.

In addition, you can use different bonuses and boosts such as prayers, potions, Slayer Helm upgrade upgrades, and prayers to boost your combat abilities and increase your chances of winning. Choosing tasks that provide the highest rates of experience and the highest value loot drops is essential.

Manage Your Task Streak

Managing your task streak is vital to unlocking certain rewards and increasing your Slayer training effectiveness. You can boost your endurance by completing tasks consecutively without rescheduling or skipping assignments.

Higher task streaks give the possibility of more lucrative rewards like the ability to make Slayer Helm upgrades, as well as access to exclusive Slayer Dungeons. It is crucial to balance managing task streaks and efficiently completing tasks since it might not be advantageous to complete tasks with lower rates of experience or less lucrative loot drops.

Stay Focused And Consistent

Achieving the Untrimmed Slayer Cape requires consistent dedication and concentration over a long time. It is crucial to set achievable goals and stay motivated throughout your Slayer course of training.

Being organized and disciplined can aid in maximizing your training effectiveness and prevent burnout. You may want to consider using tools like task lists or spreadsheets to track your progress and keep the focus on your goals for training.


What is a Slayer Cape?

A Slayer Cape is a cape that is awarded to players who have achieved level 99 in the Slayer skill. It is one of the most prestigious capes in the game.

What does it mean to have an untrimmed Slayer Cape?

An untrimmed Slayer Cape is a Slayer Cape that has not been trimmed by achieving level 99 in any other skill. It is considered to be a rare and impressive accomplishment.

How do I get an untrimmed Slayer Cape?

To get an untrimmed Slayer Cape, you need to achieve level 99 in the Slayer skill without achieving level 99 in any other skill. This means that you cannot gain any experience in any other skill after you reach level 98 in Slayer until you achieve level 99.

Can I train other skills while working towards an untrimmed Slayer Cape?

Yes, you can train other skills while working towards an untrimmed Slayer Cape, but you cannot gain any experience in any other skill after you reach level 98 in Slayer until you achieve level 99. This means that you need to be very careful not to accidentally gain experience in any other skill.

What are some tips for getting an untrimmed Slayer Cape?

Some tips for getting an untrimmed Slayer Cape include using a combat bracelet to teleport to the Slayer Tower, using a Slayer helm or Black mask to increase your accuracy and damage against Slayer monsters, and completing Slayer tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Is it worth it to get an untrimmed Slayer Cape?

Whether or not it is worth it to get an untrimmed Slayer Cape is subjective and depends on your personal goals and preferences in the game. However, it is considered to be a rare and impressive accomplishment, so if you are someone who values prestige and rarity in the game, then it may be worth it to you.